The three of us walked through the doors, inside felt warm when compared to the chilly evening air we just walked out of. The room was full of things you would expect from a tailor, there were cutting tables with stacks of colorful materials on them, and then measure tapes scattered everywhere, and then pillows full of needles.

We couldn't see too far into the room because there were colorful sheets of material hanging from, well, nothing; they were suspended on invisible cords or at least that's how it looked like. I carefully trod over some scissors and needles that were scattered over the floor.

"I am here!" Miss' Sado silvery voice called out to us.

I couldn't help but shot a quizzical glance at Tomas and Ciara, their faces told me that this was a normal occurrence. We maneuvered between the sheets of material, moving them aside when it was impossible to proceed otherwise. Curiously, the sheets behaved as if there really was an invisible cord there.

At some point, I tried to reach up there to feel if there is anything physical there, but I couldn't reach even when tiptoeing. I could only sigh and my small frame, it was great and all, but sometimes it was hard to reach into high places.

Finally, we managed to find Miss Sado madly sewing something in this labyrinth of colors.

Imagine my surprise when she turned out to be a young looking woman in her twenties. Miss Sado had long brown locks that reached her waist and average face with soft features. She was no taller than me and definitely more petite, I at least had some muscle.

She was currently madly sewing something that looked like leather pants, it wouldn't be anything weird if the pants weren't retaliating. One of the pant's legs was thrashing like a tentacle, it wrapped around Miss' Sado neck in an effort to strangle her.

Unperturbed, she said to us, "Could you hold this thing for a moment?"

"Yes, Teacher!" Tomas said and rushed up to wrestle with the aggressive pants.

I crossed eyes with Ciara and we dashed up to help them. The pants were powerful, I don't know what kind of leather it was but it had a really strong grip. There was a big hole ripped in the middle that looked suspiciously like a bite mark.

"Did someone lose their leg?!" I asked, dodging the pants that tried to squash my nose.

"Almost, it was one of these lampreys again. A group of upper stars was hunting them." Miss Sado replied, her nimble hands working on fixing the hole.

The mental image of lampreys big enough to leave a hole that big was enough to make me shudder, I really didn't want to know what they fed on to get so big. Suddenly, Ciara got whacked in the face by the thrashing pants and fell over. Distracted, Tomas got caught by the neck and struggled to free himself.

It was getting worse because the pants wrapped around my wrist and started to twist it into an impossible position. I grabbed the bound hand with my free one, doing best to keep it from being broken. The pants were slowly overpowering me, my wrist was already on the verge of cracking.

Suddenly, the paints lost its power.

"There we go," Miss Sado murmured under her nose.

The pants limped and stopped moving, behaving just like normal pants should behave. I took a deep breath and glanced at Ciara, she had a bloody nose and didn't look too happy. Freed from the pant's deathly clutches, Tomas gasped for air and hurriedly helped her up.

"Don't leave stains on my cloth, dear." Miss Sado said to Ciara and turned to me. She furrowed her thin eyebrows and asked, "And you are?"

"Teacher, I am Marie Penn, a new student. Principal Dolor sent to get the uniform." I said, trying to sound natural.

"Are you an elemental or a null?" She asked, scrutinizing me from head to toe.

Having no idea how to respond I shot a glance at Tomas, hoping for some assistance.

"Teacher, she has dual elements, amazing ones at that!" Tomas hurriedly said and returned to helping Ciara.

"Oh, too bad. Only three Sorcerers joined in the last two years, too little, too little." Miss Sado said to herself an sighed.

"Is it bad?" I asked.

Miss Sado turned to me and said, "Of course! My classes are almost empty and you can't learn Sorcery if you have an elemental affinity." Her voice was thick with annoyance.


She stood up and snapped her fingers, a bunch of measuring tapes flew into the air and started to circle around her like little satellites.

"We will wait for you outside, " Tomas said to me and walked out with Ciara.

Miss Sado pursed her thin lips and escorted them with her eyes, most likely making sure that Ciara didn't dirty her materials. Only after the click of closing doors reached our ears did Miss Sado relax a little. She clapped her hands and the curtains that covered the windows tightened, not a single gap left.

Curious, I asked, "Is that necessary?"

"Of course! Now strip, I need to get proper measurements." Miss Sado said.

"Um, well..." I started but she cut me out.

"Don't be shy, we are both women! The boys are always eager to strip, sometimes too eager," She said, her face looked as if she was reliving some traumatic memory.

As expected, my heart decided that this was the perfect time to rev up to the max. The whistling slowly rose in intensity as articles of my clothing landed on the floor, one after another. I was soon standing in underwear, Miss Sado frowned and critically scrutinized me head to toe for the second time.

"Not a body a lady should have, flat and hard. Don't tell me you are training to be a battlemage?" She said, disapprovingly.

