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Dahn knows very well that Karin is spying but decides to ignore her, he would do the same if he were in the same position.

Dahn: "I am Dahn, the leader of this planet" "Yes, a spaceship fell on MY planet, everyone onboard are dead except one" "And before you tell me that the survivor belongs to you let me tell you that you are in my planet, under my rules" "Here slavery is not allowed, and I already went through this once, and it was not good for others" "So, what do you want?"

Lotis: "I hope that was not a threat" "We have not broken any intergalactic treaty to receive so much hostility" "But seeing that you are a new planet and race I will let it pass" "According to the intergalactic code 130-HI in the goods section it can be demanded that said property be handed over to its owner in the event that said property has been affected and cannot return by its own means" "It also explains that its crew members can be interrogated"

Eva tells Dahn that everything Lotis is saying is accurate. Because Danimal and her planet are part of the intergalactic race treaty, the same must respect the laws.

Eva receives all the papers in which they show evidence that the spaceship does belong to General Lotis.

Eva: "Dahn, also according to the intergalactic code 180-GI immigration section, every person can demand asylum on the planet they are in, and if so granted, then the same person can deny any type of call."

Karin: "DAHN I ASK YOU FOR POLITICAL ASYLUM" - She runs to Dahn crying and falls on his feet.

Lotis realizes what is happening, and his expression becomes more serious, he did not know that a new race had the necessary knowledge about intergalactic laws.

Dahn sighs, and cannot believe that something very similar to what happened to Shanna is happening again; he still tries to understand why these things continue to happen, but there is not much to do, life goes on.

Dahn: "Danimal has granted interplanetary political asylum to Karin" "Karin is not part of the race and will never be, but it will be protected under the intergalactic laws under this planet."

Eva: "Dahn, I am receiving a video."

Eva opens it, and they can see Shanna tied up with wounds and her mouth covered, she is very ill-treated and unconscious.

Loti: "I will make..."

Dahn, in the blink of an eye, appears next to Lotis, the entire ship that houses around 50 crew enters a state of alertness, the atmosphere feels incredibly dense.

Dahn, with one hand, grabs Lotis by the neck and lifts him.

Dahn: "Where is Shanna" "You have 10 seconds to answer" - Anger runs in his eyes

Lotis: "By attacking me, you are violating one of the intergalactic laws" - Still calm, he remains firm in his position.

Dahn: "You forget something very important" "You are in my territory, and you are under my rules" "You have just shown me a video where you clearly see that you have hurt an asylum protected person on this planet" "You have 5 seconds left."

Lotis tries to let go, but everything is in vain, in his face, he looks a little scared, but at the same time he thinks that the young man is not able to kill someone like that because of that.

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Dahn: "Do you think this was a lie?"

Dahn releases his essence a little.

Lotis also releases his essence, his face immediately changes when he feels the energy of Dahn, but it's too late.

Dahn with pure force squeezes Lotus's neck and detached it from his body, Lotis's head falls to the ground, the crew stays in place, nobody knows how to react to the situation.

The crew continues in silence and fear, nobody thought that anyone would be able to kill a General so easily, it is obvious what they have in front is a monster, Dahn's aura continues to release and what they all feel is death.

Dahn watches the crew a little trying to find the next person in command, but at that moment, Tjhirl gets up from his seat.

Tjhirl: "My name is Tjhirl second in command" "Be advised what just happened has been recorded in the history log of the spaceship and in the database of the Intergalactic Criminal Court."

Dahn: "Yes please, record General Lotis attacked, threatened and showed evidence against a protected Danimal Asylum person" "He entered my territory demanding and with a spaceship that would eventually end all that has been achieved in this peaceful planet" "It is only my duty as leader and creator to defend what is mine against a possible extinction"

Tjhirl is silent; although what Dahn says is true, he should not have killed Lotis, and if taken to court, it is most likely that Dahn will leave unharmed because he is a new race and never has done anything wrong according to the records.

Dahn: "Tjhirl, where is Shanna?" "I won't ask again."

Tjhirl is silent, his pride and respect for Lotis are stronger than the fear he has right now, and with a look, everyone understands the same and acts accordingly.

Dahn sighs and grabs Tjhirl by the neck.


Dahn is surprised by Shila's cry of passion and fear. He can see she feels a strong affection toward Tjhirl, stares at her, and throws Tjhirl to the side, leaving him immobilized and unconscious.

Dahn approaches Shila a little calmer.

Dahn: "Please take where Shanna is."

Shila accepts with tears in her eyes and fear, and so they go in the direction of where Dahn is.

Arriving at the door where Shanna is, Dahn stops dead, turns around, and looks at Shila.

Dahn: "And you thought I wasn't going to notice?" "I don't understand why people can't be honorable" - In the blink of an eye, he takes Shila's head off.

What he feels behind that door is nothing, it is as if no kind of essence is possible, Dahn can barely feel a living being and nothing more.

- The essence exists in all the surroundings, and so that a place has no essence, It is not a good thing.

Dahn grabs the door; by touching, it feels as if something is absorbing his energy.


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