Looking at the direction that the sound came from, I realized that my eyesight was beyond phenomenal. I could see every single leaf that swayed in the winds, counting the green veins on their surface wasn’t a problem either. Between the densely packed trees, a shadow was slowly trodding towards me.

Biting my lip... Or was it Marie's lip? No matter, I bit it in anticipation is what mattered. It was probably some kind of forest friend, here to welcome me into the new world. Sure enough, it was a deer.

It curiously regarded me with its black eyes and munched on a nearby berry thicket, ready to pounce away at any moment. That was quite anticlimactic, a deer would be worth like five experience points and last I checked I needed several billion to level up either of my attributes.

Eh, might as well.

I swung the Wight King's Blade at it, which I probably shouldn't have done because I have never held a blade in my life. My moves lacked any finesse so while I said swung, what really happened was the sword flailing along with my uncontrollable hands.

Having one hundred in every stat meant that Marie was sixty times stronger than a regular person would be. Sixty times is a lot.

The deer quite literally transformed into red slurpy, thank god I couldn't hear the nauseating sound of jellified flesh splashing around because it was drowned out by the sound of my sword breaking the sound barrier. My ears were ringing but not as badly as I would expect from an explosion going off next to me.

What was bad however was that I could smell a mix of feces and fresh blood, nauseating in its own right, it was even worse with my potent sense. My stomach drifted around in my abdomen and I choked on my barf. It took a while before I stopped puking my insides out.

With tears clouding my vision, I gasped for air while breathing through the mouth, just to be safe. After shooting a cursory glance and my expulsion, I realized that it was remains of food that boosted XP gains. This really ticked me off, I had Marie eat that food before doing the dailies in Lemuria.

Lemuria had some rudimentary hunger system but the food was mostly used for some small boosts, either in stats or some additional effects.

With a frown of my face, I tried to conjure up the status screen just to remember that I couldn't do that anymore. What I could do, however, was feeling my stats, I wasn't exactly seeing the numerical number but I somehow instinctually understood it as such.

Now this, this was out of the ordinary all right. I took a deep breath to compose myself and just accepted this new ability as something normal. This was when I understood, if my strength was boosted to such a degree then my body must have been affected by the other stats too.

No wonder I had trouble moving in an orderly manner if everything was intensified by sixty.

My first suspect was the Constitution stat. It was described as affecting stamina pool, natural resistance to damage, and overall endurance. This was great and all, but what mattered was the next sentence; People with strong constitution have acute senses and tough body.

Originally a flavor text, it must have become truth, at least to some extent.

Another thing that was problematic was the fact that my real body and Marie had different proportions, she was a full head shorter than me but with longer legs compared to the rest of her body. I could probably get used to that soon, it was the changes in my physical capabilities that didn’t help me at all.

The thing was, I believed that there was a solution. An extremely convenient item usually used to normalize stats in Player versus Player.

Digging in my bag of holding, I started to curse under my nose. Lemuria had an option to search by typing in the item's name, but it didn't exist anymore so I had to comb through thousands of items to find the bracelet I was looking for.

At first, it was so big it could probably serve as a crown but the moment I took it in my hands it adjusted itself and shrank to perfectly fit Marie's forearm. This took me off guard, there wasn't an animation like that in Lemuria.

The bracelet was made of solid gold and as thick as Marie's pink. It had an elongated gem on top that was shaped a bit like an arrow, the bracelet itself was separated into two parts, one of which could be moved. There were small numbers from one to ninety-nine etched all over the moveable part.

[Covenant of Mortality, there was a Celestial Empress who once lived amongst mortals and birthed a king amongst men who united the world. Her strength far outstripped the mortal ruler she fell in love with. Thus the sages of old combined their efforts, and created this bracelet, as a gift for the Empress. With her power sealed within the gem, the Empress could join bodies with her chosen.

Use: Reduce Statistics by a select amount. Has no effect on Attributes. Weight: 1kg]

Weird, once again I remembered the description perfectly. Maybe it was actually there and I could read it subconsciously like the stats or something.

Either way, normally a screen would pop up and the player could select a number but no such thing appeared when I slid the bracelet on. Looking at the moveable part, I had a gut feeling and tried to spin it, to my surprise, it moved in a stepped way, each point having a satisfying click.

I set it to ninety-nine but I didn't feel any change, after playing with it for a moment I realized that the gem could be pressed down to lock the selected number.

The moment I locked down the selection I suddenly felt deflated, my chest feeling heavy. The world dimmed and everything sounded as if I was underwater. I instantly understood that it simply returned to normal, this was the CoM's effect that I desired.

After getting a hold of myself, I started to get used to Marie's body, as weird as it sounds. I did some jumping jacks and other funky exercises to get a feel of how her body moved like. There was also this thing with closing my eyes and touching my nose, I almost jabbed my eye out.

Technically it was called body awareness from what I remember. I don't know how long I was at it but my frustration was growing with every moment. This couldn't do, what if something attacked me when I slept or even worse, I slipped and killed myself.

Dying shouldn't be a problem, I had a stack of wakestones which worked as a revive mechanic in Lemuria; I just wasn't brave enough to test them out.

Only after the sky began to dim did Marie's body start responding to my orders and I no longer moved like someone who had just suffered a stroke. It was getting chilly, short skirt and no sleeves weren't the best for keeping warm. Not to mention, this was my roleplaying gear made specifically to look like greek clothing.

Having no idea how people of this world dressed, I could only play it safe.

Normally I wouldn't admit it but I had a thing for hoarding tons of clothes and outfits to choose from. Spending hours to make sure that Marie looked stylish when I went around killing thousands of trash mobs was a normal thing for me. My avatar had to look perfect, I had to look perfect.

