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Warning: this chapter has some disturbing content in it. Some people may be offended.

Typhos stumbled forward into the cell, the sound of the laser gate following shortly after. He glanced behind him, watching as the guard walked out of sight. The bars that blocked his exit were not the kind of thing someone could get through, even with his physical strength. They were not the iron bars he was used to seeing, but rather a energy laser gate. Anyone who even tried to touch the laser would lose a finger. The lasers used on the cells were strong enough to burn through steel in seconds. The cell itself was made of an alloy specially designed to withstand high levels of heat, making it perfect to counteract the laser gates. Inspecting the cell, Typhos found the accommodations very lacking. The room itself was about 2m by 2m. A single cot on the back wall and a toilet on the side were all he was provided. When he had first come to the prison, they had stripped him of clothes completely before forcing him to wear a yellow jumpsuit. The suit was another technological marvel that humans had developed. Remotely activated by guards, the suit could straighten the fibers it was made of, making it impossible for the inmate to move. The suit also had a small electric pad sticked into the fabric. Guards could activate this and send electricity through the entire suit, and in turn, the prisoner.

Typhos made his way to the cot and sat down, his head between his knees. He hadn't meant to kill the man outside the bar, but it had happened. He had lost control against another person for the first time in centuries. He knew that the person he killed was scum, but it made no difference on his damaged conscious. He could feel the man's chest caving in as he punched him. The sickening crunch of ribs as they shattered. Then, the thud as the body hit the ground. When he had heard that sound he had known. He had lost control. He knew the man had tried to rape a young girl in the bar, knew that he could never condone such an atrocity, but he had sealed his power for a reason. He closed his eyes, a memory from deep in the past resurfacing.

"Do it Typhos...make her understand her error.'

Typhos obeyed, unable to stop himself as he hit the girl. She flew backwards, smashing into the bedroom wall. He plaintive cry cut short when the air was forced from her lungs. She fell to the floor, clawing desperately to escape. He could hear her nails snap and scratch as she clawed furiously for the door. Then, the voice came again.

"Wait, Typhos. I'm feeling a bit...excited. Rape her. Make sure she is alive while you do it, I want to watch."

Again, Typhos's body moved against his mind. He stepped forward and placed a hand on the girls shoulder. A light flowed between the two, and the girls wounds healed instantly. She immediately struggled, hitting him and screaming. Unaffected, Typhos subdued her hands with ease before ripping her shirt off. Next came her pants, then her undergarments. He threw her onto the bed, removing his clothing as he approached her. He grabbed her and dragged her to him, forcing her to submit. When he entered, her screaming stopped, a silent look of terror, anguish, and sadness in her eyes. Typhos fought the control, but failed as he continued the act.

"Not on the bed, Typhos. Take her against the wall."

Wrenching her from the bed, he slammed her roughly against the wall before entering her again. Blood dripped out of her and onto his penis, but he didn't stop, didn't care. She was completely still now, unmoving as he abused her. Finally, the release came. He pulled his penis out from her, and looked back at the man who had watched the ordeal with filthy pleasure.

"That was good, Typhos. Now, snap her neck, we need to go."

Typhos turned to the girl once more, and a sharp, short snap resounded in the bedroom. The girl's body fell to the floor, her head facing the wrong direction, his seed still leaking from her.

"Inmate, your dinner." A sharp call came from outside the cell. Struggling to his feet, Typhos looked groggily at the guard outside his cell. The officer was dressed in a black suit and tie, complete with dress shoes, sunglasses, and black, leather gloves. Of course, Typhos knew every single article of clothing on the officer was made of the hardest cloth alloy available to the government. It could withstand anything from electric shocks, to gun shots, to knife strikes. It was nearly indestructible, and it was this uniform that gave the police such an advantage over everyone else. The officer was holding a small tray that had some sort of mush on top of it.

Seeing he was awake, the guard pressed a button on her belt and Typhos's jumpsuit locked up, freezing him in his current position. Next, the laser gate deactivated and the guard placed the tray on the floor inside the cell. Then, she stepped back and reactivated the gate. When the lasers were fully functional again, she pressed her belt again and his jumpsuit loosened.

"I'll be back in 10 minutes to retrieve the tray, be done by then." She said before walking off.

Typhos looked at the meal in front of him, not hungry at all. He had spent years avoiding conflict, avoiding situations that would put anyone else at risk. Of course, a bar was not the best place for such a lifestyle, but he had survived. Xavier's was the only bar around, so people followed the rules and didn't get into trouble. Now, not only had he killed someone, but he had been reminded of his past. Of course, rape was only one of the things he had been forced to do, and in his mind it wasn't the worst, but it still haunted him. A drop of sweat rolled down his forehead, dropping into the food in front of him. He found himself shaking uncontrollably, his entire body shivering. He stumbled back to his cot and sat, mumbling under his breath.

