Bow of the North

Bow of the North

by coinhas2sides

Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Sexual Content

In game of thrones i felt that the Starks received way too much hardships and tragedy. i know that there were vital points of story, and there were times these hardships were building points for their characters, but i feel when every member of a family has been either killed, raped or crippled then they deserve a break. 

In my story that break comes in the form of a powerful hunter/general from another world. 

I have no intention of altering the story to save every stark, or have them win every time, and some of my favourite characters may even be victims of this plot change as well. 


The main character, and there will be several new characters introduced to the storyline, will not just be some over powered guy who makes outrageous decisions that always work out (cough Plot armour) but will be someone that treats the world as a real world and has fears, doubts and is cautious in his decisions. He is susceptible to changing his mind and character traits depending on his experiences in this life. 


The story will primarily follow the plot at the beginning with some minor changes, and as more things change they will increase till the entire story is changed at the end. 

I am not copying the world of GoT exactly. cultures, politics and nobility may be changed or made up. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
chapter 1 - Qi, Sleep, Repeat ago
chapter 2 - Status 1 ago
chapter 3 - New Goals ago
chapter 4 - News and Family ago
chapter 5 - Prey and Promise ago
chapter 6 - Haggling and Harsh Lessons ago
chapter 7 - Hugs and Tears ago
chapter 8 - Knights and dreams 1 ago
chapter 9 - Knights and Dreams 2 ago
chapter 10 - Deja Vu ago
chapter 11 - Hunts, Discipline and Returns ago
chapter 12 - Boy to Man ago
chapter 13 - Reasons ago
chapter 14 - Winterfell ago
chapter 15 - Preliminary trials ago
chapter 16 - Dogs and Bones ago
chapter 17 - Troubling Times ago
chapter 18 - Enemies (revised) ago
chapter 19 - Recap ago
chapter 20 - Pleasure and Business ago
chapter 21 - Upset ago
chapter 22 - Koln of Bear Island ago
chapter 23 - Knights, Squires and Strange Life ago
Poll for future work ago
chapter 24 - The King Cometh ago
chapter 25 - Home Again ago
chapter 26 - Ruby Ford ago
chapter 27 - Putting on a Show ago
chapter 28 - Trial by Combat ago
chapter 29 - Oaths and 2nd Tier ago
chapter 30 - Hand's Tourney and Prizes ago
chapter 31 - Thoros of Myr ago
chapter 32 - Observers ago
chapter 33 - Eyrie Circumstance ago
chapter 34 - Stupid Decision ago
chapter 35 - Battle of the Baelish Brothel. ago
chapter 36 - Double Retreat ago
chapter 37 - Climbing in Chaos ago
chapter 38 - Prepare to Leave. ago
chapter 39 - Bloody Keep ago
chapter 40 - Problems and Resolve ago
chapter 41 - Public Trial ago
chapter 42 - 2 Arrows, 3 Views ago
chapter 43 - Enemies all around ago
chapter 44 - Sending a Message ago
chapter 45 - Troubling Capital ago
chapter 46 - Stormy Seas, Stormy Thoughts ago
chapter 47 - Brutus Grows ago
chapter 48 - Travelling the High Road ago
chapter 49 - Convincing Argument ago
chapter 50 - Dornish Ambitions 1 ago
chapter 51 - Dornish Ambitions 2 ago
chapter 52 - Wolf Scheme 1 ago
chapter 53 - Wolf's Scheme 2 ago
chapter 54 - Wolfs Scheme 3 ago
chapter 55 - Cursing the Starks ago
chapter 56 - Back-Up ago
chapter 57 - Multiple Fronts ago
chapter 58- Undetected ago
chapter 59 - South of Trident ago
chapter 60 - Breaching the Gate ago
chapter 61 - Walder Frey ago
chapter 62 - Courage Vs Experience ago
chapter 63 - Dying Loyalty ago
chapter 64 - Capital Conflict 1 ago
chapter 65 - Capital Conflict 2 ago
chapter 66 - The 2 Chosen Ones ago
chapter 67 - The Cost of War ago
chapter 68 - Regrets, Roasts and Revelations ago
chapter 69 - New information, New plans ago
chapter 70 - Dreams and Determination ago
chapter 71 - Preparing a play ago
chapter 72 - Meeting of the Bear and Hound ago
chapter 73 - Renly's Dilemma ago
chapter 74 - Interrogation ago
chapter 75 - Moving Camp ago
update ago
update ago
chapter 76 - War of Riverrun ago
future novel ideas ago

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I enjoyed reading it, but it has glaring flaws.

