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Few years passed, where it was observed how the child was learning more every day, he managed to establish a routine in his day to day, where physical and mental training are vital, he stopped being a child and he started being a young man, his body also changed as expected, as did his knowledge and power.

He always went to explore with Kei the planet to get to know it more, as he went further into the planet he realized how amazing it is, thanks also to Eva's help it was discovered that the planet has Antarctic places, deserts, big mountains, oceans, rivers, and lakes, flora is also spectacular.

Every time he explored he ended up in battle with some creature, this planet harbors giant creatures that emanate energy, and the main one is the Dragon King that at that moment sent him flying, every day he had a battle with some creature that wanted to eat him or dominate him, but always emerged victorious, with the exception of the Dragon King, named because it is the one that dominates the entire planet and whenever they faced each other it ended badly for the child.

The boy realized that there was a kind of connection between him and the animals, he could not explain it but he knows that there is something between them, he can not communicate verbally but at the same time they can be understood, each year that passed the child became stronger and his essence grew in him, because he did not control his essence the Dragon King felt irritated every time he felt it, which led to more and more battles, where the child ended badly.

What led the child to live in fear for some time, until he could not stand being tormented by the Dragon King one day he took courage and decided to defeat him - he had thought about killing him but later he repented - then he sat down in the ground to meditate to feel all the essences around him so that he can look for the essence of the Dragon King.

Several minutes passed before he finally found it.

Young man: 'Where are you? ...' '..... There' "Get ready, I'm coming?" - Determination is evident in his face.

He gets up, carries the sword and nothing else, with excitement and nervousness, is prepared, says goodbye to Kei, although Kei has been faithful and helped for all these years is aware that he would die in this fight.

It runs with incredible speed towards the north of the planet, its agility is incredible, its movements stealthy and precise.

He runs for a few hours until he manages to feel the presence of the Dragon King, stops and relaxes, lowers his anxiety and refines his senses, the young man finds himself on a plain, the grass is reddish to his knees and to its soft as silk, there is a soft and warm breeze, several hundred meters in front of him you can see a large shadow, one might think it is a mountain.

The Dragon King notices the young man and releases his essence colliding with that of the young man and thus creating a strong pressure, they know what is about to happen, a fight for the dominion of the planet, the Dragon King rises and can be seen all its splendor, its color is blood red with black, its scales have a bright tone, its sharp teeth that can pierce anything, its yellow star eyes, represents power and determination.

The young man remains standing, the astonishment is unimaginable, what is in front of him is beautiful and tenebrous, he feels fear but also courage, this time he has an opportunity, he can feel it within him, the young man is only wearing a short and the sword.

The Dragon King can feel the power that the young man has, this time he knows that he will be different and decides to give everything at once, this is his planet and he will not give it away to anything.

The pressure is of another level, thousands of animals that are nearby fall to the ground fainted or dead, the Dragon King begins to emanate its essence, even more, a great heat can be felt, electricity begins to form around the Dragon King, and very cold breeze begins to be felt as well.

Young Man: "Eva, record all this, and analyze it" - Focused, unsheathed the sword.

It can be noticed how the Dragon King has what seems to be an elementary control, in its body fire runs through its scales, it is surrounded by an electric field with rocks flying around it with a very cold breeze. The surprised young man stands, watching and listening.

The Dragon King opens its snout and a ball of energy is formed in an instant and shoots out at the young man, everything in its path is melted in microseconds, the speed of the energy ball is surprising, the young man sees it - with a smile - he throws himself direct to it and before impacting it turns to the right avoiding it, his body feels different, there is something new in it, an inner force that wants to be expelled, the young man relaxes and stops thinking, lets his body move by itself and in doing so the young man goes flying towards the dragon,

Young man: "WHAT?" "Can I fly?" - While flying to Dragon King - 'This will give me a great advantage'

The dragon king takes advantage of the young man's distraction and gives him a huge blow that sends him flying hundreds of meters, the impact is so strong that it destroys all the bones of the body. While in the air his body regenerates and the young man manages to compose his composure by braking in mid-air.

Young man: "I have to see how I can withstand his blows" "Even though I can regenerate, it hurts a lot" - While floating away from the Dragon King.

The young man starts flying again even faster towards the Dragon King, which can read the movements of the young man, opens his snout and shoots several small balls of energy towards him, each ball when approaching the young one explodes, causing damage, and stunned him, which makes it falls to the ground stunned.

Young man: "death?" - the whole body can feel that this is the end.

His body feels the murderous aura that the Dragon King emanates towards him and manages to move quickly from where he landed, the right leg falls right where it was, a huge earthquake can be felt that resonates throughout the planet

Young man: "You really want to kill me" - Looking straight into his eyes

Dragon: "Argh" - Subtle sound but confirming what the young man thinks

Young: "It's okay, let's see who laughs last" - Cleaning himself up

The young man lowers his guard while he cleans, the Dragon King takes advantage of the opportunity again and launches open snout, his speed has doubled, goes straight to the young man, he realizes himself managing to get out of the way, but his speed was not as fast and Dragon King takes his right arm off.

Young man: "AAAAAAAHHH" "SON OF A BIIIITCH" "SHIT, THIS FUCKING HURTS" - Moves away a bit from the  Dragon King, and there he watches as his arm begins to grow again. "Shit!" "I can also do that" "Okay, I do not have to worry so much".

The dragon does not let him breathe, throwing energy balls and trying to hit him with the tail and legs, the young man dodges as he can, but he continues to get hurt, frustration begins to accumulate in him, he tries to reach the Dragon King face but it is very difficult, between the continuous attacks and the elemental field that protects it is very difficult.

The young man continues to try to approach him, full of despair and frustration to not be able to do so, begins to lose focus, until it is neglected again and at that moment the Dragon King manages to take half of the body off the young man, he falls into an immense pain and agony , his essence levels begin to rise drastically, his mind becomes cloudy, his only mission is to kill the Dragon King.


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