Dahn gets up a few minutes later disoriented trying to understand what happened.

He is in his room, everything is as if nothing had happened, but he can still feel the energy of the three guys.

Eva: "Dahn, you need to calm down" "They are not going to hurt you, and they are going to help you" "As they say" "In fact, they have already given me several updates."

Dahn: "What are you talking about?" "Don't trust them" - Sitting on the bed thinking.

Dahn stays in his room for a while, trying to think, he knows he has no chance of beating them, no matter what he thinks, there is no other way.

He will have to live with them until they decide to leave and hope they don't do anything that will affect him.

Dahn leaves the house and sees the three guys sitting around a campfire eating and drinking, the aura they emit is pure joy and tranquility.

For the first time, Dahn feels the meaning of brotherhood and happiness. Dahn feels welcome and decides to approach them, sits down and begins to socialize with them.

The whole day was consumed in the campfire, getting to know each other and talking about life and the universe. For Dahn, all he heard was incredible, since all he knows is this planet and pain. Being able to talk and meet someone else without having to fight was also something new, not to mention his experience with Shanna.

At that moment, the atmosphere becomes silent; the three guys change their nature and fix their gaze towards the sky. Dahn looks at them and doesn't understand what is happening, and where they are looking at or why, but something is about to happen.

Tata: "I guess you don't feel that energy" - Turn his attention to Dahn.

Dahn: "Energy?" "What energy, I feel nothing."

Luisme: "Tata, he still has a lot to learn."

Several minutes pass and they continue talking as if nothing happens, but the atmosphere says otherwise, it feels very tense and rigid

Dahn: "Now I feel an energy" "Don't tell me you had already felt this" "They are about to enter the planet."

Shaggy: "Wow, not bad" "You can feel the energy at a great distance for your age" "You impress us small, but you still have a lot to learn" "10 mercenaries are coming, and they are about to attack with everything" "You don't have the power to stop them, so don't worry we are here"

Tata: "I'm going" - A smile on his face expresses happiness and a little sadism.

Tata gets up and with an impulse flies out towards the sky, his speed is on a different level, Dahn could not follow him with his eyes, for him it was as if he teleported, but Luisme explained to him that it is pure speed and strength.

Luisme, Shaggy, and Dahn turn their eyes towards the sky where the mercenary ship should, and they only see a big explosion, pieces of ships begin to fall towards the planet.

A few minutes later Tata returns covered in blood, with some wounds but nothing serious, carrying the captain's head showing it off to everyone.

Tata: "Look what the tide brought us" "Good thing we didn't have to go looking for him."

Dahn: "Who is he?" "Were you looking for him?" - A little confused.

Shaggy: "He is, well he was Captain Shin Li of the Red Beer Mercenaries, extremely dangerous and powerful" "He had a price on his head for all the crimes committed, and one of our hobbies is Bounty Hunting" "The why he was here we are not sure."

Dahn: "They came for me" "Just another group of mercenaries" "Thank you for helping me."

Luisme: "For you?" "What can you have that they want?" - Thinking about all the alternatives,

Dahn: "The Red Star Alliance experimented on me to become a weapon" "The experiment went wrong, and I killed all of scientists and mercenaries they have sent" "They want to control and use me."

Luisme: "Interesting" "That's why we got your message for the Alpha, and if they recognized you as race and planet they could protect you" "Sure, nobody knows this planet, so everything that happens here stays here" "You were lucky we listened to your message."

Shaggy: "We have to get the message to The Alphas as soon as possible."

Dahn is amazed at their level of intuition, as in a few seconds, they were able to decipher everything that is happening and what could happen.

Tata receives a message from the Red Star Alliance in the form of a threat, where they demand that they leave the specimen alone or consequences will come for The Travelers.

Tata laughs and ignores it; he knows the Red Star Alliance can't do anything against them, and likewise, there is nothing they possess that catch their attention.

They spend a few hours and manage to establish communication with The Alphas.

Luisme: "Thank you for accepting our request" "We are very grateful" - His level of diplomacy is exceptional.

The Alphas: "You know very well that this is not the way to communicate with us" "Everything has a procedure and protocol" "But, we have calculated that for you to look for us so desperately it is because you have mental problems or it is something important" "Which one is it?"

Luisme: "It is indeed important, and we apologize for our abrupt interruption" "We have just found a new planet with intelligent life that is in constant attack by others" "Since the planet has not yet been claimed, this is a battle royale for it" "And its only inhabitant did send you a request but have not received answers" "We decided it to give him a hand" "Here, the head of Captain Shin Li of the Red Beer mercenaries searching for more than 10 galaxies and extremely powerful who tried to assassinate and dominate this planet." "This should be enough payment for all the trouble we have caused you."

A few minutes later.

The Alphas: "The message was received" "Planet Draak Aarde" "Inhabitants: 1" "Race ??"

The three turn to see Dahn waiting for an answer.

Dahn: "Well, my DNA is mostly animal, and my name is Dahn" "Danimal" - While holding a big smile on his face.

They see each other, and they don't like the name, but it is not their decision to make, and decide to respect it, and seeing Dahn so happy did not give them the heart to tell them what they think.

Luisme: "Race is Danimal"

The Alphas: "Very well" "We will send a council very soon to evaluate the planet, its inhabitant and among other things" "I remind you that we are not going to intervene in any way with the race or the planet so expect nothing from us"- They disconnect from the call.

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