The next day Dahn gets up very early and goes to the morgue where he will say goodbye to Shanna; his face only shows tears and rage; Shanna only wanted freedom and was used to get to him.

Without much to do, Dahn orders Eva to have Shanna's body cremated, for which Eva begins preparations.

That same afternoon, Dahn and Kazha go to a cliff near the capital, which has a great view, and there he leaves Shanna's ashes and places a cross on the ground.

Dahn: "Now you can really be free" "I hope you are with God" "And don't worry, I will not let anyone manipulate me" "Thank you for existing"

That same day it was established as a national day called "Shana's Freedom Day" in honor of Shanna.

Meanwhile, Karin is spying on Dahn, partly out of respect, she feels that no one should be alone right now, but she also knows that Dahn does not trust her, so she decides to keep her distance.

The week passes without incident, Dahn continues with his training and learning routine, while Eva is in charge of administering the planet's resources and the city.

In turn, Karin tried to get closer to Dahn to gain his trust even faster, but in the end, Dahn was not interested in her unless she told him stories from Earth, which she did provide.

At dusk, Dahn receives an alert about a vessel that has arrived at the port and is awaiting confirmation.

Eva: "Dahn, the ship 'Spirit of the Galaxy' has arrived" "It has the necessary papers to embark in our port" "And says it was sent by one of the companies with which we have a treaty" "Also, it has some materials that we might need" "I assume they are trying to create a treaty with us."

Dahn: "Thanks, Eva, I'll take care of it personally" "Eva, thanks for everything" "I know you have no feelings and you are just a machine, but for me, you are more than that" "Take care of Koning and the planet, I'll be back as soon as possible" "If something happens do whatever is necessary to contact me."

Eva gives Dahn a watch made of nanorobots; the watch would help Dahn with any emergency call and almost anything he needs.

Although the signal will arrive late, it will work for what Dahn needs; it also has credits among other functions, but Dahn does not pay much attention to the explanation when Eva explains them to him; his excitement to go to Earth takes hold of him.

Dahn grabs a suitcase or what appears to be a carry-on bag, looks for Karin, and together they teleport to the spaceport.

Upon arrival, they are greeted by Ordius, the ship's captain, who bows his head in respect.

Ordius: "Greetings, your majesty, my name is Ordius, and I am of the Lihbrs race" "As you will have noticed, all my permits are up to date, and I also bring another permit to open a free trade agreement between our races" The only thing we ask for is information" "As you must already know the Lihbrs as a race, they consider that the most important thing for them is to discover new things and thus have absolute knowledge."

Ordius introduces himself and speaks very cordial and diplomatic; it shows he has a lot of diplomatic and commercial affairs experience.

Ordius, despite feeling the overwhelming power of Dahn, is still in place as if nothing happens; it is not the first time that he is in front of someone more powerful than him; even though Dahn is very calm, Ordius can feel the essence that emanates.

Ordius: "Also, here I bring you a package from the Alphas, which was entrusted to me due to its level of anonymity, and they know very well that we Lihbrs are a trustworthy race."

Dahn waits for Ordius to finish his introduction and extends his hand to formalize the meeting.

Dahn: "A pleasure Ordius, I am Dahn, owner of this planet better known as Draak Aarde."

Dahn accepts the package, opens it, and Eva tells him that it is an interstellar passport, that even though he is from planet Earth, he does not have any paper that confirms that, and if they administer a DNA test, he would not be 100% human. Therefore they wouldn't let him enter the planet without any proof.

The passport says your home planet, who you are, and has diplomatic status, among other information necessary for customs; it also serves as a Formal Identification.

Dahn: "Ordius, how long will it take us to reach Earth?" "From here to there, we could talk about what you propose that might interest us in opening a line of a treaty with your race."

As Dahn speaks, Ordius notices a large creature flying near them, and he stops listening to Dahn for a moment as he is lost in awe and fear of what he is seeing.

Dahn realizes what is happening, smiles, and walks towards Ordius's ship with Karin, who for the moment has remained quiet and calm.

Ordius's ship is of medium size, and for the looks of it can be noted that it has a high social level due to how the ship is and the luxuries it owns; it also does not have any type of defense since the ship is civil. In turn, the ship has excellent speed.

Dahn is impressed with the ship; the style and design are very different from what he is used to, just as Karin is amazed.

Ordius finishes observing Koning and retreats towards his ship goes to the pilot station, and prepares Dahn and Karin for the trip, and in an instant, they are exiting the space station.

Ordius: "Dahn, the trip will take a few minutes, unless you have other things to do?" "Sit down and relax."

Karin has remained very quiet and distanced from the beginning, trying not to attract too much attention, but it is evident that they are the only three crew members are possible in a ship.

Ordius leaves Dahn in his seat and goes to help Karin; in her eyes, you can see that she knows Ordius knows something, and at the same time, Karin has felt a mistrust of Ordius from the beginning.

Ordius: "There is no information that a Lihbrs does not have, and if they do not have it, they will get it" "Dahn knows who you work for?" "Or it will be information that I can share with him in exchange for more information" - He whispers in Karin's ear.

In the blink of an eye, Karin takes out a dagger and places it on Ordius's neck, Karin's fear at the moment is overwhelming, but she is willing to fight for her life at any cost.

Ordius: "Calm down, what I want is information, as a good Lihbrs, it is the only thing I want."

Dahn observes how Ordius helps Karin sit down; he does not realize the conversation between Ordius and Karin, to all of these, he does not know what ability a Lihbrs has. In turn, Karin does not know either; for her, this is happening in real-time.

Ordius stops touching Karin and makes her come out of the trance; she remains still in the place processing what has just happened; she looks sideways at Dahn and does not notice any change of mood or essence.

Ordius: "Okay, both of you are ready; if you need anything, let me know" "In a few minutes, we will leave and arrive at Earth."

Radio - "Apache to Ordius, Apache to Ordius, over"

Ordius: "Ordius speaking, what's going on, Apache, over."

Radio - "We need your assistance at the Milkyway spaceport" "It should not divert you from your current mission."

Ordius: "Okay Apache" "Where am I headed?"

Radio - "You have to go to the intergalactic port of the Earth and look for Shadow" "He will be waiting for you, receive the information, that's all."


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