THE GREAT is the Holy One. We can do nothing without Him. Our mission in life is to know one’s purpose of his or her existence called life Why am I here? What truly makes me happy? Who I can’t live without? Who do I love the most? No man is an island, no man can live alone. Each person needs to be accepted with his/her strengths and weaknesses. Each person needs affection and love. Loneliness slowly kills a person. A compatible companion is a must, the so called soulmate. How come couples who love each other at first and as a product of their love is not only one child but many children then would turn out to be worst enemies? When siblings have their personal favorite whom they can trust all their secrets while the others always contradict. Maybe because one has his/her own mind or one is over confident. Maybe it is insecurity which causes sibling rivalry. For couples maybe it is because of competition especially on who’s more successful in their chosen career. The husband is more egoistic than the wife, patriarchal in nature, the wife must always follow the decision of her husband. The wife has no role in making minor or major decisions. For parents, they also admire a child which could be misunderstood by the other as their favorite. For married brothers and sisters they would always favor their own family even caused by too little conflict it could be the end of sibling relationship which become irreconcilable until the moment they die. These are the realities in life which is out of anyone’s control. Seeking guidance from The Great One can change all these in a wink of an eye.

Many years ago, Adna wanted to bring porridge to old people at the church ground. At that time Adna was not yet a delegate to represent the church where she belonged but she was already part of an organization in that church. The leader was an unmarried woman who always instruct Adna to prepare giveaways to members who were majority poor. The members thought and believed that those giveaways gathered by Adna is personal expense of the leader. She also asked from the members to bring their old clothes and house utensils then she sold all the collected stuffs and called it a rummage sale. Every celebrations like fellowship and Christmas party she made an attendance notebook where each one who attend would write their names with corresponding payment. One time Adna asked the other officer, “why should everybody pay, the giveaways I brought are free and she did not spend money for the food because everyone who attended were required to bring their foods, their own plates, spoons and forks and even glasses for shared soft drinks also brought by the members. Some members had that same question knowing that there was money which was the proceed of the rummage sale. Adna in her heart and mind did not like it, she said, “ that is not for God, she used the organization as her business.” Adna stopped attending the organization. When Azia asked Adna that they would attend the Christmas party of the organization bringing giveaways for thirty people, Adna learned that more than half of its members had also stopped attending. During the season of Lent they would sell porridge at the church ground with a very high price, it is times ten the original price. It could be availed through tickets distributed to different chapels all over the place within the jurisdiction of the church and the tickets are considered sold out, each head of the chapel has to pay.

When she knew Adna would distribute porridge for free at the church ground she was so mad.

She told Adna, “it is always you who is famous, you are always great.” Adna replied, “the one who used me as his visible instrument made me famous. I am a nobody but because I do things according to His Will, He made me somebody. He is the true Great One up there looking at you and me.” Adna continued to speak, “do not worry , I will never compete with you.” Adna then called the mother superior of the house of the destitutes and the dying, the house of mother teresa of calcutta. The mother superior was also the spiritual mother of Adna. The mother superior listened to Adna who told her about how her fellow servant of the church seemed to drive away Adna. The mother superior said, “ you are most welcome here Adna and eighty old men and women who could hardly eat without assistance will be very happy to see you.” She then added, “the person who stopped does not have the same language with your heart. She does not have the same color with your heart.” Adna felt much joy having served these people who deserved care. Adna thanked God for the significant experience together with her family, Al , Lex, Azia, and Al the second. Adna’s friend whose children were schoolmates of Lex , Azia and Al the second were also there helping the old men and women in one of the houses of mother teresa.

The words of the mother superior was instilled in the heart and mind of

Adna. The many questions she had has finally found its answers. Even siblings could have different colors of heart and different language of the heart. There are persons who are not blood related but seemed more than a true sister or brother and it is because their hearts have the same color. Their hearts speak the same language. For couple who love each other against all odds, yet turned out to be the worst enemies because they tend to forget that The Great One is up there Who clearly sees the one making business for personal and the other one who just surrender oneself to do His Will as many are called but only few have answered. It is only through the heart that one sees rightly, what is essential is not visible to the eyes.

When Adna encountered God through her dream on february 23, 1995. Adna was standing so close to God. HE said to Adna, ‘’I want to live accompanying you.’’ Adna answered with much respect, ‘’who am I to say no, You are God.’’ During the dark times of Adna, when she starts feeling weak and could no longer go on, she would just recall her encounter with God through her dream. Adna would tell herself, ‘’there is really a One True God and I had a short conversation with him in my dream.’’ I must persevere in all that I want to do to make my family happy and also do my extraordinary calling serving and making other people happy too in my little ways..


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