The Uni-ties of the World, Kiss A lot, Full Stop (1)




The Uni-ties of the World, Kiss A lot, Full Stop 


"Hey don't you guys think Morwenna went overboard? Wasn't she supposed to only kill one police officer?" Said Adagio, querying Poinciana, she stalls her response admiring the sunset, seated on the open classroom window.

  "Sigh~ Marciano, So what? It has nothing to do with us."

  "I get it, you feel no guilt but even so, we're the ones that gave her access to her ability."

  "And it's up to her to do what she sees fit, doesn't matter what she does as long as it doesn't affect our lives."

  Walking inside the classroom, entering to greet her fellows; as if it were an obstacle course, Ophelia appears in two places at once, greeting them both at the same time.

  "So extra." Says Adagio whilst flicking the right side of his forehead.

  "Chinchinchin~ Simultaneously theme!"

  "Ophelia, have you been able to make contact with the Special Lady?" Says Poinciana putting both of her legs outside the window.

  "Chinchinchin~ No, Ophelia is extremely apologetic."

  "Hehe, who's retarded now!"

  "Chinchinchin~ Adagio is retarded."

  No longer seated on the window sill, Adagio runs to see Poinciana's condition.

  "Where did she go?"

  "Chinchinchin~ Adagio is-"

  "Shut up!"

  CLICK CLICK: "Behind you." 

  Leaning against the open classroom door; "Marciano, I can only teleport from the action of jumping, the amount of distance I jump is the amount I can teleport."

  "Okay, that explains the suicide attempt and your laziness."

  "PURA~, I'm not lazy."

  "Chinchinchin~ Poinciana is lazy."


"Chinchinchin~, I can't find Iris." Being in multiple places at the same time, Ophelia puts herself in all the amusements of Camelot Park; "Poinciana, she is nowhere to be found."

  "I think Marciano is best for this one."

  "Me?" Said Adagio pointing between his eyebrows; "Okay," Lying down straight as possible, Adagio initiates his rolling, and like a snowball down a hill, Adagio begins to expand his size, towering over most of the attractions, he says; "Poinciana I see her, she's at the very center of the park sitting on a big glossy red sofa."

  "Okay, pick me up and throw me." Presumably at 16ft Adagio's hand is big enough to grasp Poinciana's body. Moving his hand toward his upper trap, he throws her like a shot-put.

  From a distance; "Adagio stop throwing women, you're not going to attract Poinciana like that." Speaking calmly even from a distance my sister's voice can be detected. Jumping out of her couch, she catches Poinciana swiftly, gently landing and sitting.

  Using Poinciana's ability, Adagio and Ophelia also make themselves present arriving fairly quickly.

  All of them gather around my sister as she proceeds to introduce me; "Boy and girls the female standing to the left of me is called Dornie Drive, or as you may know her, one of your four school janitors. I introduce you to thee as she's been the one gathering most of the information on the Special Lady using a small part of me ~Underworld~, which is the evolutionary adaptation of knowing, knowing everything. As far as my sister has told me the Special Lady has yet manifest Surya."

  Hearing Holly's solar deity, were all slightly blinded by the name alone.

  "So with this ability, we'll be able to determine and stop the Summer Madness?"

  "Chinchin~ what he said."

  "Yeah, we'd like to know how far we have to go?"

  Tapping the centre of her nose three times, my sister replies to them internally saying; "I DON'T KNOW, I DON't KNOW I DONT KNOW I DONT KNOW, I DON'T KNOW, THE END IS COMING AND I DON'T KNOW, I TRY TO KNOW BUT I, I, I, I, I DONT KNOW SO DON'T ASK ME IF I KNOW BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW."

  The students show understanding, slight tilting their heads at attempts of bowing, collectively saying; "We're sorry."

  "I apologize as well," My sister replies; "But letting you hear my ~Underworld~, should hopefully help you understand the unpredictable disparity of our fate, a race against the tick of reality, I race so desperate it induces selflessness, to the point were we offer our metaphorical buttholes; MONTEAGO's source, simply to rain victor against the Summer Madness."

  They nod in agreement, but I feel pressured to ask this not for my self but for Holly; "Hearing my sister you all know that she speaks for the benefit of you, the benefit of humanity, and for this reason, I would like to ask you all, for what reason did you have to share THE SOURCE with an individual who is currently feeling remorse? Causing an incident that could very well put everyone in danger."

  The three stare at each other, pointing out Poinciana she speaks for herself; "I apologize, the instigation was mine, I was the one to propose the idea of sharing The Source with Morwenna Bonzl." Poinciana once again initiates a bow this time doing it alone.

  "We didn't give you permissio-" 

  "It's okay Dornie, I too felt pity for that boy," Why does my sister interrupt me? She must have sensed the ingenuity of Poinciana; "Menfre Bonzl was it? Getting rapidly ran over by a police officer, a way of death equal to the Summer Madness to come, I deem Poinciana's action fine, but it will be her duty to keep Miss Bonzl in check."

  "But sister, Holly Bones maybe worse off with her friend's passing, her ability could struggle with further evolution."

  "Didn't you tell her to be more accepting of the higher forces? If so, I suggest you have more confidence in your say, you've influenced her greatly, continue to do so and we may all just survive. As for you three, I Iris Drive, request you to find Liquid Sunshine, our methods of survival conflict but I think we all can agree that he is clouded with the judgment of victory."


"Opa Opa~ I didn’t like the way they spoke to us, especially Dornie Drive, she came off sorta stuck up don't you think?" Leaving, near the entrance spoke Adagio.

  "Luckily Marciano, we can think more freely now that they've given ~Underworld~ to Ophelia. Talking about that, Ophelia how does it feel to be able to read minds?"

Adagio's thoughts: "I need to sneeze, but I have no light to look at, my sneezes are really loud, I wonder if I'm going to scare Ophelia, yeah I'm gonna scare, gonna scare her to the point were she pisses her pants Opa Opa Opa OH PARADISO."

  "Chinchinchin, reading minds suck."




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