Silence, at last, the only thing he can hear is the environment around him, some fire cracking in the distance and machine damages, for the first time he can think in peace.

He found himself naked, with embarrassment, starts looking for some clothes, the only thing that will fit him are some dirty shirts with the corpses, he grabs one and puts it on.

He takes some time to walk the camp; he is lost; he does not know where he is, what is happening, or how he got there.

Child: "HELLO!" "HELLOOOO!!" - Desolate.

He continues the walk without any purpose or direction until his stomach tells him he's hungry, giving him a purpose, he begins to look into the structures, he finds the one that seems to be a kitchen. 

He goes in and sees that it is a fully equipped kitchen, runs to the refrigerator, opens it and there is not much in it, the only things in it are sealed packages.

In the packages, he can read "Breakfast" "Lunch" "Dinner" "Desserts" - These packages contain all the essential nutrients for balanced nutrition.

Open the one that says "breakfast" and eats it; surprisingly, it's quite tasteful, he keeps eating them until he can't eat anymore.

Leaves the kitchen and searches for a place where he can rest; after all, he feels exhausted.

He manages to get to the bedrooms, looks for a bed, and sleeps comfortably until the next day.

He gets up, takes a shower, and manages to find clean clothes.

Child: "Wow, it has been a while since I slept in a bed or felt hot water." 

The clothes are a little bit big, but it will work, with a more relaxed mind and body decides to investigate more in-depth the camp, prey of his curiosity.

When leaving the bedroom, he can smell the decomposed bodies, the smell is strong, so much so that he goes back to the bedrooms and closes the door.

Child: "Disgusting!" "What a foul smell" - While covering his nose, looking for more clothes and using them as a mask to cover his nose, and it comes out again, but it doesn't work as he still can smell it.

Child: "I have to do something with these corpses" "Disgusting" "Fuck"- Begins to group them in one place, one on top of the other, to his surprise he realizes that the bodies are not heavy, if not, on the contrary, they are light as paper.

Child: "This is weird" "They are not heavy."

Once the bodies are in place, he begins to look for a way to burn them; something made him believe that it was the best thing to do.

He starts looking at the structures, and he gets nothing, he arrives at the medical station, sees the console "WOOW," he touches it and sees some words come out, realizes he can read, "Health" raises an eyebrow, it seems appropriate and press it.

Compartments -'pshhh'

Nanorobots start to come out and scan around the room; others go out and scan the camp in its entirety.

Console - 'Health 5% - biological waste found - Sterilize?' - "Yes" "No", presses "Yes" and more nanorobots come out and begin to clean the entire camp, from corner to corner, including the bodies that they were burning, they were put out to avoid a fire and moved to a more appropriate area to be incinerated correctly.

The child is amazed by everything, he had never seen this technology, continues to look at the console to see what else is there, sees a folder with the name "Project Alpha" it catches his attention and opens it.

A hologram comes out; it is Capt. Rok, the child is a little upset remembering what happened, but manages to calm down and think clearly, even though everything is a hologram.

Capt. Rok: "Lords of the council, here I bring you what we have been looking for" "The creation of a new species, superior, ready for combat" "Project Alpha" "This will be the beginning of new genetics."

Distorted voice: "Now, what do you bring us?" "Has not all your failed experiments been enough?"

Capt. Rok: "Yes, and I am very grateful of your support, but this IS it" "We have already experimented with several subjects which have taught us something valuable" "I promise you, members of the council, this last experiment will be the beginning of something beautiful."

The hologram changes, showing a little about what the experiment is about and what they have discovered, while Captain Rok continues talking.

Capt. Rok: "We have experimented with a hundreds subjects" "But it was not until recently experiments that we discovered something interesting" "The first factor was that we used adolescents or adults specimens, where their bodies have been corrupted, both internally and externally and even mentally" "The second factor was that the race we used was the human race, which although it was the most optimal it failed."

Distorted voice: "Then?" "You can no longer continue" - Very irritated tone of voice.

Capt. Rok: "That was our very assumption until we achieved the impossible" "There is a hidden race among humans that even they do not know exists" "When God created the universe, and created the humans, He created them in His likeness, but He did not give them divine power" "It was then when the Angels began to live, interact and have sex with humans" "Creating the celestials"

Distorted voice: "What are you talking about?" "What proof do you have?"

The console show images, and videos, you can see humans doing things beyond ordinary, which in theory that is what humans do, some can do extraordinary things that others can't, but that doesn't mean they are celestials.

Capt. Rok: "I have no hard evidence" "But my contact has got me a pure child with a different aura from another human" "In all my years working with him, I have never been disappointed and thanks to him we have advanced enormously in many other investigations" "He has achieved what nobody has been able to do."

Distorted voice: "Please explain again, what is this experiment" "All members must vote again."

Capt. Rok:  "We have studied several worlds and races, wildlife and we have achieved the genetic fusion to a certain extent" "We have collected from each world several DNAs, extracted their benefits and we have fused them into one" "So far we have failed because the host has been weak or incompatible" "But with this new subject, who possesses the very essence of the creator, compatibility is 50% up to 60%" - murmurs, doubts; the concern is evident in the environment.

Capt. Rok: breathe deeply - "In simple terms" "We are going to combine the DNA of several creatures in a Celestial" "We only need one last ingredient" "This will be the last mission for this experiment."

Distorted voice: "All in favor?" - Silence.


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