After heartily laughing for a while and wiping the tears that had appeared on the corners of his eyes, the Chief laid a hand on Aaron’s shoulder and said, “Come on. We still need to finish your process of registration in the World Government Hub. Don’t worry, it’s just a fake apparition created using the technology that we’ve managed to develop after the apocalypse. Using the materials that had changed at the most basic level, it was found that technological marvels which were considered dreams even at the peak of the Industrial Age, before the apocalypse, could be made. The only limitation: materials. Still, the World Government ensures that all authorized human settlements will have access to the Hub, even though the value of each cannot be estimated by any terms I know. Edmond still needs to rest for a day, and because that’s a baby Fox, it should be enough time for him to build apreliminary bond. Shall we go?”

Aaron knew that the Chief was saying all this for his benefit, so that he wouldn’t bolt again like before.

Of course, Aaron was already mentally prepared for anything that might come his way.

Seeing a way in which he could continue training his Tera without being embarrassed, Edmond snapped his head forward in Aaron’s direction and said, “Yeah, go on! We can set off tomorrow!”

Aaron felt like chuckling, as it was obvious that Edmond just didn’t want to be seen coaxing/begging the Fox into becoming his Tera, through and through.

Although he was a bit interested in seeing the process, Aaron nodded and said, “All right”.

Woof laughed one last time, which caused Edmond to glare at the dog who glanced back, as if saying, “What can you do even if I laugh?”

Seeing Edmond grit his teeth on understanding this, Aaron chuckled and patted Woof, asking it to stop infuriating the already weak man.

He had to admit that his impression of Edmond was slowly changing, mainly after that his incident just now when his hand had been grabbed in a vice-like grip while the guy’s defiant eyes bored into his head.

Determination like that was definitely something that had to be given its worth.

As Aaron turned around and walked out, the Chief smiled at Edmond and followed, while Woof grabbed a few buns and started munching on them before leaving the room, too.

“To be honest, I didn’t think you three wouldn’t make it back. Bewitching Foxes are known to hold grudges. How did you steal a baby Fox and manage to get away almost unscathed? Well, you two look fine, at least.”

“It wasn’t that hard. Woof distracted the adult Fox. We know the terrain, so we know where and how to run so that we can speed ahead while the Fox would be slowed. I stole a baby Fox and handed it to Edmond while holding back the rest of the smaller Foxes. After that, we switched. I led the smaller Foxes back to their cave, where the adult Fox had just returned after losing interest in Woof. It saw that a baby Fox was missing, so it chased after me, while Woof took care that some giant Eagle didn’t eat Edmond. I made the adult Fox lose my trail and I returned to Edmond, after which we came back to the village.”

Aaron kept walking ahead, but when he looked to the side, he noticed that the Chief was no longer walking with him.

The hulking man had stopped on the road and was staring at Aaron in disbelief.

It sounded simple, but Ernst could tell how difficult it was in reality.

An adult Fox was at the Rare level! That meant that its speed exceeded human limits!

Yet, this kid and that Tera had managed to play around with it as if it were just a toy?


At first, the Chief was inclined to think that Aaron might be lying, but with his lack of skills, that wouldn’t make any sense. What purpose could he have?

In the end, Ernst decided to let it go. Perhaps…the Fox was injured. Or something else.

He knew that he could ask Aaron for the truth, but, as a Tera Master himself, he didn’t want to get demotivated.

Even he had heard about how those who grew up in forests were special. Only, he had never expected that they could be THIS extraordinary.

So, taking a deep breath, he made the smile return to his face and walked up to Aaron, who was waiting for him, and said, “I apologize, the tale was just a bit too shocking.”

Frowning, Aaron asked, “Shocking? What’s so special about it? I and Woof use a similar tactic to separate weaker Teras from stronger ones for food almost every day.”


Kid, do you really have to be hell-bent on making me feel worthless?

The Chief grumbled inwardly, but he maintained a smile on his face.

This kid would definitely go very, very far, so this was a great opportunity to get in his good graces. Who knew?

Maybe, in the future, using this relationship, he might be able to achieve his dream of upgrading their settlement to the next level?


As he unconsciously descended into the land of daydreams, he heard Aaron’s hesitant voice which made him awaken with a start.

Barking out a short laugh, he just said, “Nothing! Come on! There can't be a better time to get done with your registration!” And took large strides in the direction of the World Government Hub.

Aaron followed with furrowed eyebrows, wondering whether this man was sick in some way, while Woof kept looking around and trying to decide whether it should start to steal buns in the night from unsuspecting people, as it was getting too few during the day.

A few minutes later, Aaron was once again inside that metallic room with strange lights and latches.

As the ‘ghost’ like apparition came into being, this time, he just flinched but remained seated. As always, Woof was outside, keeping guard.

After that same image of the changed Earth with the words “World Government Hub” rotating around it stayed for a little time, it disappeared, following which a horizontal line of light scanned Aaron from top to bottom.

“Registration in progress.
Scanning DNA.
Individual scanned.
Creating profile.

“Aaron, do you have any last name?”, asked the Chief, to which Aaron shook his head. He should be thankful that he even knew this, so, a last name was out of the question.

“Very well. It’s all right, many people in the modern age have foregone their last names for various reasons. The trend is to edit Identity and Ascender Cards later on to add any title they see fit, but this is frowned upon in general. Hub, enter the name as ‘Aaron’. No last name.”

The female voice continued.

“Name: Aaron
Age: 18 Years, One Month
Body Potential: ???
Location of Registration: Skystead Hamlet
Credit Balance: 0
Welcome Credit Gift received!
The World Government Hub welcomes you to the largest human organization on Earth! World Government Credits are accepted in all authorized settlements. Exclusive World Government Store is also accessible from any Hub! To know m-“

“Enough with the advertising, Hub. Get it over with. Give him his Ascender Card.”

Aaron almost felt as if the voice was angry that it had gotten cut off.

In a crisp tone, it said:

“Registration Complete. Identity and Ascender Cards being printed.”

Soon, two rectangular, shining, silver-colored cards flew out of a hole on one side of the room, which the Chief expertly caught.

As he handed them both to Aaron, he said, “All details are uploaded to the World Government Hub, so the physical cards aren’t that important. Yet, they are treasured by all Ascenders as they are they represent the achievements and glory of each citizen or Ascender. Now that the registration is complete, henceforth, you are also a citizen. Here, these are yours.”

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