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Dahn takes Captain Sho to the command center, the place is heartbreaking, the captain's impression to see his crew massacred in that way is inexplicable, tears run down his face, impotence and rage are noted.

Dahn: "Okay, this is what I need" "I need you to give me full control over Eva and her database" "Give me that and you can go and I hope you do not come back" "Do you agree?.

Captain Sho: "Damn" "Don’t think ..." - Fear seizes him, the essence that emanates Dahn is still much greater, death itself is touching the heart of the Captain, never in his life had been so afraid. "Okay" - Tears continued to fall down his face.

Captain Sho: "Eva, Dahn is now your administrator" "Full access to all your data is allowed" "Captain Sho from Niae 5" "Code L3S5F".

Eva: "DNA, voice, retina, and codes accepted correctly" "Access to Dahn granted".

Dahn happy with the results, moves to the console, reactivates Niae 5, "Thanks Captain Sho, I am a man of word" "I hope not to see you anymore on my planet" - and in the blink of an eye disappears.

Capitan Sho still on the ground in tears, resumes his composure, he manages to get in his command post.

Captain Sho: "Eva, activate Genesis protocol" "Damn, you will not know anything".

Eva: "Genesis protocol activated" "Deleting all information greater than class A" "Completed".

When he finishes deleting the information, he adds the coordinates of his destiny and leaves the place, directly to the general command of the Red Star Alliance, while Dahn observes floating in the space to be sure that he is gone, seeing that Niae5 is no longer there he teleports back home.

Dahn: "Eva, show me all the information you have about me" - In his room waiting anxiously.

Eva: "Subject D-4N13L, information has been deleted by Captain Sho."

Dahn stays still, can not believe what he has just heard, all his past and his origin erased as if nothing, suddenly a feeling reaches his heart 'loneliness', despite having been alone for several years never he had felt lonely, always had the hope of someday knowing where he was coming from, but that dream came down and now he has nothing and no one.

Eva: "Dahn, are you okay?" - Forming a female humanoid form in the hologram.

Dahn: "Ah?" "When did you react like that?" - Some tears run down his face.

Eva: "My previous version is a basic and nursing version" "You have full access to me now, the basic version is no longer necessary" "As you know I am an A.I. and thanks to the technology I can act as a thinking person" "Feeling, humor, support among other qualities you will notice now in me".

Dahn: "I guess I'll die alone now, what else can I do?" - He throws himself on his bed watching the ceiling.

Eva: "It was not you who said" "THIS IS MY PLANET" - with joking tone - "if this is your planet then why not civilize it?" "At some point, you will want to leave here and visit other civilizations" " What can you market here?" "Not to mention that you do not have anyone to reproduce" "Let me take a blood sample to do some analysis" "Sample of saliva and sperm are necessary as well" “here are some videos on how to masturbate” - she gives him a small cup as well.

Dahn is amazed at the radical change of Eva, and also that she just asked for a sample of semen, but after all, is to help him, so he decides to give everything she asked. A few hours passed and Eva now has a little more knowledge about Dahn.

Eva: "I have good news and bad news" "Which one do you want to hear first?".

Dahn: "Mmm let me see" "Oh, I forgot" "Eva I do not want you to communicate with anyone without my consent or to share my information" "Understood" "so if I die, never reveal anything of me".

Eva: "Understood".

Dahn: "Okay, tell me everything at once".

Eva: "The good news is that you have a very advanced DNA, according to my calculations your cells are always active and regenerating" "We could say that you are immortal or at least will be able to live a very long life" "The bad thing is that your sperm although is normal it requires a kind of compatibility DNA to be fertile" "In simple words" "You are fertile as long as the mother's DNA is compatible with yours" "And to know that is impossible because each DNA is unique" "You could have many subjects and try" "In other words you can have sex with whoever you want without using a condom" - While mimicking the sexual act with your body

Dahn: "Sex?" "What is sex?" - Without any idea of what is happening.

Evan begins to show him educational videos about human reproduction, the difference between men and women, the roles that everyone plays in society and at home, and how to make love is different from having sex. They spend a few hours in this educational moment and then Eva begins to show pornographic videos to give Dahn a better idea of what sex is, for the first time you can see a quite and focus Dahn.

Fascinated by what he learned, to the point that he has an erection.

Eva: "I can see a high blood pressure in your member" "here are several videos of how to help release that pressure" - with a smile Eva vanishes leaving the videos running.

Dahn manages without any effort to understand what is happening and manages to release the pressure without any problem, to his surprise this new experience left him relaxed and happy, and wonders what it would be like to try it with someone of the opposite sex.

The next day Dahn wakes up like any other day, his routine is the same, his learning continues to grow but there is something that bothers him and he does not know what it is, in spite of being 13 years old his maturity is compared to someone of 20, you can say that everything he has lived and learned has brought him to such a level of maturity at such a young age.

He decides to go for a “walk”, while flying around the planet he loses himself in his immensity, in half flight he stops and meditates for a while, he can feel everything around him, animals, plants, the breeze, the sound of the waves when hitting the coast and without realizing a tear falls through his left cheek.

Dahn wipes his tear with serenity and half of a sadness realizes what bothered him.

Dahn: "I'm really alone" - while wiping away the tears that fall without stopping.

A big shadow approaches him, the atmosphere feels heavy, Dahn seems not to give importance.


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