Console: "Aye" "Aye" "No" "No" "No" "Aye" "Aye".

Capt. Rok with a difficult smile to hide, 'Ready, I can feel it' 'This will be my legacy'.

Distorted voice - "The majority of the council has chosen, but it is up to me, the president to give you the authorization" "Your help in our organization has not been in vain and has shown great value and growth" "You will have our support but it will be limited" "I recommend you do everything in one trip" "And  remember, we will not accept more failures".

Console - "Log completed".

The child stand there without words, knows nothing of his past, only that he comes from the planet Earth and that he is presumably a semi-angel, confused, the mind blank.

Child - 'What the fuck?' 'I do not understand anything' 'who am I?' - Desperate looks for more information on the console.

Searching for hours without finding anything relevant, there are several documents about the staff, and who they were, finds a file that explains exactly the procedure and what DNA is has now inside, but is protected with DNA, facial recognition and voice recognition of the Captain.

Child: "Okay, calm down" "I'm alive" "Just that I have my DNA modified ?" "What the fuck is DNA?".

Console: voice-activated mode - subject D-4N13L recognized, activating protocol "EVA".

Eva: "DNA - acronym for deoxyribonucleic acid, a self-replicating material which is present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes. It is the carrier of genetic information".

Silent and admiration, "Console?" "Can you hear me?".

Eva: "Yes, my name is Eva" "How can I help you?".

Child: "Who am I?" - Excited.

Eva: "you are a child, male, age 10 years," "error" "Genetic code not analyzed" "Analyzing genetic code" "Error" "Your genetic code is unique and I can not catalog it".

Child: "What?" "I do not understand any of that" "I'm a child" "Eva, where am I?".

Eva: "XTC78 Nebular Sector 150 million light years from Earth" "Unknown planet" "Unknown date" "Universal year is 2150".

Child: "How can I get the planet Earth?".

Eva: "In your current conditions you can not get there" "The records simply indicate that you are from the SOL system" "You need a functional ship and probably a pilot" "Besides that the trip would be long and there are many variables that I can not calculate" "Your chances of survival would be less than 1%".

Child: "Well, I do not know what to do".

Eva: "Part of my duties is to assist in your education, my programs include what is necessary to survive on a habitable planet. Assuming that this is one, and with the camp material, your chances are over 30% "- Showing him a catalog of videos and documents from survival 101 to advanced level.

The child in panic and desolation throws himself to the floor sitting down, does not know what to do, keeps thinking - 'I'm just a child' 'as I'm supposed to survive' - gets up and leaves the medical center.

Lost look, on the horizon, walking like a zombie, stops for a moment, closes his eyes, breathes deeply, turns his head up and opens his eyes, can see a reddish blue sky, beautiful, creatures flying, clouds and breeze pass by.

He can hear the creatures at a distance, feel and distinguish smells more accurately, notice that his sight is sharper, his focus is extraordinary, he feels overwhelmed, he goes straight to Eva.

Child: "Eva, what can you tell me about my body?" - worried.

Eva: "your body (DNA) has been modified" "comparing with another human DNA I notice that you have your 5 senses improved , you have a better sight, touch, smell, hear and taste much better than another human or race" "I cannot calculate what is your limit at this time because you are a child and I do not have access to the data "" the only DNA I can confirm is that you have a dragon DNA" "because the nanorobots when they cleaned the camp collected samples and were analyzed immediately and traces of that DNA are in you" "also I can calculate that you have great strength and resistance" "All my calculations are estimations"

The boy even more lost - "Now I am a part dragon?".

Eva: "No, that's wrong, you have dragon attributes but it's stupid to think you're a dragon" "As you saw in the Captain's Log" "Several DNAs are in you" "which let me assume that you have more qualities that we are not aware".

Child: - In laughter - "Then I am like a mutant" "Sure Professor Xavier will recruit me" - Laugh continues.

Child: "Eva, what's my name?".

Eva: "There are no traces of any kind of name for you".

Child: - Little sad, accepts the reality, - "Eva what can you tell me about where we are".

Eva: "You are in a camp of 500 square meters" "you have a protective dome that can resist atomic bombs" "there are 5 structures" "1. Medical Center " " 2. Kitchen " " 3. Bedrooms " " 4. An investigation room" " and 5. The main room, which is currently destroyed, you want to repair it?".

Child: "Mmmm, yes?" - Surprised that in addition to cleaning can also repair.

At that time, a decision was made.

Child: "Eva, teach me how to survive".

That's when the child decided to survive, starting with the most basic, this took several weeks because the camp had food and water he did not have to leave it, the dome protected him, plus Eva had the information available for him, as long it got access to it.

In addition to learning how to survive, the child began to study a little bit about everything. Eva, who is a very advanced AI, shows him millions of illustrations and videos about the universe, politics, economy, architecture, technology, etc. but that knowledge was limited because Eva cannot communicate with the Red Star Alliance database due to the cosmic cloud that surrounds the planet.

---- S.O.S capsule - manages to leave the cosmic cloud, damaged.

Thanks to the technology in the camp, Eva and the little boy were gradually improving the facilities, making it their home, everything that was damaged was functional, except the weapons

He managed to turn all the structures into a house, such as a puzzle joining the pieces one by one, removing what is not needed and so on.

Child - "Wow, this is not bad" "I'm hungry" "Eva, let's eat" - At this point, the child connected Eva in a mini network, throughout the camp so he could talk to her from anywhere.

Eva - "Food levels are critical" "A normal human can survive without water 5 days and two weeks without food" "Replenishing food and water inventories is paramount"


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