Capt. Rok makes sure that everything necessary is working accordingly, talking to the rest of the crew who are engineers and technicians, his only mission is that everything is operational at 100%.

At the same time, he directs the other scientists and researchers to begin their studies with whatever they can, since leaving the dome is forbidden.

They begin to study the soil, some plants and even the remains of the dragons, to their surprise the results are incredible, it reminds them of an improved version of the planet Earth.

In that, the camp becomes dark.

Scientist 3: "Is it night?" "I do not think so" "when?".

They look up and can see how a huge dragon, bigger than Nova10 is flying over them, those who could see that image fall to the ground in fear, if that dragon decides to do something to them they would be dead.

Only part of its body is seen and as it arrived it leave.

At several hours since their departure the soldiers are speechless, the planet is really incredible, the flora and fauna beautiful, the landscapes are from another world, there is no way to explain this experience, a soldier drops a tear of happiness, they are entering a trance of love with the planet.

Sgt. Miller touches some buttons on his left arm, activating the oxygen purifier of himself and the others.

Sgt. Miller: "STOP, take a deep breath" "check your status" - While laughing.

All begin to perform an internal scan indicating that their bodies are intoxicated with a drug very similar to cannabis, they can see that they are in the middle of a field of cannabis plants or so they call them. Ideas go through their heads about what to sell this will make them millionaires but without counting that the munchies that come will be from another world - tones of laughter and fun

Amid laughter and amusement, they realize that there does not seem to be any creature near this area, which indicates that these plants are powerful and could help in the mission.

Sgt. Miller: "If you have finished dreaming, then let's go".

One of the drones captures something and is transmitted in the soldiers' mask.

Soldier 3: "Sgt. I think we found one" "seems to be alone and is large" "is a few meters from us and I think it has not noticed us" " the scan indicates that it may be in a trance similar to ours "- its surroundings are full of plants

Sgt. Miller: "this is the plan" "put the cage right here where the cannabis plants are denser".

Calls soldier 4 and from behind he grabs a rope and hooks it inside the cage, on the safe side where he can get out.

Sgt. Miller: "everyone,l grab several plants, we will use them as a sedative" 'I just hope it works' "Soldier 4 will go to where it is and you will get its attention" "when it goes to attack you retract the rope" "it should follow you, and should go into the cage "- a cold sweat drops

At the same time, it replaces its ammunition with tranquilizers and grenades of somnolent gas, because, it should not be hurt

They all hide in strategic positions against the wind to prevent their scent from reaching the dragon.

Soldier 4 is approaching with caution but does not try to hide, can see a creature much larger than the one at camp, a reddish scaly skin, the wings are retracted, the claws of the feet sharp enough to pierce metal like butter, it is beautiful, there is no comparison with another animal.

The dragon does not pay attention, it seems that it has not interested in a prey so small, then the soldier aims with his weapon and shoots a tranquilizer dart directly at the head, always keeping his distance.

The dragon turns, sees him - "ARGGG" and turns around again, it seems that the tranquilizer is not doing anything.

Soldier 4 sighed in relief, breaths deeply but this time shoots a burst of 3 darts between the snout and the neck - "HERE I AM SON OF BITCH"

Dragon - breathes more intense, "Arggg" without turning its head he rushes towards the soldier with a great speed cutting the distance between them and tearing apart the left leg of the soldier with its claw. Soldier 4 screams in pain, at that moment the armor makes some sounds and cauterizes the wound, stopping the bleeding at the same time by injecting local anesthesia directly into the nerves of the leg.

Soldier 4, between pain and rage, hits the dragon with his hand and presses the button, and flees towards the cage.

The dragon is a little surprised but his expression changes to a more curious tone and he decides to go play with his new toy, opens his wings and flies towards the soldier.

While flying towards the cage the soldier opens fire trying to hit as many darts as possible but missing almost all of them, shock and terror can be seen in the soldier’s face as the creature shortens the distance very quickly.

Soldier 4: "Package on its way" "Be ready, come in hot" - stop transmitting, close your eyes in the form of relief and stasis for the painkillers in your veins.

Dragon - manages to reach the soldier, opens the snout.


Dragon - He eats him, the bite is so strong that the head is scratched like a pin between metal and skin, the eyes come out of the teeth of the dragon, legs arms, the only thing that endured with difficulty was the armor that is still pulling the soldier's cold body.

Thanks to the cannabis bushes and tranquilizers the dragon was still in a calm state, and continued the course straight to the cage, thus ensuring the capture.

Sgt. Miller: "Easy" - while hiding a frightened face - "Grab all the bushes you can" "We do not know how long the effect will last" - Calling the camp - "Cap. Rock, we're on our way, the creature is sedated" "You have to do what you can do quickly "


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