At chapter 32 here out of 52, I plan on reading the rest. But I want to address some great flaws. Grammar, and spelling, not the worst on Royal Road, but can be easily fixed with grammerly or microsoft word. Why these easy to find errors are made time and again is frustrating. Another flaw is the complete and lack of knowledge of the Game Of Thrones TV show, and the Song Of Ice And Fire books the show is based upon. Some simple google searchs I tried out pointed to the proper bank of information in under a minute. The author has an extreme lack of understanding how Westeros works, and how the North works, as their are no tourneys in the North, winterfell doesnt even have the proper grounds for one. They have melee's, the North does have cavalry but rare and not knights. White Harbour run by the manderlys has the White Harbour Knights, and this is because they follow the New Gods, or the seven faiths. They are foriegners and not true northman, or first men. But andals that came after the first-men. So much lore is ignored and debased and twisted. Don't treat this as a Game Of Thrones Fanfiction or a ASIAF fanfiction. Just treat it as a enjoyable if poorly researched fantasy novel. Read it, you will most likely like it. The character is likable, and so is the direction the novel is taking. But any fan of the TV series or book series will cringe repeatably at the offences in the authors lazy writing. Author has talent for writing, and I hope this critisism will help the author look ahead and research. I have provided the links in one of the first few chapters to the two wikis that he needs and holds all the information. With his talent this story can one of great quality and popularity. And be worked on and revised in rewrites and edits to promptly improve his skills and develop his talent for writing. I'm writing this review on my phone so it might look sloppy, but I assure you author I took great time and effort to type this out with my big fumbling thumbs. Keep up the good work, you can do better. Fifteen minutes of reading the wiki could of made your story raise by several grades. If I had to rank your storys quality on a scale of 1-10, it would be a 3. It can be a 7 with just 5 minutes of reading the wiki and making a note or two.


The GoT books and tv series are too different to be able to call this a fan fiction. The culture of the north and the way people react was too out of character. The author has some talent, however it is almost like game of thrones was slapped onto this story because he is too lazy to come up with his own world in the same detail.


first let me tackle the simplest good score that i give and why i give it.

the grammar, to put it simply i will give a story a high grammar score as long as the grammar does not take me out of the story and this story whilst i cannot guarantee that there's not any grammar mistakes i can however say that as of chapter 49 not once has the grammar been bad enough to distract from the story(at least not for me).


the style, big words fail me but put simply the combats good and the author describes things well.


the story, so... this is a fanfiction and so most of the story points, at least at the start will follow that of the original story however this novel doesn't fall into any on the regular traps of fanfiction (harem, power fantasy etc.) and it also seems to be building on the original story rather well though it is still early with the story only just starting to pick up.


characters, well... it's a fanfiction so...

anyway that aside the original characters are written well and are believable even by normal novel standards which likely make it godly by fanfiction standards.


p.s. sorry for the misleading review title.


My favorit fanfic in this site, very good release frequency . I hope this will be a long novel.


Although it is inconsistent with the Main series, I try to read it as an original which helps greatly.

PS - if you drop the story, do it after finishing an arc.


Like the title said, this is an amazing book to read whenever you feel like it. while there are few chapters out, I believe without a doubt that once the author gets more out this book will take off. The grammar is better than at least 80% of books I have found, the style is a bit unique to him alone, the way he developed the story along with how the character interacted with characters from GOT is inspirational. all over, a good read for anyone. I highly suggest it.


I typically prefer longer chapters, but the story is flowing well and the plot is progressing even with the smaller chapters.  Good GoT fan fic so far.  I do eagerly anticipate interaction with the Starks or other main GoT characters, but i'm hoping the anticipation adds to that eventual enjoyment.

My biggest complaint is probably that I didn't come to this story later when there is a lot more material; the smaller chapters, while good, don't really sate me.


I love Game of Thrones but the fan-fics are so hard to find so I am so excited about this story it is good well-written check it out.


Interesting take on GoT

I'm really liking this fiction.  It takes an unusual approach to reincarnating into GoT, with the MC coming from a different low fantasy world (though having been a badass in his past life, of course). 

As such, the viewpoint is very different.  The author does a great job portraying the semi-superstitious, natural feudal setting inhabitant character.


i really like the Story and the MC he really has a very fleshed out Personality with priorities and things that concerns him. And i can feel the typical GoT style in your Story when you change things up a bit it still feels as if that could have happened in the real Story if he were there to influence it