"Tyal Street, Findal Drive, Hyle Boulevard, Tyal Street, Findal Drive, Hyle Boulevard, Tyal STREET, FINDAL DRIVE, HYLE BOULEVARD!" His voice rose and eventually he snapped. His fist slammed into the wall, leaving a sizable dent in the alloy and shaking the entire cell. All the energy left his body and he collapsed on his cot, his chest heaving. The vision of the man hitting the ground replayed in his head, over and over. Occasionally, the eyes of the girl in his memory would stare at him from the man's face just before he pushed him, pleading him not to do it. Typhos curled into a ball, rocking back in forth. He did not respond when the guards entered his cell. He did not respond when his suit locked up and an electrical jolt was applied to his body. He did not respond when they questioned him. He sat there silently, rocking back and forth, his mind on repeat.


Three days later he was released. A guard came to his cell and said that witnesses had testified it was self defense. The man had hit him first, and he had retaliated. A small band was placed around his wrist, a probation bracelet. He could contact his personal officer through hologram message if necessary, and the officer could also contact him. He was not allowed to venture 1 kilometer outside of Wilheim Street. If he did, the bracelet would administer a shock, and the police would arrive to take him back to jail. They also gave him a contact number and address for a therapist, encouraging him to get mental help. Typhos had laughed at this. He did not need a therapist, he was perfectly fine. The last one he had gone to had done nothing but tell him to recite street names from his childhood whenever he had flashbacks. Of course, it worked sometimes, but others it did not.

A few hours later he was dumped off at the corner of Wilheim Street, just a short walk from Xavier's Bar. Typhos assumed he would be fired, considering he had killed someone, but he still needed to go back. Jasmine would want to know what happened to him, and it was her shift right now. As he walked down the sidewalk he couldn't help but notice the people glancing at him. He put his head down, deciding to grab a drink before meeting Jasmine. The shop bells tingled as he entered, and he was greeted by the shop owner.

"Well if it isn't Typhos. Got out of jail did you? Maybe you should lay off the drinking, never know who you could kill next." He said.

"Just give me the damn rum, okay?" Typhos said, slamming two 10s he had withdrawn from the bank down on the counter. He exited the shop, bottles in hand, and headed for Xavier's Bar. As he passed by the alley that ran alongside the bar, he tossed the two empty rum bottles into the alley, eliciting a angry shout from the homeless man inhabiting it. Ignoring him, he pushed open the double doors and looked at the bar once more. The chairs, usually neat and orderly were strewn all across the room. Most of the bottles of liquor behind the bar were shattered or spilled. The turnstile at the end of the bar was broken and pieces of table were strewn about. Behind the bar stood a tall, well dressed man with sleek, black hair.

"What are you doing here, Typhos? You ruined my damn bar when you killed that man...RUINED IT!" Xavier screamed at him. Typhos ignored his rage, a look of confusion on his face.

'Where's Jasmine? This is her shift..."

"They took her. They came back two days after your ass was arrested and took her, screaming out of the bar. They took her because of you asshole. You finally have something to be proud of. She's probably been drugged, raped, and left to die in an alley by now." Xavier spat at him.

Typhos froze. Jasmine was gone, taken by men. Taken because he had killed a man. Taken because he had lost control. He shook his head, mumbling incoherently to himself. He had trusted Jasmine with his past. Well, not all of it, but most of it. She had talked with him for hours, given him drinks until he blacked out on the bar, dragged him back to the employee room, never criticized him for his drinking habits. She had been the only true friend he had on Wilheim Street. She had been the only person he truly cared about here. Now, she was gone because of him. Just like before, the woman he was friends with was gone. Just like before, the woman was gone because he couldn't control himself. Typhos closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, the despair inside of him slowly being replaced by anger. How dare they take her away from him. How dare he allow it because he sealed his powers in despair. He would not allow it!

He reached into the system, releasing one of the skills that he had sealed for nearly 10,000 years.

Past Vision (MAX)

Mana: 50/sec

Peer into the past and look upon what has transpired.

-See up to 240 hours into the past

-Replay anything from that time at will

He looked up, his irises changing. Slowly, a clock formed inside of them, its black color contrasting with the golden iris. Slowly, the hands began to move, flowing in reverse. His vision turned grey and he saw Xavier walk backwards into the break room. Then, he exited the room backwards and left the building. Time began to accelerate backwards, faster and faster until he reached the time he wanted. First he saw the scene in fast reverse, then he allowed it to play forward slowly. He saw a group of four men enter the bar. They began to throw chairs and smash tables. One of them forced his way past the turnstile and began to destroy the liquor shelf. When Jasmine tried to stop him, he slapped her across the face, her head slamming into the glass casing around the premium liquor. A few minutes of destruction later, two of the men grabbed Jasmine and dragged her out of the bar. As they left, Typhos caught a glimpse of a tatoo on one of the men' shoulders. An Ouroboros.

Typhos's eyes snapped back to normal. He glanced coldly at Xavier before he turned and strode from the bar, his eyes shining slightly.


A note from VolatilePikachu2

Release means more than one thing in this chapter...I guess.

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