I crawled out of the bath which wasn't easy because my entire body was shaking, I couldn't believe what I was feeling at that moment. I really had a hard time believing that every woman felt it like that.

Rather, I suspected that with my stats at three, the pleasure I felt when climaxing also turned out to be three times as great. Panting and wheezing, I struggled to think clearly.

Right, I should dry myself first, I took out another piece of cloth to use as a towel and erratically wiped my body. Damn, I was crazy sensitive at the moment.

I wrapped the cloth around my body like you would a towel and checked the washer, it already stopped humming but it wouldn't open. Assuming that it was currently doing the ironing, I picked up my bag of holding and went back to the living room.

Plopping down on the couch, I pulled out the Ring of Tongue and then the Golden Spectacles. I put the ring on but left the spectacles on the table. The golden bell that Devin gave me caught my attention, feeling hungry I rang it.

Imagine my surprise when not a minute later someone knocked on my doors.

A pleasant girly voice said, "Miss Penn, you called?"

The maids even knew my name already, I was impressed. Picking up the sack with money on my way, I opened the doors and leaned out from behind them, a cute teenager with brown locks was the first thing I saw.

This girl was dressed in a classic maid's attire. She shot me a curious glance but quickly diverted her eyes, an adorable blush on her face. Right, I wasn't wearing much.

She had a perfect posture and the top of her head barely reached my nose, her skin had a healthy rosy complexion with some cute freckles scattered on her pinchable cheeks. Her eyes were similarly brown, her eyebrows a little bit bushy.

"Do you serve food to rooms?" I asked.

"Yes, ma'am. What would you like?" She asked, still averting her gaze.

I simply couldn't stop myself. "Don't be shy, we are both women."

Oh no, we are not, well, technically yes but no. She looked at me shyly and I asked her name.

"Victoria, ma'am." She replied.

"Aren't you eye candy, Victoria?" I asked, her cheeks turning red. "I want some light dish, choose on your own discretion. How much do I pay?"

"The meals are included in weekly payments for miss' suite," Victoria said in a small voice.

"Wonderful, do me a favor and keep me company when I eat, would you?" I asked with a mischievous smile.

"I-I probably shouldn't, t-there is more work to do." She stammered and shuffled her feet.

Finally, I was getting some better reactions. Amused, I took out a golden Leo and two silver Leos.

"The gold one is for mister Devin, tell him I want you to serve as my personal maid for the time being. The silver ones are for your trouble." It was good being rich, Victoria's eyes instantly locked onto the coins.

"M-may I have a request?"

I raised my eyebrows when she didn't agree instantly, "What request?"

"Could miss... Could miss clothe up before I come back?" Victoria asked, a bashful expression on her face.

Now this, this was something that really made my heart race. I reassured her that I would put some clothes on and sent her off with the coins. After locking the doors I checked the washer, sure enough, I could open it just fine this time.

The clothes were neatly spread on the hangers, still warm and smelling... Well, they smelled clean, exactly how you would expect freshly ironed clothes to smell. I didn't put on the vest, I also made sure to leave the top of my shirt unbuttoned.

I unlocked the doors, leaving them closed, and jumped onto the sofa with two maps in my hands, comparing their contents. My Lemurian map could apparently render the insides as well, including even the bigger pieces of furniture. Interestingly enough, it did not draw what was behind closed doors.

I put on my glasses and studied the other map, Balera was located somewhere in the middle of the country that the map depicted. There was a sea drawn at the very edge but there was no name given, actually, the map seemed to only contain the central regions of Espain's territories.

This was annoying, I had to get a world map or a bigger scale one. Still, I was lucky enough to have any map at all. A knock on the doors broke my focus, Victoria was pretty fast. I told her to enter but not before stretching myself out on the sofa.

I peeped at her from above my glasses, "Aren't you capable?"

Victoria placed a silver platter on the table and bowed, a healthy blush on her face she said, "Thank you for the praise, Miss. Chief Flynn sends his regards and thanks for miss' generosity. "

There were some interesting things on that platter, a bottle of what I assumed was wine and a brown... something. It was presented very nicely, with some salad and sauce on top. I wasn't sure whether it was jelly or some kind of cake but it had a really rich smell I couldn't recognize.

"This is?" I asked.

"Miss, this is our chef's rendition of a renowned dish known as Foie Gras," Victoria said, I could tell she was proud of serving this dish but that didn't matter at the moment.

Shocked, that's how I felt. I quite certainly knew what Foie Gras was, even if I have never eaten it, I had heard the name before. This couldn't be a coincidence.

"Could you repeat its name?" I asked her, discreetly taking off the Ring of Tongue.

Sure enough, she said something I couldn't understand closely followed by "Foie Gras". Now, this was a shocker, I put the ring on and did my best to not let my feelings show on my face.

"Is something wrong, miss?" Victoria asked me, cutely tilting her head.

"Why don't you tell me this dish's backstory as I eat?" I said, my voice coming out shakier than I intended it to. Damn, Marie, cooperate.

