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Dahn looks up and notices a medium-sized ship, with an emblem of Frog and two weapons, the ship that arrived in stealth mode opens fire immediately towards Dahn, two nuclear missiles hit him directly, the explosion is huge, the mushroom cloud can be seen from far away.

Mercenary Jessy: "Captain, direct hit" "I do not think a child can survive that" - Between laughter and with a cigar in her hand.

Captain Shanna: "I didn't know you are also an Oracle?" "Imbecil, do you think they hired us to kill a simple child?" "Never trust the intentions that the Red Star Alliance makes you see" "what do the scanners say?".

Mercenary Coru: "CAPTAIN!!!" "An immense creature is approaching us at full speed" "Activating shield".

Captain Shanna: "Shit!" "Boys and girls, get ready for the battle of your lives" "Remember that after here we will be millionaires and celebrities" - Confidence and joy in her face, inspires the entire crew.

Koning is flying at full speed to the ship and approaching the impact area his frustration and rage multiplies, opens his snout and shoots a ray of elemental energy and essence to the ship, it receives direct impact but the force field absorbs the damage.

Mercenary Coru: "Captain, if that beast continues to attack us it will bring down the shield and bye bye ship".

Captain Shanna: "Dragon, it's a dragon" "According to the information is the largest on this planet" "we have to finish this mission quickly".

Dahn teleports himself on the head of Koning, while it is regenerating, you can see how a skeleton begins to take shape.

Dahn: "Koning, shoot two more times and stop".

Koning - "I'm not stopping, they just destroyed part of my home" "I'm going to kill them" - Opens his snout again and shoots a small black ball of energy at full speed.

Mercenary Coru: "PREPARE FOR IMPACT" "Captain the bea... dragon has just fired again and the energy levels are much higher, that shot will open a hole in the ship"

Dahn stands in front of the energy ball and stops it completely, angrily repeats to Koning to obey him, the pressure in the atmosphere is immense, then he placed himself on the right side of Koning at the level of the eye.

Koning with fear decides to listen to Dahn and shoots two rays similar to the first one, disabling the force shield of the ship.

Mercenary Jessy: "Captain, the subject is still alive and stopped the black ball" 'Why is he helping us?'.

Mercenary Coru: "Captain two rays are coming" "After that, we will not have a shield to protect us for a while" "I think we have to prepare for the fight" - While preparing for it.

Captain Shanna: "What is this feeling?" "Jessy, get us out of here immediately" 'We underestimate the mission' 'damn it' - clenches her fist.

When Dahn sees that the force shield no longer exists, he teleports himself on top of the ship where he thinks the main engines are.

Dahn: "Eva, can you deactivate the ship?" - He prepares to destroy where he thinks the engines are.

Eva: "Opening communication with the ship" "This is the only thing I can do for now".

Mercenary Jessy: "Captain, They are trying to open a communication channel with us" "What do I do?".

Captain Shanna: "Are you deaf?" "GET US OUT FROM HERE IMMEDIATELY"

The engines start to activate for the interspace jump, but Dahn realizes and with a blow, he opens a hole to the engines stopping the jump.

Ship - ALERT ALERT - failure in the engines, impossible interspace jump.

The communication between the ship and Dahn has established thanks to the help of Eva, and the ship stays in its place without being able to go anywhere for the moment.

Dahn: "Hello?".

Captain Shanna: "Hello" - Trying to maintain composure.

Dahn: "Okay, what are you doing here?" "Why did you decide to launch two missiles against me and my planet?" - Begins to increase his essence, measuring the power of the mercenaries.

Captain Shanna: "Oh kid, you just made a big mistake" - Try to show that she is not afraid and manages to cut off communication.

Before the communication was cut Dahn could see the inside of the ship and teleports to the captain's side, Shanna realizes it immediately and from her arm comes out a small sword infused with energy and beheads Dahn, blood everywhere, his body falls to the ground.

Captain Shanna lets out an uncontrollable laugh, between the fear she felt and the relief of the Dahn's death makes it all impossible to believe that everything was that easy.

Captain Shanna: "That was it?" "I think I doubt it myself" "It will not happen again" - She tries to calm her nervousness, everything was fast and she is still trying to understand what happened, she then turns around and starts to walk away.

Dahn: "Ouch" "You're fast" "But I also neglect myself" "If you were afraid before then what would happen when I do this" - He begins to emanate its energy in an incredible way, the energy only says one thing "DEATH".

The Captain stays in the place shocked,  she does not understand what happened, remembers how she took his head off and now the young man is standing there talking. Out of nowhere Yahi, another mercenary tries to hit Dahn in the face, Dahn without much effort stops him and stays waiting.

Mercenary Yahi: "BOSS!!!" "WAKE UP!!!!" - Hits Dahn in the face.

Yahi releases all his energy, the atmosphere becomes heavy, and he continues to give Dahn several blows, each blow is direct and concrete, at this moment the energy level of Dahn and Yahi are the same, each stroke and kick of Yahi makes Dahn back down in defense mode.

At that moment the Captain resumes his composure, and with signs, she tells Jessy and Coru that they are going to start the attack, each of them increases their energy to the maximum, the atmosphere becomes extremely difficult to breathe for those who do not possess energy. Now they are 4 against 1, they assemble in an extreme tactical formation, each attack and defense is analyzed so that the battle is in their favor. Dahn begins to lose the fight little by little.


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