Child: "What?" "Like there is no food or water" - He runs towards the kitchen and in fact, only a portion of each one remains.

Eva: "The planet has edible flora and fauna and according to my calculations" "before ingesting any type of flora or fauna I must analyze it" - Added.

Child: "I have to get out of here?" - With a little fear in his voice, he can remember how he opened wide the muzzle to the dragon and felt a little calmer - "TRUE !, now I am a mutant "- With a smile and posing as a superhero.

He goes to what was part of the main room to see if he gets some weapons to help him, he gets armor, firearms, which does not attract attention, he tries some and even fired some weapons but he does not like it, he feels prisoner; he can see in a corner a samurai-style sword on the wall.

He grabs it, catches his attention, draws it out - "Eva, how good is this sword?".

Eva: "This sword was granted as a gift to Capt. Rok by his contact, has a very durable and sharp material, according to the Captain's Log is said to have a kind of essence in it but I can not analyze that" "Captain Rok saw it as an ornament rather than a weapon" - in the frame you can read - 'In case you need help' -

The child sees it, "I do feel something in it, I do not know what it is" and starts playing with it, until it falls and penetrates her right foot - "AAAAAAAH" - he pulls it out and when it went to see the wound It is no longer there - 'ah?' 'regenerate myself?' "Eva, what happened?".

Eva checks the cameras, backs up and analyzes what happened - "According to my calculations you have the ability to self-regenerate".

Child: "WOOOOW" - Amazed and excited - "Eva teach me martial arts" - As with the survival manuals, she also has a martial arts manual - "How long will it take me to be an expert Eva?.

Eva: "The art of martial arts requires years of training in turn from the determination of whoever practices it and how many martial arts it wants to learn" "My analysis recommends that you learn hand-to-hand combat (all) and Kendo" "Once you have mastered everything you can create your own combinations" "I calculate that if you follow a good regime it will take you 10 years or less".

Child: "Okay, I guess I have to start" - The stomach makes noise - "I'm hungry" "I guess I'll have to hunt something" - grabs the sword and goes out.

When approaching the dome he realizes he can not leave, "Eva, why I can't go out?".

Eva: "You are not authorized to leave or enter" "The security system does not have your genetic code" "the only way out is to deactivate or break the dome".

Child: "WHAAAAAT???" "How am I supposed to eat?" "I'll die here" - Going into despair, he goes to where the weapons are grabs them all takes them to the dome and starts firing like crazy - Devilish laugh.

Shots, lasers, grenades, bombs, everything that was there used it in a place to see if it can even open an opening, but nothing works. "HAAAAAAAAA" - Draw the sword and try to hit the dome.

Child - slaaaaaash - the dome shines, as resonating with the sword - "Interesting" - Again - slaaaaashh - Same result - "Okay let's see now" - Grabs the sword with both hands firmly and forcefully hits the dome - the dome trembles and a crack can be seen as it begins to be created.

Eva: "The dome has lost 40% of its functionality, if you continue you will lose the dome and its security".

Child: "If I do not continue I'll die of hunger" - SLASH - A strong shine spark comes out of the dome and deactivates it, falling to the floor the mechanism that had activated it.

He then starts to hear the animals, the wind is stronger and fresh, for the first time you can feel the planet as it is.

The child turns his eyes upwards and now he can see completely without any dome that bothers his sight, the vision is even more beautiful, he can observe dragons and other flying creatures, he can hear a river in the distance, a waterfall, fights between creatures, his senses are receiving everything for the first time without any ties - the dome.

Eva: "I am sensing several creatures approaching".

Child: "Yes, I can feel them too" "I do not know how to explain it but it's as if I really felt them" "Well I'm hungry it's time to see what I can eat" - Grabs a bracelet to communicate with Eva and runs to explore.

Several creatures move away from him, both large and small, mostly herbivorous by what he may notice.

But that does not stop him, he can see a mammal in the distance, with a flat face, long legs and deer-like horns all over his back to the head, the horns are sharp, his skin is brown and he is very camouflaged well with his environment, the creature is alone - the child doesn't know if it belongs to herd or not.

The child stops several hundred meters away, studies it, also admires it, because it is beautiful, the instinct of the child causes it to calm down, is placed against the wind and lowers its position - it is hunting the prey - all this comes naturally, nor does he understand what is happening but he does it as if it were part of him.

All his senses are focused on the creature, his presence is not noticed, he rests his feet on the ground as if to grasp impulse, he breathes deep and throws himself against the creature, his speed is incredible, the creature does not realize it, and when it looks up the last thing he feels is a breeze, and his head falls to the ground.

Eva: "My calculations indicate that it was not necessarily all that preparation, with running and hitting it was enough".

Child: "Okay, but I do not know, my body moved by itself, plus it's was fun".

Suddenly the child crouches down and senses a creature appears above him, with claws outside and snout open, trying to kill him, the creature falls gracefully in front of him and on top of the dead animal, fangs, and claws out, it is large size, reddish in color with yellow, if you see it running it would seem like a flame of fire in the wind, of short fur - now this is mine - the child smiles "you want my food?" he throws himself on top the creature and kills it, but this time it kills it with pity. "I'm sorry but I'm hungry too".

He can understand what that creature feels, "according to the survival manual, if I don't kill you, you will kill me, and I do not want to die." He picks up his prey and takes it to the camp, while he walks he can hear from a distance a kind of feline howl, 'miuuu', a bit irritating for him.

He decides to see what is making so much noise that irritates him and observes what seems to be a nest, inside he observes a creature very similar to the one that attacked him. - "and why are you alone?" "Where are your parents?" - in that, he remembers the moment he killed what he thinks the mother may have been - "will it be that you are now like me?" "Orphan?".

Between thinking and thinking what to do with the little creature, he decides to pick it up and takes it with him to the camp, on the way he offers him some meat and to his surprise he begins to eat it - the boy with a smile on his face - " good, good, you like it".

Eva - "ALERT!" "The camp is being attacked".


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