Sgt. Miller while he turns away and goes to the exit. - "I had to do it, you'll find another child".

Once the smoke dissipates from the child's head a smile and reddish eyes can be seen.

Capt. Rok surprised, full of fear - 'How is it possible?' "SARGENT!!".

Sgt. Miller turns quickly - His astonishment is even more overwhelming, he knows very well that his weapon is one of the most powerful that exists and had no effect, - 'did I use all of its power?' 'No, impossible' - point the gun to his head, and shoots again. - "Let's see who is alive now!".

Dragon - "ARRGGGG" - tum tum - Pushing the energy bars in the cage.

Lora: "Captain the dragon is coming out of his trance" - fear seizes her, tears run down her face her only instinct is to run.

Scientists are paralyzed on the ground, between the dragon and the child, they do not know how to react, one of them approaches a button and presses it - in case of emergencies.

The room where they are begins to change to a more secure mode, blocking the doors and windows, folding the armor, only those with the combination can open the door, only 2 people know the combination, the Capt. and Sgt.

The alarm is heard throughout the camp, the turrets take a more advanced form, especially the one that is always pointing at the child.

Lora: "Help !!!" "Help" - running towards the soldiers.

Soldier 1: "What happened?" "Why are not you there?" - Surprised but worried.

Lora: "The experiment has failed" "We have created a monster" - Tears run down her face, her look is heartbreaking.

Soldier 1: "I understand, stay here, go to that console and see if you can send a signal to the alliance" - Lora, understand, trying to compose herself and wiping away the tears

The other scientists go to where the soldiers are also, seeking refuge.

Cannon 1, 2 3 and 4 - tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh - all guns firing.

Dragons falling out of the dome, dead, their sizes are small and medium, several waves are falling, flames and fireballs begin to fall on the dome.

Steve: "Base, do you copy?" "Hello, hello".

Soldier 2: "Yes, loud and clear" "what can you see?".

Steve: "I see several flying creatures in your direction" "I'm on my way".

Soldier 2: "Ok, and how are you" "Can we do extraction?" "Everything went to hell here, we have to leave".

Steve: "I've been better" "No, Nova10 has been damaged, we have to repair it first to see if we can fly off the planet" - Part of the ship has been damaged, and also Steve himself, grazes are seen by the ship, in flames, destroyed engines.

Soldier 2: "Understood, hurry then to land" - rage and anguish are felt on his face.

Child: "ahhhh" - a cry of despair, has no control of himself.

Capt. Rok composes himself and goes to the door with the other scientists to get out while Sgt. Miller covers the rear.

Capt. Rok removes the scientists and goes straight to the door to enter the combination.

Stretcher- crack, tuk, crack.

The air becomes very dense, legs begin to tremble, the captain and the scientists fall to the ground, Sgt Miller still standing but barely.

The first to see the child is Sgt. Miller - "You have lost control for what I see" "You look like an animal" - Points the rifle again to his face.

The boy has his eyes in red, he is standing and naked, all he can think about is killing, the trauma that was done a few minutes ago is very strong and still lives in his mind, he suddenly feels the killer instinct of something in front of him. - tears fall down on his face, inflamed with rage.

He sees his prey, turns his head to one side and jumps towards it, the speed is unimaginable, in a blink of an eye he cuts the distance between himself and Sgt. Miller, with one hand he grabs the rifle and breaks in half, with the other hand he tears off the head of the body, didn't give him time to react, his head falls to the ground looking at Capt.Rok, blood everywhere.

The dragon is able to smell the blood which makes it altered "ARRRGG" trying to escape from the cage.

Capt. Rok gets up with difficulty and tries to place the code.

Child: "this is the best part" - he whispers in Capt. Rok right ear, and with one hand he tears off half of the head of the body, from the mouth up.

The other scientists do not run with luck either, the child approaches them slowly and kills them mercilessly, one is broke in half and the other one gets his spine pulled out - his last word can be heard clearly to the rest of the crew - "Help".

The dragon keeps on forcing the cage, now more desperate, he is afraid while giving blows to the cage manages to break it and little by little it leaves, only he and the boy are left in the run. The dragon feels cornered and as every animal reacts with its instinct to kill or die, at full speed it launched with the snout open towards the child, the child that is on its back turns and with his two hands hold the dragon's snout and as if it were paper it opens it wide open.

The child doesn't feel any presence near him, tries to leave and but everything is sealed.

Meanwhile, the chaos that existed outside calms down, the tension and fear runs through the camp, everyone could hear the scientist's last word.

Soldier 1: realizes that the cannon pointing to the child, "whatever is in there is still alive".

Lora: 'a monster' - while trying to send a signal outside - "soldier, I can't send any signal, nothing goes thru".

Steve: "affirmative" "the cosmic cloud is interfering with any communication" - while descending to the camp. When landing everything is quiet, the radars still show much activity to the outskirts of the dome.

Steve is very hurt, Lora sees him and takes him directly to the medical bay that has everything necessary to perform any type of medical operation.

Lora: "Where's the co-pilot?" "And Lu?" - Worried about what Steve might say.

Steve: "What is left of them is in the ship, we were attacked very violently by several creatures" "they entered the ship and…." "I killed several and the others flew away"

The other scientists and engineers also go with her, in their faces you can see despair, fear, and uncertainty.

Main room - puff - tuh - the door flies out.


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