Frowning, I said, "I like my body."

"Of course, of course." Miss Sado apologetically said, it didn't sound genuine at all.

She snapped her fingers again, and the tapes whistled through the air to take my measurements on their own. One of the tapes wrapped around my arm and pulled it up so another one could measure its length. Armpit to the wrist, wrist to the fingers, elbow to the ground and then a knee to the ground.

The tapes took all sorts of bizarre measurements, even the width of my nose and length of my big toe. Finally, Miss Sado was satisfied and snapped her fingers again, the tapes rattled onto the ground. She murmured something under her nose but I couldn't understand it.

After clapping her hands again, a uniform like the others swished through the air to her, I had no idea where it flew from. Miss Sado told me to take it on and started to do some adjustments directly on my body. I was scared of the needles at first but she was good, I barely felt the cold metal graze my skin when she was sewing.

"There, try moving now, " Miss Sado said.

Feeling stupid, I did a few jumping jacks and other basic movements but Miss Sado quickly stopped me while muttering something about it being too loose. I could only patiently strike an odd pose as she was working with her needles.

"Again," she said.

Moving around I couldn't help but praise her ability, this kind of fitted clothes were exceptionally comfortable. Nothing felt too lose and nothing was pinching me as I moved around, not even on the joints. The white jacket that came with every uniform was phenomenally light and silky.

"It's amazing, " I praised Miss Sado.

She smiled smugly and said, "Of course, I am a professional. Now then, the first set is free but you need to pay for more. Twenty gold Leos or equivalent per one uniform."

I thought for a moment before taking out a stack of money, Miss' Sado eyes went wide with greed.

"I would like seven more, each for a day and one spare," I said, amused by her reaction.

"Now this is a proper client! I'll get them made by tomorrow, someone from my class will deliver them to you." Miss Sado said, happily taking the bills and counting them in an experienced manner.

I thought for a moment before adding, "If possible, I would also like some kind of pajamas with pants and long sleeves but it also needs to be airy, three of them is enough."

Miss Sado thought for a moment before replying, "Consider it a gratis,"

We talked about some details and I ordered some underwear which I felt was necessary. After doing this I put on my slippers and left her workshop. Couldn't say that I exactly liked this woman, she was putting on airs and didn't bother to be friendly.

Thankfully, I wouldn't have to take her lessons.

"There you are, we were getting worried that she started one of her tirades, " Tomas said to me after I walked out.

"Luckily not. I was just ordering some clothes," I said to him.

Ciara walked up to me and tapped my shoulders, her nose looked to be fine, just slightly red. She said, "Ya need to get a star soon."

I glanced at my empty shoulders, truth be told; I wasn't in a hurry.

"I will do my best. Could you take me to my room?" I asked.

Ciara replied, "Yah, it's on our side so I'll take ya."

Curious, I asked, "Our side?"

"Female side. The dormitories are on opposite ends of the castle," Tomas explained and after a quick glance at the clock tower said, "I have to go, Spellcasting Theory with Principal is starting soon."

He gave Ciara a quick hug, waved to me and then swiftly dashed away, disappearing into the night.

"Let's go, yer gonna share a room with another first year," Ciara said to me.

"Oh, do you know her?"

"Not really, she is even younger than ya." She replied.

The female dormitory was basically a big mansion facing towards the island, it was erected on a smaller peak and could be reached only after walking on a long bridge. I was getting a bit jittery, the idea of being surrounded only by women was really exciting. I had to promise myself to not try anything funny with my new roommate.

It could end in a disaster, not to mention her age.

Inside of the mansion was really cozy, there was red carpet everywhere and the main hall was basically an enormous living room. There were three fireplaces, all of them surrounded by soft furniture. There was also a really long table in the middle, a dozen or so chairs with some being occupied by students reading or doing homework.

Heaven, it was quite certainly heaven. Girls everywhere, no men in sight.

My eyes were darting all over the main hall, taking in as much eye candy as possible.

"Ya okay?" Ciara asked me.

Coming to my senses I felt my face burning. "I never lived in a dormitory before."

"Oh, yer gonna get used to it. Not much privacy other than the bathrooms," she said.

A girl nervously approached us, I noticed her eyeing us when we entered but she was hesitating at first. She was a bit shorter than me, of a dainty build with really long legs. She was like, ninety percent legs at least, more than half of her height came from them.

She had chin-length black hair that curled like a princess' and bangs that covered her forehead. I wouldn't call her a beauty but she was above average with her small nose, chubby cheeks, and cute freckles. There wasn't much going on in the chest department but that was to be expected.

Her jacket was tied around her waist but I could see that there was nothing on its shoulders.
She smiled and revealed cute teeth gap. Pledge to protect activated.

