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A small notice to the new readers, early chapters have really poor proofreading and I'm not planning on revisiting them since the novel is being rewritten (first to patreon). This novel obviously contains spoilers for the rewrite.

Today was a day as any other, trying not to die in college. I wasn't doing so hot, being a second year, barely. My old man wanted me to study medicine, never had the drive myself. Might have something to do with the fact that instead of letting me develop on my own he tried to make me into a carbon copy of himself.

After getting to my dorm room I made sure the door is locked, didn't want anyone disturbing me, not that I expected any visitors. My social life was pretty much dead at this point, I had a girlfriend once when I was like fourteen and like you probably expect, it was an explosively short-lived relationship.

I dropped my bag onto the bed and then took a quick detour to the kitchen and washed my hands. My hands could never be dirty, I hated dirty hands the most. After thoroughly washing my hands, I sat in front of my computer; the only thing keeping me alive.

When I was at my lowest about seven years ago, I found a game called Lemuria Online. Anything with "Online" in the title would usually turn out to be trash, but I really enjoyed this one. It had an extensive statistics system, was extremely grindy and allowed for incredible amounts of customization.

The clothing and characters were customizable to the extreme, which allowed for some crazy cosplays and roleplaying options. My character was high level but I wasn't much of a player versus player fan, I mostly did regular content and roleplayed with other weird people.

Eager to play, I put on the VR set and dove straight into the game.

I couldn't help but smile when my avatar showed up, the same one for seven years, I was loyal like this. She was called Marie Penn, and was basically the perfect appearance I crafted for myself. Now, I know what you are thinking, "every dude plays as a girl" but really, it just felt right to me. I could never associate myself with these crazy buff ultra males you usually see in games like this.

My father thought that I had a problem, but this game was enough to help me cope with it.

Also, scamming people was extremely easy as an E-Girl which I learned early in my Lemuria career. I started at my avatar's honey blonde ponytail for a moment before deciding what to do today. Lemuria had quite distinct visuals, not exactly realistic but not too cartoonish either.

I already mentioned that Marie had honey blonde hair, it was slightly wavy and nicely curled upwards. She had round and upturned silver eyes with thick eyelashes, crowned by softly angled dark eyebrows. Silver might not exactly be a realistic color but I loved how it composed with her light brown skin. There was also another reason, a famous player also used silver eyes, I guess we had similar taste.

Anyway, each server was different thematically and I was recently roleplaying on an ancient Greek one, people cosplaying as heroes and stuff. Marie was currently clothed in a short toga that reached her knees, white in color with gold embroidering. It was sleeveless and revealed her arms, nicely toned but not overly muscular, simply perfect in my eyes.

She had long sandals made out of striped leather and golden metal bracing that reached just under her knees, I also designed a set of matching gloves. Maybe it wasn't historically accurate but it looked greek enough, I received plenty of compliments for this set.

I never liked equipping a helmet, there was a reason why I spent ten hours customizing my character before even playing. The missing stats weren't critical, equipment other than weapons didn't amount to much in Lemuria. What mattered the most were ten statistics which could be leveled up, eight of which were called the Basic Stats. Those are Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, and Constitution for Physical and for Magical there are; Attunement, Insight, Psyche, Spirit.

These stats started at level one which is supposed to be equivalent to a regular person so someone with two Strength was twice as strong, no idea who they used as the benchmark though, probably some NPC. All of these stats could go to level one hundred but there was a soft cap halfway through; only every five points above fifty would be equal to one point from before.

You can probably guess that I had all of them at one hundred. There were also Attributes of Magical and Physical, I had them both at five hundred. This gave me a level of one thousand nine hundred fourteen. Quite a mouthful, I was pretty sure this game was designed with the eastern market in mind.

I switched the perspective to the first person, which was the only way the game could really be played, and did some of the usual chores like gathering materials and checking the Auction House. There was nothing interesting for sale so I quickly got bored of browsing it.

Roleplaying wasn’t on my mind today either so a different idea entered my mind; getting a single level of INT today, that meant I would have to get through a really annoying location in Darkstalker Forest. I checked if my bag was stacked with potions and food before venturing out.

Thanks to a Pay2Win bag of holding I could carry all of my belongings with me, thousands of useless trinkets and souvenirs.

This was when something happened, everything went dark accompanied by a sound you would usually hear when a computer was undergoing a critical shutdown. Moments later I was back in the forest but nothing was as it should be.

I was attacked by vibrant colors and intense smells, my feeling of touch so sensitive that the light breeze washing over me felt like a hurricane. Overwhelmed, I tried to take a step but I fell to my knees. A pair of fine hands supported me, pushing against the lush grass.

This feeling of touch was beyond anything I've felt before, my brain was overloaded by the overpowering stimuli. Disoriented, I tried to take my VR headset off but my hands only grabbed air, again and again.No idea how long I was trying but it was enough time for my brain to get somewhat used to what was happening.

I tried to use the gesture that would summon the User Interface in Lemuria, but my hands didn't obey me and wildly flailed instead. It was a bit like when you lie down on your arm and it falls asleep, except I wasn't feeling any numbness at all.

