by SN7

Original HIATUS Action Drama Fantasy Psychological Female Lead Gender Bender Grimdark High Fantasy Magic Martial Arts Portal Fantasy / Isekai School Life Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A depressed college student struggling with identity problems transmigrates into the body of his avatar from a game Lemuria Online. After dealing with the initial confusion and problems that arise from that kind of situation, he warmly accepts his new predicament and soon becomes Marie Penn, both in body and mind.

Marie's cringe-worthy sense of humor and cheesy one-liners are her trademarks, at least she believes so. Having a hero complex, Marie showcases phenomenal stupidity and loses her endgame stats, going from hero to zero and being forced to struggle with traumatic memories of that event.

She won't stay down for long, however, and begins learning magic as well as slowly making friends, first in her life. Her mind and memories affected by the new world, she mentally reverts to her physical age of fifteen and even develops romantic feelings towards another student.

Marie will try to get her strength back, making many stupid decisions along the way.


No chapters on Sundays.

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  • Overall Score

The story is solid, well written and the pacing is good. Characters have some depth and aren't just one-dimensional place holders. 

The author has made a good effort to not fall into the usual "isekai" genres mistakes. (pointless op mc, time skips, adventure guilds, etc...) 

Grammar is pretty good.

Iori Angel
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Good take on the portal fantasy genre

I discovered this when I was scouring this website for good stories and then I found this when I lost hope. What a story it is, I mean I liked Marie from the get-go. Even though she started by making stupid decisions but now she is trying to find redemption after making mistakes. You can't help but cheer for her.

The other characters offer good challenges and decent interactions to the MC, I really like how the author wrote them so far they felt real but some are too generic like the men Marie met in the first city.

I hope the author continues to outline his story well, and not take the Japanese novel route that other authors on this website take too often.

  • Overall Score

Looking forward to more

Really engoying the premis and looking forward to what you can do with it. The use of game functions merged with some form of intuition was a fantastic touch.

good luck bud.

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SN7 carries readers through a bevy of artfully blended genre tropes to deliver fantasy fiction with depth.

We follow a gamer unexpectedly drawn into the identity of Marie Penn, his lovely Lemuria Online avatar, into a whole new world of adventure. Staying in-character and playing what is definitely no longer a game carries disastrous consequences, however—and in chapter thirteen, a dramatic twist takes readers entirely in a new direction, where Two.Point.O really starts to shine.

The story is well written and pleasant to read, particularly excellent at both adding dimension to characters, and providing a colorful balance of attraction, intrigue, and action that will keep readers expectantly queueing up for more. Definite recommend!

  • Overall Score

AADARM's review is just wrong. Yes the MC takes a stat hit. No they are not forever crippled and the author does an amazing job of tying in the stat regain to the story. Maybe you should've read further before taking a dump over the story because you immediately rejected it the instant something happened you disliked...

  • Overall Score
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A lot better than expected

Going into this I had some expectations, not very high expectations but expectations nontheless. They were greatly surpassed.

Now the story is not perfect, it felt like the two most major events (in my opinion) up till this point (ch49) were quite forced... Especially the one where she loses her power (which is mentioned in the synopsis), which I almost stopped reading at because it was kinda stupid in various ways...

But  I decided to keep reading and just pretend that it wasn't stupid, and it's been great.

There's no denying that this story uses a niche theme, a guy suddenly becomes his avatar from a vrmmo in another world, whcih is a girl, e.g. genderbender. He keeps his sexual preferences from his time as a man, but other than that this theme is not particularly overdone, it's there to get the ball rolling in the first chapters but after a bit of progression it stops really mattering if he was ever a dude or not, at least from the story and character perspective, e.g. it's not some major part of his identity we're reminded of at every turn like in some similarly themed stories, it's more like a bit of spice.

So if girls doing it with girls or god forbid, guys turning into girls and then doing it with other girls, is not your thing, you should probably avoid this.

If that sounds ok to you though, it'll get you your fair dose of isekai reading, without being pure and utter garbage, the protagonist is powerful, not overpowered, there's always a bigger fish, and the protagonist is at least until now not even actively hunting these fish, s/he is just trying to survive and make the most of her second shot at teenage years, in a fantasy world, in a magic academy (but so much better than magic academy shit usually is, idk, it's maybe because it's a bit more realistic take on it than usual or something, doesn't fall into easy writing traps surrounding the setting).

But yeah, that's about it, I mean the story is rock solid if you ignore the mistakes I mentioned earlier, the characters are three dimensional~ish. I wouldn't say that all the individual characters are three dimensional maybe. But the way they interact and all have their own personalities creates a sort of dynamic most stories here lack. E.g. it has dynamic characters, maybe like 2.5D rather than full on 3D, like a trick, but one that works. Like how NPCs in some modern video games will look pretty believable unless you stare at them for a few seconds longer than strictly necessary and they do something stupid that breaks the illusion. That.

No real issue with the grammar, I mean there were some grammar mistakes but they were minor things, author knows how to write, in english, but even a professional writer would need a few proofreaders to comb over his writing in order to fix all the mistakes (and even then usually miss something), it's kinda like that, if the skilled writer didn't have a proper proofreader, solid grammar, but mistakes are made here and there because... well, sometimes mistakes are missed.

Style is first person, there have been no POV changes since the beginning that I can recall I definitely approve of this. I hate POV changes, 99.9% of pov changes in writing are just plain bad. This author seems to be playing it mostly safe in that area.

And that's all, if the premise interests you, then you'll probably enjoy this. It delivers what is promised, although I haven't seen many cringeworthy one-liners or cheesy senses of humor though.

  • Overall Score

Playing my heartstrings like a harp

2.0 is an emotional rollercoaster that has some really heartwarming wholesome moments.

I read it all in one day and have since been reading chapters as they appear.

  • Overall Score

Enjoyed it till chapter 15

Was fun until chapter 15 when he has the MC act completely without any thought at all and then nerfs them forever more. 

Meh Pom
  • Overall Score

Not for you if you dislike awkward moments.

Originaly liked it. But MC starting to call daddy an old man she only met right a the moment and acting all cute between each other was pretty off puting. Turbo lesbian romance sadly is not my thing either.

  • Overall Score

Author actually made an effort. Good plot overall and the usage of first person is a welcome change from the usual third-person writing that we get in novels like these.

Grammar good. Spelling good. Overall good start.