Bow of the North

by coinhas2sides

Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Adventure Psychological Tragedy Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Reincarnation Ruling Class Strategy Strong Lead War and Military Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

In game of thrones i felt that the Starks received way too much hardships and tragedy. i know that there were vital points of story, and there were times these hardships were building points for their characters, but i feel when every member of a family has been either killed, raped or crippled then they deserve a break. 

In my story that break comes in the form of a powerful hunter/general from another world. 

I have no intention of altering the story to save every stark, or have them win every time, and some of my favourite characters may even be victims of this plot change as well. 


The main character, and there will be several new characters introduced to the storyline, will not just be some over powered guy who makes outrageous decisions that always work out (cough Plot armour) but will be someone that treats the world as a real world and has fears, doubts and is cautious in his decisions. He is susceptible to changing his mind and character traits depending on his experiences in this life. 


The story will primarily follow the plot at the beginning with some minor changes, and as more things change they will increase till the entire story is changed at the end. 

I am not copying the world of GoT exactly. cultures, politics and nobility may be changed or made up. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
chapter 1 - Qi, Sleep, Repeat ago
chapter 2 - Status 1 ago
chapter 3 - New Goals ago
chapter 4 - News and Family ago
chapter 5 - Prey and Promise ago
chapter 6 - Haggling and Harsh Lessons ago
chapter 7 - Hugs and Tears ago
chapter 8 - Knights and dreams 1 ago
chapter 9 - Knights and Dreams 2 ago
chapter 10 - Deja Vu ago
chapter 11 - Hunts, Discipline and Returns ago
chapter 12 - Boy to Man ago
chapter 13 - Reasons ago
chapter 14 - Winterfell ago
chapter 15 - Preliminary trials ago
chapter 16 - Dogs and Bones ago
chapter 17 - Troubling Times ago
chapter 18 - Enemies (revised) ago
chapter 19 - Recap ago
chapter 20 - Pleasure and Business ago
chapter 21 - Upset ago
chapter 22 - Koln of Bear Island ago
chapter 23 - Knights, Squires and Strange Life ago
Poll for future work ago
chapter 24 - The King Cometh ago
chapter 25 - Home Again ago
chapter 26 - Ruby Ford ago
chapter 27 - Putting on a Show ago
chapter 28 - Trial by Combat ago
chapter 29 - Oaths and 2nd Tier ago
chapter 30 - Hand's Tourney and Prizes ago
chapter 31 - Thoros of Myr ago
chapter 32 - Observers ago
chapter 33 - Eyrie Circumstance ago
chapter 34 - Stupid Decision ago
chapter 35 - Battle of the Baelish Brothel. ago
chapter 36 - Double Retreat ago
chapter 37 - Climbing in Chaos ago
chapter 38 - Prepare to Leave. ago
chapter 39 - Bloody Keep ago
chapter 40 - Problems and Resolve ago
chapter 41 - Public Trial ago
chapter 42 - 2 Arrows, 3 Views ago
chapter 43 - Enemies all around ago
chapter 44 - Sending a Message ago
chapter 45 - Troubling Capital ago
chapter 46 - Stormy Seas, Stormy Thoughts ago
chapter 47 - Brutus Grows ago
chapter 48 - Travelling the High Road ago
chapter 49 - Convincing Argument ago
chapter 50 - Dornish Ambitions 1 ago
chapter 51 - Dornish Ambitions 2 ago
chapter 52 - Wolf Scheme 1 ago
chapter 53 - Wolf's Scheme 2 ago
chapter 54 - Wolfs Scheme 3 ago
chapter 55 - Cursing the Starks ago
chapter 56 - Back-Up ago
chapter 57 - Multiple Fronts ago
chapter 58- Undetected ago
chapter 59 - South of Trident ago
chapter 60 - Breaching the Gate ago
chapter 61 - Walder Frey ago
chapter 62 - Courage Vs Experience ago
chapter 63 - Dying Loyalty ago
chapter 64 - Capital Conflict 1 ago
chapter 65 - Capital Conflict 2 ago
chapter 66 - The 2 Chosen Ones ago
chapter 67 - The Cost of War ago
chapter 68 - Regrets, Roasts and Revelations ago
chapter 69 - New information, New plans ago
chapter 70 - Dreams and Determination ago
chapter 71 - Preparing a play ago
chapter 72 - Meeting of the Bear and Hound ago
chapter 73 - Renly's Dilemma ago
chapter 74 - Interrogation ago
chapter 75 - Moving Camp ago
update ago
update ago
chapter 76 - War of Riverrun ago
future novel ideas ago

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I know GRR Martin doesn’t like “fan fiction”, but I’m thoroughly enjoying your take on events and a multiverse kind of approach to this story. I actually appreciate not putting in someone who came from a modern society and inserted a pseudo Wuxia type character. After the disaster that was season 8 this is like a breath of fresh air. The character motivations are logical and I like that the protagonist doesn’t know about the stories future which help make his desisions more risky in terms of plot. I hated how the show downplayed the magic part and how your take is bringing it to the forefront. Thanks for the content and please don’t drop it too soon๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ.

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Spoiler: Spoiler


Fantastic, love it. Maybe grammar can be better but everyone is shit at grammar when you have to proof read yourself. But absolutely fantastic, good realease frequency as well.

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Very good story so dar, and in liking it a lot and this was a good time to publish a story of GOT because of the new season...


I will give my advice to anyone that they must read this or at least give it a trie because its very good. 


Rush the Life Road
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very good written  , i liked the way you used the old version and new is intertwined with what we know about game of throne. it would be so great if they could make your version into a movie.