Shanna runs out of the house in a panic and what she finds is even more overwhelming, Dahn flying in front of Koning, the first time in Shanna's life that she sees a dragon, not to mention that its size is overwhelming. Koning feels when Shanna leaves the house, and his anger increases, he leaves Dahn aside and carries his snout towards her to kill her.

Dahn teleports in front of her and with one hand stops Koning's snout, you can feel the murderous aura that emanates Koning, Shanna in fear stays still, in the midst of fear she can feel that they are having a conversation even if you do not hear words, Koning lets out a roar that leaves Shanna on the ground crying with fear, unfolds his wings and leaves.

Dahn: "Now do you understand?" "Or do you need another example?" "Eva, what can I do with her for now?".

Eva: "You could have sex to see if she is compatible" - In jocular and sexual tone - "Many civilizations use prisoners of war and punish them, forced labor, death, imprisonment, among others" "At this moment it's up to you what you want to do".

Dahn: "Eva, let Shanna do what she wants, but do not let her get close to her ship, she'll stay here until she gives me what I want" - Fly into space to find materials for your his project.

Shanna is not sure what to do, she knows that if she leaves here alive, the Red Star Alliance will want answers that she does not have, her reputation and even her life are at risk, but if she stays on this planet she will die sooner or later, between those thoughts she regains her composure.

Eva: "You should appreciate your life more" "You are the first person who does not die on this planet" - While showing them videos of all the Dahn’s kills - "This planet is beautiful, live your life while you can" - Eva walking around of Shanna - "I recommend you not leave the camp" "And do not go near Kei".

Shanna: "Impressive" "I had heard of I.A. with personalities and advanced technology, but I never thought I could meet one" "ah? Who is Kei?".

Eva vanishes from the place, Shanna stays in the middle of the camp alone, she can feel the air that runs through her body, hear the animals in the distance, observe the sky and its surroundings, the planet really before her eyes are beautiful, suddenly she feels something is watching her, Shanna prepares for the attack even though she does not know where it comes from.

Eva appears a few seconds later - "Kei, stop", Kei who was already jumping towards Shanna in her back, stops a few inches from her, Shanna is paralyzed when she sees the creature that almost takes her head off.

Shanna: "So this is Kei" - Smiles, trying to hide her nervousness.

Kei sniffs Shanna for a few seconds, turns around and leaves.

Eva: "She is Kei" "She will keep an eye on you" "She doesn't look smart but she is very intelligent, do not try anything suspicious if you want to live, only Dahn can really stop her".

Shanna: "Eva who is Dahn?" "How can a child have so much power?" "How long have you been on this planet?" "I have many questions."

Eva: "Dahn is Dahn" "You're not in a position to ask questions" "As Dahn told you, the faster you collaborate the faster you can go" - And it vanishes again.

Several minutes pass and Shanna watches as several machines start to come out of one of the structures of the camp, some bring materials such as stone, wood, and metals, others seem to be builders, it is obvious that something is happening on this planet, she can also see how Dahn goes to space and returns with pieces of ships that are in the cosmic cloud.

Shanna: "DAHN!" - She screams when she sees him coming from space.

Dahn: "Ready to talk?" - While slowly lowering towards her.

Shanna: "What are you doing on this planet?".

Dahn: "Building it" "Why did you say Red Star Alliance before you fainted?".

Shanna: "I do not know what you're talking about" - Even trying to defend what little information she has left.

Dahn: "Okay, so that is how is going to be" "We'll see what you'll do when you're hungry or thirsty" "Let's see how you manage" "Or when I'm not here to help you" "I do not understand why you protect them, but okay".

Shanna remains silent, and firm in her position, her intentions are simple, survive and escape whatsoever.

Dahn sees her in the eye, feels the fear she has, but also feels the honor, despite being a mercenary possesses a high level of ethics.

Dahn: "How old are you?" - While watching from top to bottom.

Shanna: "That's not your problem" - And tries to cover.

Dahn: "According to Eva and the DNA samples that we grabbed while you slept we estimate that you are about 20 years old" "According to the records of the ship you are one of the youngest and strongest captains in the lower worlds" "Impressive" "I am 13 years old" "And I have a planet" "Now tell me if it's worth going against me."

Shanna: "THIRTEEN" "Impossible" "You sure want to lie to me to trust you" "I've known powerful people but it took them a lot of years and effort to reach that level" "And you, thirteen already have this power. "

Dahn: "So I'm going to lie to you?" "Your life belongs to me" "Someday you'll tell me what I want or I'll get bored and kill you" "It all depends on you".

Several months passed and Shanna manages to survive on her own, but as long as she stays close to the camp, Dahn is impressed by how she slowly unfolds and in turn can see how her level of essence is growing, despite being enemies they created a bond between them, despite everything they are the only two intelligent beings of different sex.

It is possible to see progress in the camp, little by little it is taking some kind of shape the "Capital" of the planet. While Dahn meditates he can feel a great presence approaching.

Eva: "Dahn, an unidentified ship just entered" "They want to communicate."

Dahn: "Yes, I know" "Let's see what they want" "This is going to be interesting".

Captain Duque: "Hello, I am the Captain Duke of the mercenaries Frogs with Weapons" "You have something in your property that is mine" "Give me what is mine and we will leave without any problem".

Dahn: "What the fuck happens that people think they can come to MY PLANET and demand shit" "Besides, there's nothing here of yours" "Everything that exists on this planet is mine" "Get the fuck out".

Captain Duke: "Oh really?" "That was not what we heard" "so far you have one of my daughters in jail" "Shanna" "She is not yours" "She belongs to me".


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