Luckily, Victoria wasn't weirded out by my request. "Of course! This dish was first introduced by a legendary Contemporary, Lord Han from Aural Empire. He was a powerful sorcerer and an even better chef, renowned in the gourmet world..."

There was more to this story but it didn't really matter to me anymore, I only half listened after this point. This basically confirmed what I was thinking about before, there were others like me. I was sure that this Lord Han must have been a chef in our world as well, a skill like that definitely carried over.

I did my best to look graceful when eating but having never learned any table manners I could only improvise; no elbows on the table, taking small bites at a time, sitting straight and such. Foie Gras turned out to have an extremely rich taste.

Victoria poured me some of the wine, which I wasn't sure if I should even drink because of Marie's age. In the end, I only took a few sips for taste, the wine turned out to be really sweet and fragrant, made of grapes. That might have been the tastiest alcohol I ever had.

It could have also been the effect of my sense of taste being three times stronger than normal. This made me wonder what would happen if I set CoM to zero, I wasn't quite ready to do that. Thinking of my bathtub adventure, I realized something.

"Victoria, how do you remove water from the bathtub? It works differently than those I am used to." I asked her, trying to sound casual.

She looked at me quizzically and said, "The bathtub is enchanted and the water should disappear once miss leaves the bath, should I check it?"

My heart stopped. "Yes, please."Victoria bowed slightly and walked to the bathroom.

I couldn't help but bury face in my palms when she turned around. The bathtub was enchanted, enchanted with magic. I used a dispelling potion as soap, the bathtub wasn't enchanted anymore, probably.

Knowing that I would have to pay for the damages, my lips curled into a self-deprecating smile. I heaved a deep breath and composed myself but the thought of being thrown out lingered in my head.

I already saw a vision of Devin complaining to his colleagues that some blondie bimbo used a dispelling potion in their enchanted bathtub. I would become a laughing stock unless they couldn't prove that was me.

Yes, let's just pretend that I have no idea what happened. As scummy as this was, I felt it was better than becoming a joke.

Victoria came back looking confused. "I will mention this issue to chief Flynn, the enchantment might have failed after the years." She said.

Oh no, it did not.

"Don't stress it, I would prefer if any repairs were done with my presence though," I said, still trying to sound natural but my voice was on the verge of cracking up.

Victoria reassured me that this would be the case, "Invading someone's room without their consent is against White Stallion's rules," she said.

Finishing the food, my eyes were drawn to Victoria's face and especially her brown locks, her hair was really pretty.

My fashion sense had awakened and an idea to test the Portable Barber on her budded in my head. Victoria was getting nervous under my gaze, shuffling nervously and trying to dodge my gaze. I grinned at her and got an even stronger reaction.

"Victoria, dear. Tell me, would you be interested in changing your hairdo?" I asked her, squinting my eyes. There was already a certain image in my head.

Taken aback, she asked, "W-would it be fine, miss?"

"Of course, I wouldn't ruin such a fine... material," I said, my eyes boring into her.

It must have looked creepy because she shuddered, I didn't really care about that though. I reached into my bag of holding and pulled out Portable Barber, Victoria's eyes went wide. Smirking, I stood up and pulled a chair to the mirror.

"Sit down, dear," I ordered.

Victoria hesitantly looked at the chair before approaching it and sitting down. I felt that I had her wrapped around my finger, this was going to be fun. I took out some tools from Portable Barber and started the test.

As expected, I lost control over my hands and they moved on their own. Victoria's unsure expression was replaced by that of amazement, this was way too easy. With a clear image in my head, my hands unfurled her bun and started to comb her hair.

I could tell that it was working, simply because Victoria's hair was getting longer than before. With this test out of the way, I stylized her hair into something that I saw in a Chinese movie, two buns on the sides with tassels of hair coming out of them and then nice bangs to cover her forehead.

Perfectly to my liking. I couldn't help but admire my creation, or rather Portable Barber's effect.

"Amazing!" Victoria exclaimed, she craned her neck and looked at me with fervor. "Miss, you are an amazing hairdresser!"

I gently grabbed her chin and leaned in, "Am I?" I wasn't sure if I was always this smooth or if it was just my persona taking over.

Victoria's face turned beet red, I could feel her breathing rapidly and her skin getting hotter under my fingertips. I would lie if I said that my heart didn't start pounding faster.

If not for the fact that I just had some quality time with myself I would eat her up at this moment.

"W-we s-shouldn't..." She stammered in a small, high pitched voice.

I chuckled and pulled back, hiding the brushes into Portable Barber I said, "I am heading out to do some business, you are free for the time being. Visit me in the evening, if you want to that is, I promise I won't mistreat you." Dangerously squinting my eyes, I added, "It goes without saying that this mater stays between us, you may mention my hairdressing though."

Victoria shakily jumped off the chair and said, "Y-yes, ma'am!" Her face still red, she bowed and dashed out of the room.

When the doors closed I jumped up, pumping my fist. "Yes!" I hissed through my teeth.

It took me six years and a body change but I finally scored a date again!

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