In retrospect, this sounds pretty pathetic even by a cellar dweller's standards. Not that I care though.

Yes, I did feel myself up a little bit when I was changing, but can you blame me? I was a man, at least my mind was to some extent. Whether I am being experimented on or I really transmigrated into this body via freak accident, I simply had to enjoy myself when a chance presented itself.

I chose long brown leather boots with flat heels that reached halfway up Marie's thighs and fitting dark pants underneath. Then there was a white shirt with collar and frills, relatively slim fit but loose enough to hide some curves. I put a black vest over the shirt and then a short and fitting navy coat.

If I put a tricorn on I would probably look like a pirate, or musketeer or anything with that kind of general visuals. I pulled out a random dagger and stabbed myself in the leg, using all one of my Strength. Other than some pressure, I didn't feel any actual pain.

Smirking, I put the dagger away.

These clothes were made from end game materials, more durable than regular steel and as light as their regular cloth counterparts. The boots were made from leviathan skin, I made sure to not pick anything like dragon leather because, well, dragons might be rare in this world.

Truth be told, I surprised myself with such critical thinking at the moment. I was in an unbelievable situation, possibly transformed into a fifteen-year-old superhuman girl but I had time to worry about nonsense like that.

I checked my stats again, eighty wisdom. And I thought that it was the natural ability of humans to adapt to their surroundings, maybe it played a little role too, though.

Anyway, Wisdom did not calculate in 1:1 ratio like the other stats, it was one of the weirdest and least useful ones. All it did was make the character mention something about opponents it was facing such as: "Wolves hunt in packs!" or my favorite "It bears the head of a cock!"

Wisdom also allowed for easy item identification as long its rank was higher than the item's level.

It must have been the reason why I could think so clearly in a situation like this. Really, I felt better than ever. I never considered myself bright, more like average and clinically depressed on top of that which really made my brain work sluggishly.

I was looking forward to whatever else was waiting for me.

It might be pathetic, but I would rather stay in Lemuria or whatever this world was than go back to my excruciating college life. Indulging myself in this fantasy, even if for just a moment, was better than anything else the real life had to offer.

Realizing that there was a crooked grimace on my face I tried to control it but it was exceptionally hard. It was probably hormones or something, I made a mental note to work on that, wearing emotions on my sleeve didn't sound particularly nice.

After finding a clear patch of grass, I pulled out a small flint and steel and took a moment to figure out how it actually worked, I had to manually use it. Suddenly, a single spark flew off, exceptionally bright one. When it hit the ground a firepit fell from the sky, quite literally piercing through the clouds and thick foliage above me.

It set itself into the ground with satisfying clanking sounds as the stones stacked on top of each other. It was neatly stoned around and already had chopped up wood inside. Another useful item I hoarded, a moveable bonfire.

I smacked my lips in approval and sat down next to it, the fire automatically ignited and warmed me up.

My stomach growled, crying out to be fed, it made sense considering what happened to the food that Marie ate before. I took out a random dish, mashed potatoes, and some fish, and warmed it up above the fire. It tasted fine, rather fresh I would say, and that's despite the fact that I crafted it a month ago.

I was planning my next course of action while eating, preparing a specific ring just in case my theory was correct. I spoke English, but it was highly plausible that denizens of this world spoke a different language, if not few. I had to find a person or something that could speak tomorrow and check it out.

After pulling out a small orb, I instinctually threw it and summoned a tent next to the firepit, a two-story one; completely equipped with luxurious furniture. I threw my boots to the side and sank into the sofa but not before washing my hands in a bowl of water. Dirty hands were a no go, absolutely unacceptable.

I put my feet on the table and stretched out, I was slowly getting used to my new dimensions.

Initially, I wanted to prepare a checklist of what to do but I couldn't focus. Being a veteran internet dweller, I had developed my own fair share of... tendencies. The two cute little things laying on the table served as a formidable distraction.

I swear to god, I had to put the boots back on or there was no way I would be able to focus.

With my degeneracy sealed and out of the way, I worked on the checklist. First, to test if my map worked like in Lemuria, filling up wherever I walked. Secondly, I wanted to check is if I could use any of the special abilities my weapons had.

Lemuria was weird in the sense that the characters themselves did not have any special skills with the exception of wizards. There were passive abilities and spells that had to be learned in a very specific way but that was all. Everything else came from the weapons and skill gems installed within them.

I pulled out the Wight King's Blade, with my stats sealed it felt very heavy. I had to prop it up against the ground or I wouldn’t be able to handle it. With a slight frown, I poked one of three gems embedded into the guard, it made a nice ching sound.

Two of these gems had passive effects that boosted STR and DEX while the last one released an explosion of ice in the shape of a cone, each use costing five percent of the current HP pool. The thing was, I could not check if I had an HP pool so I was too scared to use it.

I didn't want to risk the sword stealing my kidneys, or worse.

The blade went back into my bag and I pulled out a metal stick instead, my hand sank under its weight. Usually a joke weapon, it would be perfect for my test. Its only skill was length control, borderline useless in the game but it might prove to be useful in this world.

[Stick of Punishment, A failed copy of the legendary Ruyi Bang wielded by Monkey King. Made of heavy duty metal and unadorned, it can at most triple its length of one meter. Often found in hands of martial masters instructing their students. Weight: 10kg.]

Yawning, I put it back into the bag of holding and sluggishly closed the tent from inside. Considering the thick wooden doors, I felt pretty safe. After sliding out of my boots and coat, I collapsed onto a king-sized bed and drifted off into dreamland.



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