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Shanna gets thrown towards the wall breaking it and falling on the floor outside the house, thanks to the armor she did not suffer wounds, but she is a bit dazed, Mare jumps with a gun in her hand shooting towards Shanna, She doesn't seem wounded either, Kei is still on the floor stunned with some scratches, but nothing serious.

Dahn notices the fight between Mare and Shanna as it is happening very close to him, he thinks about helping Shanna quickly but he is not sure if he can dodge the Captain and his allies, he decides to trust Shanna, that she can kill Mare.

Shanna manages to dodge the shots of Mare with very agile movements, she is surprised because she feels that her body is stronger than before, despite all, living on this planet without help has made her stronger. Shanna decides to attack and approaches Mare with two daggers, one in each hand, the daggers radiate essence.

Mare changes tactics and from her back draws a double-edged spear that also radiates essence, the fight is violent and fierce, Shanna attacks incessantly, having two daggers allows her to attack faster than Mare, but Mare has a lot of experience in combat and her knowledge in combat tactics is incredible.

Several minutes passed and both Mare and Shanna are tired and slightly injured, Kei manages to come to herself and resumes her help to Shanna, she realizes that Kei is on Mare's back and decides to attack again, Mare is aware of the plan of Shanna and makes her believe that she is going to fall in her game, Shanna and Kei are about to hit Mare but she puts the spear on the ground and pushes up, aspiring that Mare and Kei collide, but Shanna is more agile and quickly slides his body under Kei's and with her legs propels her upwards.

Kei in mid-flight is positioned and with open snout and claws ready bites Mare in the arm, the bite is strong but not enough to break the armor, Kei positioned on the back of Mare and pushes her down where Shanna waits, Mare in the midst of the air as she falls, manages to deflect Shanna's sword with her spear and falls in front of her.

The fight continues between Kei, Shanna, and Mare, both have used much of their energy and begin to get tired but still continue, Dahn surprised at the level of fight of them is still watching everything, but makes the decision to help Shanna even from afar and he doubles his level of essence while he looks straight at Mare, the atmosphere becomes incredibly heavy, Mare while fighting realizes what Dahn is doing and backs up a bit, feels Dahn's penetrating gaze and stays waiting.

Mare: 'What an overwhelming sensation' 'I have to finish this quickly' - While wiping the sweat from her forehead - 'That kid is strong'.

Dahn: "Wow" "You really are strong" -

Duke observes that Dahn is distracted and keeps charging towards him, he increases his speed and with all his forces decapitate Dahn, while Dahn's head falls to the ground smiles winking at the Captain who is in front of him with a shotgun-ax in his hand.

Shanna feels even more confident that she can win, observes how Dahn's decapitated head falls to the floor, smiles, and charges against Mare, Shanna feels that she can still give more and increases her level of essence, her movements are even faster, Mare begins to lose the battle, she is already giving everything, between Shanna and Kei it is difficult to win the battle, but she can not retreat or lower her guard.

Her decision is to eliminate Kei as it is the weakest and is bothering a lot when Kei comes to attack Mare takes a grenade and place it inside her snout and a few seconds later explodes, Kei's head explodes and her dead body falls on the floor. Suddenly the atmosphere becomes even heavier, Mare feels that death itself is at her side when turning she sees Dahn on her back.

Mare: 'What the fuck?' "You were dead" "I saw your head fall ...".

Mare tries to stop Dahn but is not at his level, the strength of Dahn's fist is extremely strong, pierces the arm of Mare with which she tries to defend and when his fist touches her face it explodes due to the force, Dahn grabs the body of Mare and he opens it in half. He looks up at the Captain and waits.

Duke: "Shit!" "Careful guys."

Sai, Contesa, Mike and Mia begin to fight against Koning, Koning is unleashed in rage and anger, just approaching him can feel a huge heat, thanks to the fact that they have a high level of essence they are not melted by that heat. The 4 begin their attack, trying to reach the neck and eyes to weaken it, in turn, Koning throws throbs and throbbing, the fight is even, for now, the two sides are taking damage.

Koning manages to grab Sai's with his snout and seizes the opportunity and takes him to space while trying to bite him but Sai's strength is enough to stop Koning, when he reaches space Sai implodes and his body stays in the atmosphere, Koning turns around and goes straight to where the others are.

Contesa: "son of a bitch, we did not count on that" "Be careful with his bite".

The fight between them, 3 against Koning is getting longer and longer, and they realize that every time they do less damage, and also that his energy (Koning's) increases more and more.

Mia: "Captain, the situation is getting complicated here" "I think it would be better to retreat" -

Duke: "Retreat?" "Can't you kill a beast?" "Either kill that shit or I'll kill you."

The 3 see each other trying to see how to win, in that moment of carelessness Koning gives Mia a blow and sends her flying hundreds of meters away from them, and with the right leg at the same time he hits Mike and send him straight to the ground, both are a bit stunned and wounded, Mia stays in the place a bit confused and does not know what happened, Koning takes the opportunity again, opens his snout and shoots an elementary ray with black balls, Mia manages to stop the beam but she is very weak because as she used a lot of essence.

Mia still recovering does not let her guard down, she manages to understand that if she drops her guard the dragon attacks even more ferociously, Contesa and Mike manage to get to Mia's side and prepare again for the attack, already with their firearms starts to shoot at him, it is clear to see that these weapons are extremely powerful because every impact they achieve damages Koning and that is not easy to do.

At that moment they begin to hear several roars approaching.

Dahn: "Interesting" "I did not know you could do that" - Smiles.

Contesa: "What is that?" "I feel many creatures approaching" "Everyone cover-up".

Koning as Dragon King begins to call more dragons and other creatures to come to kill the invaders, but even though the dragons do not have the same level as Koning manage to help him to distract and break the formation that has Contesa, Mia and Mike, Koning focuses on Mia who until now is the weakest, Koning waits at the right moment and when their formation has been broken he throws himself at full speed with an open snout towards Mia, the speed is impressive, they do not imagine that something so big can move so fast.

Koning manages to grab Mia who is using all her strength to not get devoured by Koning, while she is in the snout preventing her from closing other dragons approach her from the sides and bite her, the essence of Mia is incredible, the bite of the dragons do not manage to touch her directly, but little by little she begins to lose strength, Contesa and Mike are busy killing the other dragons and try to help Mia, but everything is in vain, from afar they can see how Mia sees them directly and with tears in her eyes is crushed by Koning along with the other dragons.


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