Chapter 26: Why this again?


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Dahn observes the situation closely and deduces there was a person who caused all the damage, looks up and sees a headless body impaled in the windshield of the ship, according to the uniform it does not resemble that of the other crewmembers.

 Dahn assumes that this headless person was the one who caused the damage to the cabin, and most likely, another ship caused damage to the ship, or maybe the cosmic cloud caused the external damage.

 Dahn keeps thinking about all the possibilities; after all, he does not know how to do crime scene investigation. He can only deduce the obvious; in his research, he keeps searching for survivors, he can feel there is something with essence still alive, but the vital signs are fragile.

 A few seconds later, and he manages to find the body of a woman, blonde, about 1.70 meters tall, skinny, and with the body of a goddess.

 Dahn stands still in the place, the first time in his life that he sees something so beautiful, in that admiration Dahn feels her life is about to come to an end, he reacts in an instant, grabs her and immediately teleports to the clinic in the city.

 Dahn: "Eva ..." - Worried

 Eva: "Weak vital signs" "Initiating first aid protocol."

 Dahn places her on the stretcher and lets Eva and the nano-robots take care of her care, in turn, realizes that he didn't check the ship to look for clues or another sign of life, he gets away from the clinic and teleports back to where the spaceship is.

 When he arrives, he continues to check the ship, tries to understand who they are and what happened. Eva also helps him; they realize that they were humans.

 The ship was neither military nor mercenary but civil. Dahn finishes checking the spaceship and its crew and grabs everything it considers crucial such as clothes, memories cards, hard drives, pictures, etc. He takes photos of the faces of the victims, takes out the bodies, and burns them outside.

 Checks if the ship can fly so he can take it to the Capital, but all his attempts are in vain, then he decides to carry the spaceship using his strengths, when arriving at the Capital he leaves the ship in what would be the port of vessels in the repair zone.

 Eva: "Dahn, the patient is waking up."

 Dahn goes to the clinic, and when he reaches the room where the patient is, his heart stops for a second, Dahn is short of breath, is still in place, his heart begins to beat rapidly.

 Dahn is looking at the most beautiful woman in front of him, her light brown hair with bright highlights looks like a movie; her light blue eyes are something he has never seen before, her body is perfect.

 Dahn stays in the place; the words don't come out; he is just there looking stupid in front of the woman in front of him, Eva realizes the situation and becomes present.

 Eva: "Dahn rescued you from the ship that was falling" "We have several questions" "But let's start with the most basic one" "What's your name?"

 Karin: "My name is Karin" "Thank you for helping me" "Where am I?" "Who are you?" - She is very cautious but relaxed; she doesn't feel any threat.

 Eva: "Hello Karin, I am Eva" "You are on the Draak Aarde Planet of the Danimal race."

 Karin a little confused because she has no idea what planet this is or race, but she feels no danger and decides to stay in her place and see what information she can gather.

 Dahn emerges from his erotic trance and approaches in a somewhat intimidating but calm way; he has no interest in her besides telling him what happened and how to make her leave his planet.

 Dahn: "What happened on the ship?" "Why are you the only survivor?" "Was it you who killed the crew?" "And I recommend you answer with the truth" "I have no patience to be playing games."

 The atmosphere becomes a bit hostile; Karin feels slight energy that goes around her feet about to attack.

 Karin: "Yes, it was me who killed them all" "They bought me a few years ago and had me as their slave" "I suffered many emotional and physical abuse" "When we entered the cosmic cloud I saw an opportunity to kill them all" "They didn't know where they were getting into, and it was evident that the ship could not take the damage" "While they tried to repair the ship" "I killed them and took them to the command center of the spaceship."

 Eva shows Dahn several medical scans where old and new scars can be seen, which would lead to corroborating her history of physical abuse.

 Dahn: "Who is the beheaded in the windshield?" "Why are his clothes different from the others?"

 Karin: "He was the captain" "He always wanted to dress differently to make himself noticed over everyone else" "You know to feel important and big since his dick was the smallest of that ship" - Anger shows in her voice.

 Dahn: "Eva, when is the next trading day?"

 Eva: "The next shipment will arrive in a month."

 Dahn: "Okay Karin" "You run with luck" "You will have a month of freedom after that you will be leaving with the next shipment and you can do whatever you want" "Do not expect me to take care of you" "If you want to eat you will have to hunt it or do something else" "You will stay in my house" "besides that do not do anything you can regret" "AND NOTHING, absolutely can leave this planet"- He turns around and retires

 Karin hides a level smile, lowers her head, and thanks Dahn for the hospitality and makes him understand that she won't be a burden to him.

 Dahn, although being hypnotized by Karin's physical figure, does not yet feel that she is honest with him, but since Karin does show much essence, Dahn does not worry, he knows very well that he can kill her if he wishes.

 In turn, Dahn asks Eva to investigate what she can about the ship and about Karin to make sure she doesn't present any danger.

 After a few hours, Eva manages to get information about her and manages to corroborate the story she said with the available files, and besides, most of her life has been as a slave, so her information would have been limited anyway. Still, it could be obtained in the black market, but Eva does not have access to that.

 Dahn, hearing the news, obscures his sense of distrust a bit and gives Karin a second chance; after all, she is telling the truth, and he is not the one to judge.

 Eva: "Dahn ..."

 Dahn: "Yes, I know" "Open communication."

 Eva: "Communication established."

 Lotis: "Thank you for accepting the communication" "I am Lotis, the General in charge of a spaceship that fell on this planet."

 Karin, who is hiding listening to Dahn and hearing Lotis' voice, runs out to Dahn to warn him of the danger.


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