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Captain Sho: "Sergeant Miak, use all the necessary force to contain the subject".

Sergeant Miak: "Understood" "Attention!" "You have permission to use any means necessary to contain the subject".

Dahn began studying the aircraft with calm, is trying to understand how it works and its mechanism, the oxygen system, and gravity, he tries to turn it off but does not have the necessary permissions, only the captain can disable those mechanisms.

Dahn: "Damn" "But I could open a whole here and wait for all the oxygen to deplete" "but it will damage the ship, I feel that I can use it at some point" "Well, let's look for the captain to see what can he do to help me "- Walking in a sea of dead bodies as he goes to the door.

Dahn stops before opening and can feel that there are several people who have a high level of essence, but no more than him, he opens the doors and starts looking for the captain, on the way he senses a scientist in a room trying to hide.

Dahn: "Hey, you ..." - He manages to read the name on her name tag that hangs around her neck - "Camila" "where is the captain?" - Staring at her.

Camila: "I I I…. do not know" "All I know is that we had to evacuate and I couldn't so I hid here" "I do not want to die" - tears and fear are noted, her legs won’t move.

Seeing that she did not know anything, he approaches her and offers an apology, and beheads her with a single blow.

Dahn: "Unfortunately nobody can get out of here alive" "At least not yet".

He continues on his way, checking every room, closet and compartment that he gets, in turn, he is also guided by where he can feel the energy, however small it was, he is killing right and left every staff he finds.

The Sergeant, soldiers, and the Captain manage to find Dahn, they can see how his body is bathed in blood, the remains of his friends on the ground can be seen, the sight is heartbreaking.

Dahn: "Captain Sho, I presume" "I gave you 5 minutes" "where is the honor if I can not keep my word?"

Captain Sho: "You are committing a crime against humanity" "You will be prosecuted by the ICC" "The best thing is to not resist and a fair trial".

Dahn got tired of talking, has no intention of paying attention to what they are saying, and begins to emanate his energy gradually, to test the resistance of those who are in front of him. The atmosphere begins to feel heavy, and dense, all personnel who do not possess any type of energy or internal force fall to the floor unconscious.

Sergeant Miak: "interesting" - observing Dahn and his abilities.

Sergeant without wasting time launches himself against Dahn at full speed, wearing a special armor that multiplies his skill level, the speed of Sergeant is very fast, in an instant is behind Dahn and takes out his shotgun and shoots Dahn in the head, everything happens in less than 1 second.

Dahn clearly sees everything that Sergeant Miak is doing, compared to the Dragon King Sergeant is nobody, Dahn moves his head to the right and the bullets continue straight to one of the soldiers who she was also charging against Dahn, the soldier falls to the floor without a head.

Silence takes over the moment, everyone is trying to understand what happened.

Dahn: "Something I learned in one of my fights is not to lower my guard".

Dahn launches himself against the soldiers who are in front and the cutes them in half one by one, his speed and strength is much greater than before, the soldiers do not understand what is happening and their reaction never comes until they are already in the floor bleeding.

Dahn: "Now, you understand?" "You have no chance against me" - While holding a soldier by the neck.

The rage in Sergeant Miak is overwhelming and begins to also raise levels of energy and launches against Dahn, now his movements are faster, this time he pulls out a katana that to the eye is normal, but Dahn does note that it has an essence.

Dahn with one hand manages to stop the sword that was going straight to his face and does not release it.

Dahn: "Wow, interesting" "I had a very similar one, but I think this one is better" - The sword manages to penetrate a little the palm of the hand, but he still continues to hold it.

Sergeant Miak: 'impossible' 'how the fuck was he able to stop me’.

The sergeant does not stop and tries to hit him with the right leg, his combat skill form is incredible, despite having the disadvantage manages to propitiate some punches in weak points, or at least that's the way it should be.

Dahn drops the sword and grabs the sergeant by the neck and with pure force decapitates him, all soaked with blood approaches Captain Sho very calm and stops and observes how the Captain Sho wrapped in anger begins to emanate a lot of energy, a yellowish/black color is noticed around him.

Captain Sho puts two sharp brass knuckles on each hand and puts himself in a boxing position and in less than 1 second he throws himself at Dahn, he is caught by surprise by what he is seeing, and receives a punch on his face, tearing half of his face, when he looks back he realizes that Captain Sho has not moved from his place.

Another hit hits the already healed face of Dahn, but this time with less damage, Dahn increases his level of energy to protect against such blows, and in turn, is studying what happens, and realizes that the Captain is not moving, his blows are really projectiles thrown from the hands of the Captain.

Dahn: "Awesome" "I did not know that you could do that too" "But I'm hurrying and this bored me".

Dahn teleports behind Captain Sho and hits him in the back, causing paralysis from the hip down, Sho falls to the ground in fear and uncertainty, does not know what happened.

Captain Sho: "My legs!" "I do not feel them" "What the fuck happened" - While he raises his eyes and sees Dahn in front of him.

Dahn: "I need you to collaborate if you want to live" "I told you that I needed you alive" "If you help me I'll let you live and escape" - while dragging him into the command center.

Captain Sho: "Damn!" "You have just committed the worst mistake of your life" "The Red Star Alliance will find you and fucking kill you" - Wrapped in anger.

Dahn: "Well" "I'll just have to kill more of you until you understand to leave me alone".

Captain Sho: "You're nobody compared to the Generals" "And I'm not going to help you so kill me better" - Dahn does not realize it, Sho sends an S.O.S through his communicating on the wrist.


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