After a lot of struggle, I managed to perform the gesture but nothing happened. My mind was slowly growing clearer so I tried to analyze what was happening. I took a deep breath, right I should try getting my headset off first.

Controlling my hands was not easy but I managed to reach the area where VR headset should be, the thing was; there was no headset there.

That was impossible.

I started to suspect foul play and even electrocution, the latter could explain why my senses were out of control and why I couldn’t control my arms. Looking down, I saw the snowy greek toga and a pair of great legs. Realizing that I was still in first person mode and that only the UI was gone, I heaved a sigh of relief.

My hand reached towards my bag of holding to manually take out the map which wasn't easy with my clumsy movements. Once again I had to struggle, pointlessly digging in the bottomless bag. Imagine my joy when I actually managed to pull out the map, must have been my muscle memory.

I pointlessly stared at the empty map in my hands, other than a small circle around the arrow that depicted my character, the rest of the map was completely blank. That was quite impossible, I literally walked through there every time so the map should have been filled with details.

The only logical conclusion was that my internet was acting up because of that power outage or whatever that was. Also, it looked like all of my UI was gone with the wind, even the most basic interface that displayed health points and such.

Annoyed that I would have to restart the game and possibly even call for an ambulance, I looked around.

This was when I realized that this wasn't the same forest. I had absolutely no idea where I was but this quite certainly wasn't the Darkstalker Forest, the trees were different, densely packed and thin. Not to mention, it was windy like in late summer.

Wait for a second, I shouldn't be able to feel temperature, not to mention the wind.

Freaking out I once again tried to get the VR set off my head, I still couldn't feel it. I shouldn't be feeling anything, it was illegal to produce games that simulated the senses under the United Nations law. It had to be the power outage, it did something with my VR set.

At least that's what I initially thought, Lemuria absolutely couldn't have something like that built in. I sat down cross-legged and tired to come up with what really happened but I got distracted right away.

My- No, Marie's skin was soft and smooth, the feeling of touch felt incredibly real.

Being a young man in his twenties, a sexually frustrated one at that, I couldn't waste an opportunity like that. My hands felt up Marie's legs a little bit, or was it her hands? No matter, I must say, it was quite a pleasant experience.

My last shreds of morality awakened when I remembered that there was an aging system in Lemuria, or rather; there was supposed to be one but the devs scrapped it when people complained at their avatars aging.

Technically, Marie's age did not change despite seven years of gameplay and she was fifteen, as I had set it initially. Red alarms going off in my mind, I stopped. However, it absolutely wasn’t real, Marie was just my avatar; so, might as well. My finger traced one of the toned calves when I had yet another ridiculous idea pop up in my mind.

Filled with suspicions, I nervously glanced around.

"Is this the government?" I asked the air. I couldn't help but frown when I heard Marie's voice, it was pleasant but different from the one I set. "The God? Gods?" I grimaced. "Aliens?"

No answers. If it was the government, then they might be checking if I would take advantage of the situation. Truth be told, being locked up for molesting a virtual character than I designed for myself sounded rather unlikely.

Exactly, there was something else going on.

Pragmatically looking at things I shouldn’t believe such a ridiculous scenario, one straight out of a novel. The thing was, I wanted to believe. Humoring the thought of being transported into a different world, I even laughed out loud but soon put my hands over the mouth.

Marie's laugh sounded as if she were choking and wheezing at the same time. Quite certainly not what I had set in the character creation. It wasn’t exactly a voice that I wanted to have as a woman.

Ignoring that issue, it was time to fulfill my dark ambitions. I raised my hands and attacked the chest area, quite certainly soft but there wasn't much to grab on. I never liked big racks so I was very moderate when designing Marie and even tried to compensate for the aging system.

The goods comfortably fit into her small hands.

What I was feeling right now was beyond description, it long ascended beyond just pleasure. I was getting stupidly excited so I nervously checked if there were no other people around. Just trees and my annoying giggling. It was time, time to explore where I quite certainly shouldn't explore.

I raised the toga with one shaky hand and slightly held back the black shorts underneath...


I fist pumped the air after seeing the holy land, sorry any semblance of dignity, but it was time to go to town. Or rather would be, if not for a cracking branch to my left. It was quite unbelievable that I could hear such a quiet sound even with the wind whistling in my ears.

Jumping to my feet, I tried to take out a weapon from my bag of holding just to realize something important: the sword I usually used was as tall as Marie, over one hundred and sixty centimeters long, could I even take it out?

It turned out that yes, yes I could. It slid out of the bag, enlarging to its usual size in the process. This slab of metal felt almost weightless, which was interesting considering its in-game description.

[Wight King's Blade, cast from Ice Steel twice as dense as regular steel. Its imposing length and extraordinary weight are renowned in the northern wastelands. Even dull, it would be an effective blunt weapon. Weight: 15kg.]

I don’t think my memory was always that good, no matter, let's see what got in the way of my degeneracy!


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