Dahn: "That was all?" - Surprised.

Shaggy: "Mmm" "it seems so" "We don't know what to tell you because this is our first time doing this, I guess we were lucky" - Between laughs and amazement.

A few hours later and a notification arrives at The Travelers communicator. 

A new planet got added to the Lihbrs' database and Intergalactic database, the communication also includes a warning to leave all its inhabitants free of danger as they are a new species and are in danger of extinction, and such violation will face harsh consequences.

Everyone is surprised by how quickly everything was done, a calm and safer environment was present at that moment, legally no one should bother Dahn, and he could concentrate on his project going forward.

Tata gets up, stretches, looks at Dahn and let him know they are going to train and to prepare to work hard, Luisme and Shaggy get to work too, the plan is to help Dahn turning this planet in something big.

Dahn's training starts simple and easy, something that even for Dahn is boring, but little does he know about essence and training. 

His first day is all about breathing and posture, between the constant blows from Tata towards Dahn every time he did it wrong, it made it harder to understand what he did wrong.

It wasn't until a month later Dahn could understand what Tata meant about how to breathe correctly, how to walk correctly, sit down, eat and even bathe properly, everything Dahn learned on his own was worthless, he realized how little he knew.

Tata: "Release your energy by 1%" - Looking forward and holding a stick.

Dahn stares at him trying to understand how to calculate that, but he still tries it, puts himself in a position of meditation and for the first time he realizes everything he had been missing by not understanding the essence.

Dahn: "INCREDIBLE" "I can feel even more" "This is amazing."

Luisme: "Marico, shit" "His power has just increased exponentially."

The event is incredible; it feels as if a dam had exploded by letting the river run freely now, Dahn's aura is more pure and refined.

Tata: "Now the real training will begin" - Charge against Dahn.

Dahn is still amazed, and yet he can see Tata charging against him, he sees it as clearly as if it were slow motion, he gets up and charges against Tata, a great fight can be seen between the two. - It lasted until nightfall.

That night the four ate happily until they could not eat anymore, and decided that they would only stay for five years, and then they will leave and that what Dahn learns will depend on him.

During those five years, Dahn was learning about melee combat and white weapons. One of his specialties is in Katana style swords; this is due to Tata and his love for Japanese culture.

At the same time, he also learned about economy, politics, mechanics, piloting, among other areas.

They managed to create the first Danimal spaceport, where at the moment only two companies are allowed to have an open trade market with the planet. 

The said economy is based on the export of food, especially red meat and fruits, in exchange for materials or credits. This spaceport is outside the planet in a space station designed to support life.

Dahn did not want anyone to enter the planet besides The Travelers, Dahn made sure of that; he has a dominant character and doesn't like to share what belongs to him, besides trust is not something he has in random people.

They also managed to build a Capital, structures, houses, and buildings, but unlike many other races such buildings were built in conjunction with the environment, it has a very elvish style but with more technology in it.

The Capital looks beautiful but desolate, after all, There is one inhabitant, it is not big, but it was built with the futuristic vision of when there is a population, approximately the Capital could support 1,000 inhabitants and 5,000 tourists/workers.

The speed with which they did all of this was incredible, but it was also due to the help of robots hired or built for such work.

And so the day came when Dahn achieved his goal, Draak Aarde is a universally recognized planet, his race too and he can already say that he achieved what he once dreamed of as a child. 

But the hardest part is yet to come, and he knows it, now he has to start populating the planet, after all, it is useless to have all this if you have no one to share it with.

The Travelers, satisfied with their work, approach Dahn, and say goodbye.

Tata: "Take care man" "And don't touch my house" - Gives a hug and leaves.

Luisme: "It was a great pleasure to help you" "Eva has our contact in case you want to talk" - Gives him a hug and leaves.

Shaggy: "Well, man" "Take care and maybe someday we will visit you" - Gives him a hug and leaves.

Dahn: "Thank you really" - With tears in his eyes, he says goodbye.

That night everything is calm, you can hear how the wind creates new sounds when traveling through the deserted city, Dah walks the streets, checks everything, after all, he has the time to do it.

Dahn stops in his walk and looks at the sky; he can feel that something is coming, although it will take a few hours to arrive, whatever it is, is approaching fast.

Suddenly, emergency alarms begin to sound throughout the city, which Dahn silences.

Dahn: "Eva .."

Eva: "Trying to open communication with the ship" "Communication failed."

Dahn: "Okay, where is the ship going to fall?"

Eva gives him the coordinates, which is somewhat away from the Capital.

Dahn calls Kazha which has grown enormously, rides on it and they fly to the coordinates, Dahn tells Kazha to go as fast as possible because he does not want the ship to cause any damage when hitting the ground.

As they arrive, Dahn manages to observe a ship engulfed in fire falling uncontrollably towards the ocean, Dahn stands in Kazha's back and flies even faster towards the ship.

He can detect signs of life inside the ship, but it's very weak, he positions himself under the ship and with its hands, it stops it.

The ship is of medium size, approximately it would occupy 15 to 20 crew members according to his calculations, with his strength causes it to fall into the ocean, which helps to put out the flames.

Once the flames are out, he moves the ship towards the shore, at that moment he feels like a life ceases to exist, to his astonishment he is scared and hurries to open the ship to help whoever is inside.

He manages to enter the ship without any problem and hurries to where he feels that person is, after a few minutes he reaches the command post, the entire crew is there, all dead.

Dahn could see that an external and internal confrontation happened.


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