The year 2212

In the vast expanse of space, outside a tiny, blue planet.

At a specific spot, two people stood huddled around a small, transparent white ball that shone like the sun.

Strangely, these two did not seem to be blinded by this extreme brightness. Their faces only contained boundless love, while they fondly took in the last sight of their son.

Their faces were the only things that were clearly visible. Their bodies were blurry, almost as if they were just apparitions that had appeared there to witness this event.

After a long period of time passed, the two moved closed to each other and hugged.

They were a man and a woman, and even while they hugged, they couldn't resist looking at the white ball again and again.

The man's signature trait was his broad shoulders which seemed to envelop the woman while she began to cry, and the woman's were her extraordinary, breathtaking features that made her look like a fairy.

Finally, a gruff voice sounded from the void. 


"It's time."

Nodding, the couple shot one last glance at their child.

Stretching out their hands, they caressed the left and right cheek of the peacefully sleeping 10-year old boy garbed in white clothes while still holding each other.

He had brown hair, and as he felt the love of his parents, an exceptionally cute smile appeared on his face that made the couple sigh as they, too, smiled unwittingly.

"He'll save them all," cooed the woman in a soft voice. Her tears had stopped, but the extremely melancholy expression on her face showed that she was even sadder than before.

"Or he'll choose to leave them to their fate. Let him decide. I just…want him to be happy. Whatever he does."

As the man said this after letting out a deep breath, the woman nodded, wishing that this moment would stretch on forever.

Sadly, the gruff voice appeared again, repeating the same message as before.

However, this time, there was more of an urgent tone to it, so the two finally closed their eyes and turned away after removing their hands.


As soon as they did so, that white ball shot toward the blue planet, entering its atmosphere in a few seconds before looking like it was being burned up by the flames of hell.

Yet, these flames did nothing to it except result in the child inside frowning, as if he were having a bad dream.

By the time the white ball landed in a forest in the middle of nowhere, the two apparitions were gone, as if they had never been there in the first place.


A loud sound accompanied the landing of the ball, following which fire started to spread that was quickly stopped because of the pouring rain.

In a large crater, the ball's brightness slowly started to fade.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Suddenly, the earth itself seemed to shake as a loud stomping sound was heard coming from a specific direction.

A few seconds later, a gigantic beast standing at at least 20 feet tall appeared near the crater.

It looked like a brown bear, but it had ridges along its back on which thick needles bristled ferociously. Its claws were each a foot long, and its eyes shone intelligently while it studied the ball.

With curiosity, it poked and prodded the ball, intrigued by the aromatic smell that told it that whatever was inside this ball was beneficial to it.

Finally, losing its patience, the bear picked up the dining-table sized ball and swallowed it whole before stomping away to find it's next target.

8 years later, a smelly teenager with a large Siberian Husky by his side walked out of the forest. 

Closing his eyes, he sniffed the air before once again catching a hint of that alluring smell that had led him here.

"Woof! Woof!"

"Yes, I know, that direction! Let's go! No matter which beast it is, we'll have a feast today!"

Saying so, the teenager hurriedly ran in a direction, while a chuckle sounded in that exact spot in space, as if anticipating the tale to come.


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Bio: I'm an aspiring author who fell in love with writing the moment I wrote my first story.
Most Notable Work: World Domination System, an 800,000 word ongoing fantasy novel which can be found at

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