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Confused Dahn turns to see Shanna, her face shows pure fear, Dahn even more confused decides to continue talking with Duke to see where everything goes.

Dahn: "Here's Shanna, by my side" "Shanna tell me the information I want and you're free to leave" "It's her decision".

Captain Duke: "Shanna, give him what he wants and let's go" - His face expresses evil and sadism.

Shanna: "I have nothing for him" "He has me imprisoned here" - Her body begins to tremble, she feels very afraid.

Dahn: "I'm sorry but she is lying, she has to tell me why she came here and why she attacked me" 'There's something that does not make sense' "Eva closes the communication".

Shanna: "What did you do?!!" "Nobody does that to Duke" - Her fear increases.

Dahn: "Oh, then it's him you're afraid of?" "Much more than me?" "Okay, you can go" "Eva, ope...".

Shanna: "NOOO!!!" "Please, no" "He's a monster" "I did not think he was going to come looking for me" "Do not let him take me and I'll tell you everything you want to know" - Crying deeply, despair in her voice.

Dahn signal to Shanna to go home and with his eyes says that he will help, then tells Eva to look for Koning. Dahn feels that the energy of those on the ship is powerful, and they want blood.

Dahn: "Eva, open the communication" "Dunque, right?" "Talked to Shanna and she tells me that you are a monster, that she prefers to live here than to return with you" "I do not know what you have done but to fear you more than me It's something amazing to me".

Captain Duke: "INCREDIBLE" - laughing - "I like you kid, that's why I'll make you this offer" "Give me Shanna and we'll leave in peace and you'll never hear from us again" - His smile is even more malevolent, it's impossible to hide his true intentions.

Mercenary Riaz: "Captain, a dragon is approaching at full speed, has a very high energy level" "But the child has much more than the dragon" ‘this will be interesting’.

Koning arrives at the scene, Dahn tells him to attack the ship with everything, Koning increases speed, opens his snout and begins to shoot elemental rays with energy, the ship counter-attack and shoots several missiles towards Koning, all the missiles explode in the air when they make contact with the rays of Koning, and the ship despite having received several energy impacts still stands and without any damage whatsoever.

Koning increases its energy even more, and shoots several small black balls at full speed, these balls impact the shield of the ship and it is seen as it begins to weaken, Koning does not waste time and continues its attacks, the ship responds with shots of lasers that make impact to Koning, this same begins to dodge them but others begin to hurt him a lot, it is remarkable that this ship has a much higher level when talking about weapons and defense.

Captain Duke: "So annoying" "Luke take care of the dragon if it continues like this could damage the ship" - Sitting at his command post, very relaxed.

Luke: "Aye Aye Captain" - With a smile, he opens one of the ship's hatches and flies out thanks to his battle suit towards Koning.

Dahn: 'Be careful Koning, he looks powerful'.

Koning faces Luke directly, energy balls are fired at the mercenary, claws, and throbs too, Luke dodges everything without any problem, Luke flies directly to Koning's head and manages to hit him several blows, each hit is precise and with great force, enough to deconcentrate Koning.

Koning in anger increases his energy, even more, his movements are even faster, thanks to that he can now hit Luke, he manages to stop some blows but they send them flying several hundred meters.

Dahn: "Surely you want to continue this?" "You're going to be left unmanned little by little".

A great tremor is felt, Dahn turns to where they are fighting Koning and watches Koning on the ground with blood, Luke in the air goes into a tailspin and continues to hit Koning, on the ground he still consciously observes Dahn and releases all his energy, an explosion of lava and fire goes out everywhere, his eyes turn red, anger is the only thing he feels now, Luke returns to fly high and confident fall again into a tailspin to kill Koning.

Captain Duke: "Luke STOPS" - Communicates through his internal communicators.

Luke manages to receive the order on time and stops mid-flight, in that moment of carelessness Dahn teleports to the side and with a kick in the back sends him to the ground, destroying the propeller that allows Luke to fly, the blow is huge and leaves Luke incapacitated.

Koning, still wrapped in anger, shoots a red ball directly at Luke, Dahn feels the energy level of that ball and immediately moves away from the place, the ball hits directly on the body of Luke which is disintegrated.

Captain Duke: "Shit, I did not expect that" "Sai, Contesa, Mike, Mia, kill that dragon immediately" "Oram, Shiu, you with me" "Mare, look for Shanna" "From now on I want you to give everything you got, do not play around" "Riaz take care of the ship "- His look inspires fear and courage.

Mercenaries: "AYE AYE, Captain" - Fervor is seen in their faces.

Everyone leaves the ship and is directed to their objectives, Dahn knows that these people are powerful and sends Kei to take help Shanna, for the first time in his life he is worried, he realizes that the Captain and other crew members are not Human.

Dahn: "Eva, what race is the captain and his crew?" "I cannot identify them well."

Eva: "The Captain is Biru Ras, one of his qualities is his great size and strength" "[Sai] the one with the mask is Daxili Sülh, his qualities are in his dexterity, beauty and they are said to be able to ask for help to other planes/dimensions" "[Mare] The one who went to find Shanna is Lihbrs, their qualities are based on knowledge rather than fight but they are still powerful" " [Oram] the one on the right side of the Captain is Khulzan, extremely dangerous, they have several personalities with different types of powers" "The rest are humans".

Mare goes directly to where Shanna is, her energy level is the same as Shanna's at this moment, she draws a shotgun and as she falls she shoots a single bullet that hits the roof above Shanna and explodes, the explosion is small but powerful, it opens a hole which Mare uses to enter, when she falls she faces Shanna who is still scared.

Kei runs, does several jumps in several structures and falls through the same hole as Mare,

As she falls she opens his snout and tries to bite her neck, direct to kill, Mare notices and places the gun in the muzzle and shoots, Kei manages to bite the shotgun with such force that it stops the bullet causing it to explode between Mare and Kei, causing them to go flying a few meters away.

Eva: "Shanna, Dahn sent Kei to help you, if she dies you too will die" "Fight".

Shanna knows that Eva is right, takes advantage of Mare is still on the floor recovering and goes to the room where her armor and weapon are, dresses and before she can leave another explosion occurs.

A note from 13mpty

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