Chapter 22: The Travelers


The next day Dahn continues with his routine but this time he tries to exceed his limits, everything that Eva has shown him according to the essence records he already knows and he has nothing more to learn from there, from now on he is trying different types of training and looking for someone who can teach him, this also includes the fact that he cant train against someone since he is the strongest on the planet, without a rival he cannot improve, however, what he knows will help him but it will take a longer time to improve.

At the end of his routine he goes to where Shanna is, to his surprise he gets to see her training, he stays there watching her, observing her completely, thoughts go through his mind. Shanna finishes training and approaches Dahn, her movement is a bit sensual and daring.

Shanna: "Hey" - She wipes her sweat and sits next to Dhan - "We were hired by a secret branch of the Red Star Alliance" "Well, Frogs in Arms was contacted by them" "Duke my former Captain gave me the mission" "He didn't tell me much about what we were going to do" "But what he told us was that there was a child that belongs to the Red Star Alliance" "We had to be very careful because that child was part of a secret experiment that would revolutionize the future" "I accepted the mission because I wanted to gain popularity and money to be able to get out of the Frogs in Arms" "The planet and everything related to you as far as I understand has not been published anywhere" "Since what happened to you is extremely illegal and depending on where you are a sentenced to death can be the punishment" "The Red Star Alliance will not give up and will continue to send mercenaries and who knows what else until they have you" "They have a lot of political power and money" "I recommen that you contact the Alphas and register this planet as yours" "With that you can some sort of protection".

Dahn: "Eva, who is the Alpha?".

Eva: "The Alpha is the first organization or group in charge of ensuring the safety of all races" "They are the creators of the Intergalactic Criminal Court, among other organizations" "They pretend to be neutral agents but they are always in favor of the balance between the good and evil" "One of its main functions is to seek new life on other planet and see how it would affect the current state of the flow of the Universe, without intervening in its development or anything like that".

Dahn: "Okay, and how can we contact them?.

Eva: "According to the records it's very simple, you send a signal to these coordinates and that's it".

Shanna: "Yeah right, they never answer" "The whole universe knows that's a farce, do not waste your time" "I think it would be better to go to the Intergalactic Criminal Court and see if they can help you".

Dahn: "Okay, Eva sends the signal to see if they answer" "I do not intend to go to the Intergalactic Criminal Court, I will probably be tried for crimes against humanity when I tell them my story" "And if what you told me about the Red Star Alliance is true then I will be an easier target for them".

Eva: "I still cannot send the signal, because the cosmic cloud interferes, in a few days I will have several satellites to help us with that" "While you wait why don't you get to know Shanna better?" - And wink at him.

Shanna: "By the way" - Hug Dahn and kiss him on the cheek - "Thank you very much for saving me" "For the first time in my life I feel I am really free".

For the first time in Dahn's life, he feels the warmth of another human being, and especially of a woman, he feels a genuine embrace, Dahn without noticing he also hugs her while some tears come out of his eyes.

Dahn: "You're free to go" "Eva, help her repair her ship" - He flies away in search of Koning.

Shanna sees Dahn leave with tears in her eyes, she thought that this day would never come and to think that a 13-year-old boy did the impossible is out of her imagination, wipes away her tears and begins with the preparations to start fixing the ship.

Dahn arrives at Koning and notices that he is already recovered, they spend the rest of the day talking about what happened, Koning already believes that he can trust Dahn, since he has always come to the defense of the planet, it is possible to notice that a friendship is born between them, during their conversation, float the knowledge of essence, Dahn invites Koning to train with him and encourage to do the same with all the creatures of the planet.

Several days go by, Shanna keeps fixing her ship and Eva has the satellites ready which are thrown into the cosmic cloud atmosphere and out of it, thanks to this they can now know when someone is approaching, the bad thing is other people will know there is something close by.

Eva manages to send the signal to The Alpha asking that this planet to be recognized and that its inhabitants are protected, and Eva indicates that the race that lives on the planet is in danger of extinction due to the complicity they have in reproducing. Eva does not name the race, that is Dahn's decision.

Spend a few weeks and the ship of Shanna she is repaired and ready for her trip, Shanna's happiness is still present, she still can not believe that she is free, Shanna sees Dahn and decides to stay one last night which would be her farewell, a banquet is prepared for two people under the stars, Dahn and Shanna nevertheless achieve a friendship.

That same night Dahn sleeps quietly, wakes up and can feel Shanna at his side, without clothes, Shanna lies next to Dahn, gets inside his blankets, and teaches him what is the touch of a woman, Dahn does not know what to do and he gets carried away by Shanna, the night was long and amazing, leaving them sleeping deep.

The next day Dahn wakes up alone, a note on the wall can be seen, Dahn grabs it.

"I can never pay you back for what you did for me, a piece of my heart stays here with you, but this is not where I belong, there is much more to explore and know, not to mention that I want to know if my family is still alive, thanks for returning me my freedom, if some day you leave this place, look for me.

With much love and affection.


Dahn with tears in his eyes understood Shanna if he could see if his family was alive he would do it, but that mission will have to wait because there are many things to finish here.

Dahn returns to the where the fight took place to see how things are being fixed, and to his surprise manages to see a dragon cub, blood-red completely, despite being a puppy has enough energy and ferocity, when Dahn approached him, he started to attack Dahn with all its might, it can be seen that the dragon has several wounds, has fought for a long time and is still alive. Dahn grabs him and takes him to the house to take care of him and feed him, and named him "Kazha".

Eva: "Dahn, I'm receiving a transmission" "Travelers, travelers, we are sexy boys and we traveler" "They have received our message and they are entering through the cosmic cloud" "They will arrive in a couple of hours".

Dahn: "Interesting" "Call Koning" "You can't spend some quiet time without trying to get fuck?.

Eva: "The ship does not have any type of weapon or defense, it seems to be a civil ship, I do not think they present any kind of danger".

Dahn: "Okay, do not call Koning" "Show them where they can land" "Kazha let's go".

Dahn goes to the meeting place emanating his essence ready for battle.

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