To Conquer Fate

by Root Greevil

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The Dimension Wars almost broke the very fabric of reality, each dimension and race struggling for supremacy in the fight to obtain the resources located in the void between dimensions. Under threat of their home worlds disappearing into the void, the major races and dimensions gathered together to form a truce, stopping the endless conflict. After decades of meetings and deliberation The Tower was born. A colossal structure formed in the void, The Tower would act as a proving ground, a place where each race could send a champion to compete. The higher their champion climbed, the more resources their race had access to.

Waking up naked with his memories sealed, Tormacc must climb The Tower. During his climb a chance encounter lets him in on a secret that would cost him his life should its knowledge get out. Burdened by the knowledge now in his possesion, and the responsibility that brings, he has to rely on vague impressions of his people and a sense of honor to push himself forward. But without any actual memories of his home planet he has no idea what his life was like before entering The Tower, or what those memories would reveal to him once unsealed.

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Poorly thought out system

At first glance, the system in this story is interesting - but as I read more and more, I'm increasingly dissapointed in the mess that the author has managed to make of it.

Power advancement is based on a recursively-branching skill tree, with the abilities accessable in the tree potentially varying by individual circumstance. There is a lot to explore, and a lot of room for interesting variation. ...Except in point of fact, abilities scale exponentially in price as you move up the tree, while only gradually increasing in power. The descriptions we get make it hard to distinguish between powers even 2-3 levels apart, despite their prices being different by a factor of 5-10. What this should do is encourage is everyone picking up all of the cheap low-teir skills - except the author clearly doesn't WANT the world to work this way, so he just sweeps everything under the rug and pretends that this isn't an issue.

Then there are tower rewards. The maximum amount of xp that the character can get from killing a monster is 20. The minimum is 1. It takes the character a handful of swings to kill 20 rats, and a couple of hours to kill a peak moster. See the problem? Apparently, the system encourages rat hunting as a supreior leveling strategy, better than having high-level encounters by an order of magnitude. Is it stupid? Yes. Does it cretae a story that is fun to write about? Clearly not. What does the author do to resolve the problem? Ham-fistedly have the MC retreat from rat-hunting and go out to do high level hunts over the excuse of non wanting to risk his life, despite the high-level encounters causing at least as much life-threating stuff to him at rat swarms. 

Are you seeing a theme here?

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Ive read a fair bit of this story and im dropping it. In the beginning i thought okay this is probably the same as every other story with tower grinding to be number one. But after reading it seemed to be pretty unique as far as my experience in the genre goes.

Overall story pretty good.

Character : the worst thing is the mc is arrogant one second pathetic the next deppressed another and its always a sudden change not like leading into most times. Made me drop.

Also heavy plot armor around these chapters.


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Absolutely worth the read

As of chapter 17, this story presents an engaging system/mechanic, with a potentially good plot. I say "potentially" because the major points are still unveiling, the mystery is part of the story itself. For this reason, I'm still keeping half a star away from the perfect 5 stars in "Story Score". 

The style is a good adptation from other well-established stories, but, for the same reason as pointed above, I'm giving it 4.5 stars instead of 5. Still waiting for a bit more development.

The grammar utilized provides a very comfortable read, so there goes 5 stars.

As for the character score, the main character presents a good line of thought for every situation, which is great, but I still miss other interesting characters in the mix, I hope we can get other POVs eventually.

All that said, I eagerly await for every chapter posted here, as this is a very engaging story.

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Let me start this off by saying that the story is good, the writing is above the average of royal road and overall it is worth reading when compared to all other litRPG stories I've read... But I have one big problem with the story, and a few small ones besides.

I'll list off the small ones first: The plot is planned and you can tell that but it's too telling, to the point where many things don't feel natural. Everything that is happening feels like what should be happening, and not in a good way. I believe a large cause of this is how distant the protagonist is. I don't know about other readers, but I personally cannot tell his thought process or emotions at all. When Tormacc's thought and feelings are written it reads more like someone else beside him is telling me what he thinks Tormacc is thinking. I don't know if this is on purpose or not, but it makes it very hard to form a connection with Tormacc. When you have to actively explain his reasoning in almost every chapter down in the comments you should know something is wrong. I believe that by planning out the story you have fallen to your own lines of thought and have written the story from your point of view, instead of Tormacc's or the reader's. These are all small problems that lead me to the biggest if simple, issue: The story is "cold", emotionless. I feel no excitement out of any development, even the combat scenes like they all already happened before we read of them. The whole story is like an essay on the actions of someone with extra fluff here and there to fill in the empty spaces. This may sound harsh but it is how I read the story. The technical stuff is really good, the Wheel is interesting and the Tower has me intrigued, but it all falls down due to having an empty protagonist and a boring plot. I am not talking about how the plot may surprise me or Tormacc's past but about how they are both presented.

