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2-2 Chapter/s today

This is for tom. chapter. Because its Holy Week, no chapters for Maundy Thursday until Easter Sunday. I will be back in Monday.

For many years, Adna observed the Holy Week by fasting. The last meal for Adna is lunch during Maundy Thursday. Then she would only eat little biscuits and water for supper, the entire Good Friday and Black Saturday. Lex, Azia, Al the second would not do the same but they refrain from eating delicious foods in observing the Holy Week. They would go to the church for prayers for the Last Supper in the afternoon of Maundy Thursday, and then there will a procession on Good Friday. At night, special presentation on television on The Ten Commandments, then Lex, Azia, and Al the second would watch it as they would be amazed when Moses opened the Seas and all the Jews were able to cross the sea. When Rameses, the king of Egypt ordered his soldiers riding horses to run after the Jews who were just walking with their children and other heavy loads, then the waters of the sea covered drowning the soldiers making all of them dead. All the Jews were able to cross the sea and were saved from the wrath of Rameses. It had been shown every Holy Days and the children of Adna had watched The Ten Commandments many times but they still wait to see it again. A biblical story which is true. The amazing work of God. Moses also heard the voice of God through a burning bush. God truly speaks, Adna also heard God speak not through a burning bush but through her dream. It was twenty four years ago, but Adna felt it seems just yesterday when God had spoke to her.

During Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Adna, Al, Lex, Azia and Al the second just stay together watch the Biblical stories shown on television, and the children just eat little food than the usual. On Black Saturday there will be blessing of Fire and Water in the church at around 8:00 o’clock in the evening. The electric lights would be turned off and only lighted candles brought by those who would attend would give light to the entire church. All the parts of the altar are covered with a purple cloth as a symbol of The Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. At the middle of the mass, the Gloria song will be sung by the choir and then the electric light would all be turned on and the purple cloth would be removed. While the choir sing the Gloria, the altar acolytes would also keep the bells ringing. It would be the sign of Jesus

resurrection. The next day, Easter Sunday is the resurrection day. Some people would do some Easter hunt. Kids have to find the eggs which contain money. Adna did not do that at home. On Easter Sunday, people would greet each other, ‘’Happy Easter.’’

Yesterday, Adna tried to contact the priest whose father just died. Adna wanted to greet him a Happy Birthday. Azia told her mom, ‘’ his father just died so it is improper to greet him a Happy Birthday, how could he be happy?’’ Adna considered Azia’s thoughts but she replied, ‘’but it would not be good if we would not call him during his special day to let him know that we remember this special occasion and besides his father died the day on my birthday.’’ Adna with the help of Lex tried to contact the young priest many times but he did not answer. Early this morning, Adna tried to call again but still no answer. Adna told Lex,’’ it’s okay if he did not answer, at least I called him’’. Arriving at the church before the Holy mass started, Adna asked some of her friends, ‘’did you call and greet the priest a Happy Birthday.’’ They answered that they did not remember the birthday of the priest. One of the choir members worked at the church in the next city. He could get in touch with the priest everyday. After the mass Adna approached her and told her that she called the priest last night and early this morning. She answered, ‘’they had lunch out with other priests’’ The restlessness of Adna on how the priest was doing had been replaced with joy. At least he is okay and celebrated his birthday with his fellow priests. Loneliness slowly kills a person’s heart and mind. Adna wanted to make the priest feel that he is not alone. Adna and her family was there for him. It is true that it would not be easy for him to lose his father being the only son, and their closeness seemed the same with the closeness of Adna to Mom Rona, Papa Mar, Aunts and Uncle. It is not easy especially when the times of sadness would cover the moment where joyous celebration should supposedly be enjoyed like birthdays. When the older brother of Al died, the burial was during Al’s birthday. When Papa Mar died, the sadness also covered the joyous celebration of Lex birthday. When Adna helped the three women who were candle vendors of the church ground, two of them died during Adna’s birthday. The father of the priest died also during Adna’s birthday. Why??? Adna then understood that they really want to be remembered and never forgotten. They are given opportunity who would remember them the most, that is the reason why their leaving would fall on the happy occasion of the one whom they think would love them always, the one who would value them even in memories, the connectedness to the heart. Adna had read a book Tuesdays with Morrie, one of her favorite books. Morrie compared a person to a hibiscus plant. A beautiful flower then it bloomed then die. The same with a person but the only difference is that the person has built a relationship with the loved ones. The connectedness in the heart would forever live in the mind and heart of the loved ones. Family is the most important over all others. They would never leave until the end and even keep memories until forever. Family is the real treasure on earth.

Adna joins the celebration of all Christians in the world. She would observe wholeheartedly, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Black Saturday. She wants to greet all the readers, “”Advance Happy Easter’.’’


2-2 Chapter/s today

This is for tom. chapter. Because its Holy Week, no chapters for Maundy Thursday until Easter Sunday. I will be back in Monday.


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