"Hello, are you my new roommate?" She asked and pointed at my shoulders. "You have no stars and all."

"Yes, nice to meet you. I am Marie." I said and stuck out my hand.

Encouraged, she shook it and said, "I am Lili, nice to meet you too!"

Ciara said from the side, "I am gonna go sleep, see ya tomorrow." She waved us goodbye and walked upstairs.

I escorted her with my eyes before looking at Lili and asking, "Where is our room?"

"The last floor, it's a room for five so there's plenty of space," Lili replied.

She led me upstairs, happily striking up a conversation with me.

"I have six sisters and two brothers you know, I am used to living with people. Actually, it feels empty living on my own. What about you?" She asked, skipping a step.

I smiled at her and replied, "I don't have siblings. I lived alone most of my life, last seven years I guess."

Lili looked at me, shocked. "Alone? What about your parents?"

"We don't have the best relationship."

"Oh, sorry." She looked down but quickly perked up. "How old are you? I am fourteen this year!"

"I am fifteen, we are almost the same age."

"That's great! I was scared they would make me live with an old hag," Lili said, attracting some vicious gazes from older students.

Smiling wryly, I waved to them apologetically.

Lili sighed and said, "My dad was super happy when it turned out I have magical potential, he cried from joy."

"Really? I am so happy for you," I said to her.

Lili smiled and said, "You are really nice! Anyway, we are not a noble family so it was very expensive for us." She sighed and looked at the ceiling. "My siblings aren't too happy but I will make a lot of money one day and pay my dad back. They won't be able to complain then."

"That's a great goal, Lili," I said.

"What about you?" She curiously asked.

Feeling guilty, I replied, "I am, well, not exactly a noble but I don't have a problem with money."

"Not a noble? Are you a princess?" Her eyes went wide.

I chuckled and said, "Don't be silly, my papa is rich."

A little lie never hurt anyone, are you listening, Nec?

"Oh, it must be nice. I was there for three months but I spend half of my time doing some stupid jobs." Lili complained.

"How's your magic talent?" I asked.

Lili thought for a moment and said, "I will tell you if you tell me yours."

"Alright. Go first," I told her.

"Water element and fifteen percent on power! Teacher's said that's above average, what about you?" She looked at me curiously.

"I have a dual element, and a bit more power but I don't think my talent is too great," I said.

Lili shot me a suspicious glance and said, "That's not fair! What elements? How much percent?"

I clenched my teeth and replied, "Light and lightning. Sixty percent."

She stopped mid-step and looked at me slack-jawed for a moment. She squeaked out, "Great two! And the second tier! Sixty percent?!"

Some girl that was sitting in the hall looked up at the stairs and asked, "What did she just say?!"

Welp, there we go.

Other students that heard it swarmed me, I didn't like this at all. They started asking questions, shouting over each other.

"What kind of godlike combination is that? And sixty percent? Heavens almighty!" One girl exclaimed.

Another one shook her head in disbelief. "Are you serious? If you are not lying then you are a freak of nature!"

This repeated itself many times, I soon learned that some Clara had a lightning element too, and that another Sasha had twenty percent. It took a lot of effort to free myself from this siege, everyone who was in the main room at the moment knew of my scores.

I rushed up the stairs with Lili in tow, I needed breathing space. Leaning against the wall, I did my best to calm the whistling heart and rapid breath that was suffocating me. It happened again, not as bad as on the ship but it was still terrible.

"Are you okay?" Lili asked and approached me.

"I need a breather. I have a little problem, you see." I heaved.

"Panic attacks?" Lili asked me in a small voice.

Embarrassed, I nodded my head.

"Don't worry! My little sister has them too, she gets all sweaty and struggles to breathe as you do."

Taking a few deep breaths, I lightly slapped my cheeks and said, "Let's go, I need to rest."

"Okay!" Lili beamed at me and grabbed my arm.

Our room was spacious, with a bathroom that could be only accessed from the room. There were five beds, each with a drawer and closet next to them. The wooden floor was covered by a soft but flat red and yellow carpet, we even had a balcony that opened up to a panorama of the island.

"Great, isn't it?!" Lili asked me.

"It sure is." I murmured.

"If you are feeling sick, rest. You won't go to any lessons tomorrow anyway. You need to make up a schedule and stuff, at least you won't have to work as I do." Lili sighed.

"If you need some pocket money just ask," I said.

She looked at me and shook her head in embarrassment. "I won't be able to pay back."

"Alright," I didn't want to push her, everyone had their pride. I threw my boots to the side and asked, "Can you show me how to operate bathtub? It's different everywhere."

"Yup!" Lili happily exclaimed and skipped to the bathroom.

And that's how I got a cute hyper-talkative roommate, the first one in my entire life.

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