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I had the actual draconic words in here but it seems that Royal Road doesnt like them, so if you see DRACONIC WORDS is because that is where they meant to be, also the dialog between the young man and the dragon is full draconic, I just didnt want to do a FULL draconic writing<img src="> 

Half of the body begins to levitate, a blood red and black energy begin to surround it, the body begins to regenerate in seconds, the pressure that is felt is much greater than before, the Dragon King for the first time feels distrust.

Young man: "Die" - Anger is the only thing that can be felt

His body already regenerated, emanating a higher level of energy, launches against the Dragon King, but this time it does not fly, in the blink of an eye it is over the dragon's head, the young man performed teleportation.

Sword in hand hits the dragon on the head, the force is huge, hitting the dragon the sword cannot withstand the pressure of the blow and breaks, the dragon feels the impact. The young man ignores the broken sword and with his own hands begins to hit it on the head.

The Dragon King begins to feel the damage, more and more, with the tail he manages to hit him and move him away, but in an instant the young man is again in the head hitting, each blow causes tremor in the area, the Dragon King gets more upset and raises his energy even more, the fire that runs through his scales becomes lava, his body emanates electricity too, anyone who was there would already be dead.

The whole body of the young man is covered by his own energy, works as a shield of strength, nothing hurts him, or at least not at that moment, the Dragon King continues trying to remove the Young man, but nothing seems to work, his only option at that moment is to fly into space, deploy its wings and fly at full speed into space.

Once outside, the young man stays still, and begins to calm down a little, the view from above is impressive, being able to see the world from outside takes away the words and he can only observe, the Dragon King begins to recover from the damage caused and once recovered takes the opportunity again and gives him a blow, but the young man is still stronger than him, while floating in space he stops the blow with one hand.

Young man: "I can feel the power that is in me" - Even without having total control of his mind.

Grab the tail with both hands and throw the Dragon King back to the planet, while falling down the young man still punching the dragon in the head, the force is overwhelming, does not allow the Dragon King regains composure the impacts are precise, each blow feels as if a whole planet is hitting him, the Dragon King is about to lose consciousness.

Dragon King - '!' - Enough.

The young man stops in mid-air as he watches the Dragon King fall at full speed to the ground, the speed with which it falls is so fast that when hitting the ground it generates a tremor in the whole planet and creates an immense crater. Beaten and tired, the Dragon King returns to his composure and lowers his energy to a calmer state.

Young man: 'Who said that?' - 'Enough?' - Thoughtful as he continues to observe the Dragon King.

Dragon Rye - ''!' - 'Enough!' - ''If you continue you will kill me' 'My name is Koning' 'I am the guardian of this planet'.

Young man: 'Who is talking to me?' 'No, I'm not talking' 'Are you in my mind?' - Confused as he descends to where the Koning is - 'What language am I talking?'.

The atmosphere becomes calmer, Koning relaxes while his wounds are slowly regenerating, observes the young man and lowers his head.

Koning - 'I'm talking to you' - sigh - 'We are talking draconic' 'I do not understand how you are able to understand it' 'But I'm glad'.

Young man: 'Who?' 'How is that possible?' 'I do not understand' - Manages to calm down and return to his normal state, but still very confused.

Koning - 'Hundreds of years I've been on this planet and nothing could beat me' 'nothing had the audacity to seek a duel with me' 'but today it all change' 'what do you want?'

Young ma: 'Me?' 'Nothing, I just want to live in peace and you were bothering me' 'I've learned to love this planet and I already consider it my home'

Koning - 'Peace?' 'Fine, for now, I will accept your peace' - With his ego and pride wounded, unfolds his wings and flies away from the place - "ARRRRG".

The young man stays in the place for hours, trying to understand what happened, he asks Eva but she does not have the answer either.

Eva: "According to my calculations we can assume that dragons are intelligent and that they even have a dialect" "As to how you can understand it is still a mystery" "The only thing I can calculate is due to the genetic cocktail that you have inside you that I also grant you animal understanding".

Young man: "Eva, let's go to the house I want to see what you recorded".

At full speed he goes back to the house while running he can notice that the environment has changed, it feels less hostile, he feels that he is already welcome, some creatures see him and lower their heads.

Young man: "Interesting" "I guess now I am the king of this planet?" - a half smile on his face.

They arrive at the house and begin to study everything that Eva could record, the young man is a bit confused since the last stage of the fight did not have much control of himself and could not remember it well. Several minutes pass analyzing the video, focused on the video realizes that around him and also around the Dragon King there is a type of energy or essence that had not seen before, he observes how that energy goes out of control and understands that he does not yet have total control of that energy or essence.

Young man: "Eva, what do you have in your data about energy or essence in the species" - observing the fight in the hologram.

Eva: "Essence, energy, aura, soul, kiai, among others, is the name given by various races to explain the inner strength of a being" "Each being possesses said inner strength but without the proper training or knowledge they are not capable of developing it" "Other beings born with it already" "Here you can find several catalogs of how to know your inner strength and learn how to control it" "Said videos and documents are basic" "Because each reacting differently, the more you train and understand it then you will be able to unlock more power”.

The young man spends the rest of the day watching videos and trying to understand what he has learned, realizes that the meditation he does in his routine is also part of education to understand more this inner strength.

----- Niae 5 - Interstellar Ship Red Star Alliance traverses the cosmic cloud that covers the planet Draak Aarde, is scanning that planet.

Navigator Ji: "Captain, we have found the planet" "The data corresponds with the capsule of S.O.S" "we are receiving information from the planet" - Confused.

Captain Sho: "Perfect!" "Is the subject alive?"


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