The soldiers are serious; for them, nothing is happening, just pointing to the container and waiting for the order of their sergeant.

At that moment, the Captain arrives with several scientists.

Capt. Rok: "idiots, put down your weapons" looks into the container's window and sees that the subject has woken up.

One of the soldiers manages to see, and his face becomes more serious and even a little disgusting.

Soldier 4: "A CHILD ???" "What the fuck is going on?".

Sgt. Miller arrives at the scene, watching everything calmly - only he, Capt. Rock and other scientists knew very well what was inside.

Sgt. Miller: "Soldier, leave."

Soldier 4: "Permission to speak freely."

Sgt. Miller: "Denied" "leave now, it's an order" - His voice inspires respect and fear.

Capt. Rok checks the instruments of the container makes some adjustments and gets the subject back to sleep - with a smile of excitement.

Little by little, they were finishing up the camp, separating each structure as it is was meant to be, making sure everything is working correctly.

Some soldiers are impressed with the technology used for the mission; they would have never imagined seeing this.

Soldier 4 approaches the other soldiers.

Soldier 4: "Is it incredible what money can do?" "But not only that but how far can the Red Star Alliance go?" "I think nothing can surprise me anymore" - Referring to the technology and the boy; the other soldiers remained silent.

Capt. Rok and Sgt. Millers meet in a room to talk about what needs to be done, verify that they have enough supplies for their stay. Sgt. Miller also speaks to the other soldiers to confirm that they have everything necessary for the mission.

Capt. Rok meets with his staff, around 10 - Would have been 15 but they remembered how the others 5 lost their lives - Their faces change to a more dark and sad tone; those images will remain in their memories forever.

The meeting is simple, Capt. Rok explains the last ingredient they need is here, everyone is happy but at the same time confused as they do not know what that ingredient is.

He goes on to explain how he heard of a planet which possesses mystical creatures, and in there he would find what he is looking for.

Capt. Rok: "Dragons" "Our final ingredient is inside a dragon."

The atmosphere becomes silent; their first impression on these animals was nothing but sad, heartbreaking memory of his companions come back to their minds again.

Scientist - Lora: "Boss, and how are we supposed to work with these animals?" - A nervous smile appears on her face.

Capt. Rok: "As you all know, this mission is sponsored by the Red Star Alliance" "Where they include six soldiers specially trained for missions like this." "We also have the best technology that money can buy" "be calm; this will be easy."

They take the container to one of the structures that are designed specifically for it; this structure is more robust and has some security and containment systems.

Sgt. Miller gathers his staff, and they begin to study possible plans to capture a dragon.

Sgt. Miller: "The plan is simple" "These tranquilizers are special, they will not affect the composition of the target's blood" "The idea is to inject the dragon until it faints and can be easily transport into the cage" "But we are not sure if the tranquilizer is enough, we will use one of us as bait" "Inside one of the cages, so we make sure if the tranquilizer does not work at least the dragon will go in the right direction" "These cages have an exit, once you are inside you should be able to exit and the dragon won't" - The environment becomes even darker, missions where someone is the bait, do not usually end well.

One soldier interrupts.

Soldier 3: "Permission to speak freely."

Sgt. Miller: "Go ahead."

Soldier 3: "The radar indicates that there are not only dragons but other large creatures that do not exist in our database" "This planet has a high level of carnivorous creatures and not only that" "But even those that are not are also very aggressive" - Showing videos of some drones getting attack immediately.

In the same video, you could see how a herbivorous creature killed its hunter and bathed in its blood.

This planet is the exact interpretation of the law of the strongest.

The atmosphere becomes tenser because they had never met with such aggressiveness in the universe; everything that lives here can kill them.

Soldier 3: "Sgt. that without counting the flora" "We do not know if they are poisonous or dangerous plants" "We will have to go with a lot of caution."

Sgt. Miller: "I understand, it will not be a problem, we will use a new prototype of armors, these will help us in strength, resistance, tracking and alert us of any problem."

They get ready, taking weapons, drones and several cages, the new armors have weapons, and a force field, to use one of those armors is like ten soldiers in one, plus the higher the skill of the soldier is the better.

Sgt. Miller chooses five wood sticks from the floor and breaks one in private.

Sgt. Miller: "I have five wood sticks, choose one and the one that chooses the shortest one will be the bait."

Soldier 4, grab the shortest stick - a smile of emotion runs down his face - is part of the job, and he has experience in life and death missions before.

Before leaving they make sure the camp has enough security, replace cannon 4 with a new one, and improve the parameters of the guns and traps to avoid possible attacks like the previous one.

They get in a vehicle, make sure they have everything for the hunt and leave.

Sgt. Miller: "From this moment on, kill everything that moves."

Soldiers: "AYE AYE SARGENT."


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