Honestly, I do not know how much you could understand from this review, as I am bad at explaining myself, but I hope it is understandable.

From what I read of your comments you follow your own guidelines and keep your will straight when writing. I think it is a good quality whether or not you take what I have written to heart and change your writing accordingly.

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High quality storytelling, don't miss it!

(as of chapter 25)

The story 'To Conquer Fate' follows Tormacc who awakens in the multi-dimensional "dungeon" system The Tower as the representative for his race. His memories have been locked per the rules of The Tower, as being there is a huge competition between all worlds and dimensions to bring power and resources to his race. But before that he has to survive against the not-so-easy monsters in the starting zone, getting strong enough to take on more lucrative challenges...

Style: The story is written in third-person internal style from the protagonist's point of view. The sentences are finely crafted with good descriptions. There are almost no huge info dumps (only when he gets a lesson at a "tourist information" but that fits the situation), most of the explanation and world-building is smoothly inserted into the story.

Story: It's a story about getting strong in a dungeon-like environment, no big surprise so far for experienced RRL readers. What is a bit different is how the different environments are organized. But the really groundbreaking idea is how the ability system works: there are myriad ways to build your character however you want depending on which of the abilities you unlock, with a new branching path starting after each ability, offering almost unlimited customization options (and not enough points to unlock all of them). The pacing of the story is very good, the advancement is visible but not overly quick. The chapters with lots of spending of points can be a bit monotone but they are informative and I think important as well.

Grammar: Very good. The grammar is excellent and only rarely is there a small typo.

Characters: Apart from a short period there is only the protagonist, acting alone. He is smart, plans ahead and chooses his options after careful deliberation. At the same time he has emotions and other natural traits, making him a rounded character. Those few people he interacts with show hints of a personality but it was too short to learn much about them.

In total, this is a high quality story with a believable character in a believable environment, certainly in the uppermost range of RRL stories.

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[Abandoned] New Approach for Well-Worn Theme

Reviewed at: Announcement: Short Break and future plans

A promising story, as of chapter 23.

The author isn't pushing the boundary of any tropes, firmly ensconced within the classic plot of a lone wolf MC surviving their way through a tower/series of dungeons on their climb to greatness. That being said, the theme is a good one and it's a pleasure to have a well written setting with a character who is consistent and logical, but not completely devoid of all personality or emotion.

The story hasn't had much of a chance to get off the ground yet, with general groundwork being established before larger plot devices and arcs can be put into play, but it's engaging enough to keep you entertained and coming back, and appears to be planned to some degree (so far no horribly waffling plot-stagnant chapters common in larger fictions!). The author's style isn't distinct, and the action writing is common to most popular action/fantasy fictions (except pleasingly with a little more realism), but it's competent nevertheless.

The grammar is solid, with very little mispelling and only a couple of run-on sentences. Most of these errors are cleaned up promptly, too, and generally don't disrupt the flow of the writing. The update schedule is a little haphazard, but still fairly frequent and there are up to 12 extra chapters on Patreon (meaning there's hopefully a bit of a buffer if the author goes through a busy period).

Ty Bob
  • Overall Score

ThankYou for the great book

Spoiler: Spoiler


I love your new book birr I also loved your old one(A Place to Belong) sorry about my spelling keep up the good work but pls try to at least update your old one every once in a while

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The author has done a good job crafting a likable and engaging MC. He is competent, finds advantages without being OP, and makes intelligent/reasonable decisions based off his limited information. Grammar errors are minimal, and style is decent. 

As of chapter 17 the full workings of the ability system are unclear, but this is by design to space out info dumps. What I’ve seen so far is original and well thought out.

I’m excited to see where the story will go from here

  • Overall Score

Thoroughly Enjoyable

Reviewed at: Chapter 49

This is a great piece of Litrpg so far with lots of room to grow. The characters decisions make sense given their (and our) lack of complete understanding of the system they are in.

Reading through Chap 49 I expect that the world or tower system is going to be filled out a great deal and that there should be a lot more that monster hunting on the horizon.  

I defintely recomend giving this one a shot!

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Like Blackthorne but better!

This story is ultimately a tower story, yet it is more than its literary predecessors. The Tower is not mindless, and even yesterday's enemy can have new tricks. 

Kudos to the author for keeping the struggle alive as it goes along. The grammar is impeccable, and the story will hold your attention.

In terms of room for improvement: this, like almost every novel in this genre, the MC is a bit unquestionably focused. Less than other novels, the author has attempted to put some emtional roots in, but continuing to show more of his 'humenity' would definitely improve the work. 


I reccomend you read this one.