Path of the Dominator

by Lust E. Toad

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead GameLit Grimdark High Fantasy Male Lead Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

        Demneh is finally content with life. Despite being a reviled beast Tamer, and living in the lowest dredges on the very edge of humanity, he has finally achieved his dream. He will be able to move his parents to safety in the nearby human settlement, but first he needs to complete one well paying job for a group of adventurers seeking something in the Wilds. Of course, nothing goes to plan. Demneh, with the help of his companion Ina, will have to contend with powerful beasts and even more terrifying humans. The path Demneh's life has taken thus far will change, and he will walk a new Path. The Path of the Dominator.     

Author's Note: I've edited all chapters I post, but they probably still need some work. Any comments or criticism is welcome. Thanks for reading.

Glossary (work-in-progress)

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It's a little different, but good

A fair word of warning that should have probably been in the synopsis is that the mc is a furry (Wait! Don't leave just yet!), the reason his class is frowned upon as is apparent from the start is because Tamers are a bunch of furries, who have sex with 'beastfolk' who are unlike most fantasy stories around, actual anthropomorphic animals rather than humans with ears and tails.

So no wonder, he's looked down on due to that stigma. The silver lining is that I am not a furry, I generally find it a distasteful fetish, but I could read this just fine because all the smut happens off screen.

It's also worth noting that this story isn't some deviant furry sexual fantasy, the mc's sexual attractions make a lot of sense logically, and it's more done out of convenience than because he's a pervert making a habit of chasing tails. It's handled tactfully and maturely enough that it doesn't bother me beyond the first encounter where it took me by surprise. I'm glad I gave it a chance afterwards too because it has been quality reading.

So as long as you are (like me) willing to look past that bit of weirdness, it's worth a read.

The pacing of the story is a bit on the slower side, a bit too much of infodumps and worthless information (also repeated information) weighs it down quite a bit.I  didn't like the prologue, it bored me to tears, I mostly skipped it. Edgy af.

There's also a lot of weird language changes, like days are called cycles and then there are sequences for years or some crap I didn't really understand all of it. Also 'god damn' became 'divinity-damned'. This bullshit was probably done in some attempt to enforce the idea upon the reader that this is another world... But it wasn't doing it for me, all it did was make me confused at the weird word chocices. (Author responded to this in a note in ch39, he has an appropriate reason for it but I maintain that it is still confusing to read)

There are some weird grammatical errors here and there (not that bad but you can see it if you look for it).

That is the extent of my issues with the story.


The story is about a weak characters swift rise to power. I caught up to the story at chapter 38. By that point he is considerably more powerful than at the start, actually he's edging on overpowered territory, but it wasn't just handed to him on a silver platter, he really had to work for it, and he still has a few glaring weaknesses. The setting is fairly dark, humans are pretty low on the scale of power in general compared to monsters. The worldbuilding is pretty decent, there are plenty of mysteries to be explored and the quality of the writing, despite aforementioned flaws, is pretty good, especially if it is compared to the average royalroad writer. It's just a couple notches below professional quality, just a few quirks that are holding the author back, a few bad habits of overexplaining some things and such that are biting him.

The story is mature, clearly written by an adult for adults, there is (off screen) sex but it's not done with your typical wish fulfilment writing, and it's dark fantasy setting is reminiscent of dungeons and dragons. (Clearly inspired by tabletop rpgs, but it's not using litrpg themes too heavily (there's no game interface or numerical stats here for example)) and the mc has to constantly struggle with making morally difficult choices.

Overall I am excited to read more and hoping that the author picks up the pace a bit.

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Great story so far and I really like the darker aspect of it. 

There are a few grammatical errors per chapter but overall the story is easy enough to read so don't detract very much from the reading experience.

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Review as of book 1

This is a really good story, and it has built an interesting world, with it's own rules and takes on popular ideas

It is a realistic portrayal of the class-based fantasy genre, and as of book 1, the author has shown they will not shy away from the rough parts and the lewd parts.

The only small problem I have is that it is hard to follow how time works, the story doesn't use our hour/day/week/month/year cycle, but the world the story takes place in has it's own words and breakdowns. with no analogue to our time it is hard to get a grip for how old characters are, age differences, and time passing.

human 000
  • Overall Score

It is interesting novel with great potential and I read the entire chapters in one go. Although I don’t like sexual contants Things.

Robert Obiekwe
  • Overall Score

The story takes a different path to the typical tamer story. It also a a very unique background and rpg elementals. It hold great potential and is definitely worth a read.

Paul Sheenius
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Hyped to see where this goes! :)

Never thought i would recommend a novel with such a heavy focus on bedtime, but here you go :D I really like the Characterdevelopment, the mc basically makes a 180° turn and gives in to his desires. What i really like, is how this doesnt read like your typical male fantasy and sex is just a way to complete his goal instead of your typical japanese beta mc who wants to bang everything with insane detailed descriptions. Not much known about the world, so i have to see how the worldbuilding will go and story didnt progress much yet, so i keep the last star until i'm further down the story. I'm really hopefull for the novel, it has great potential, at least when sex stays a tool and doesnt become the goal :) Not a huge fan of those pupeteer-like Mc's, but thats just personal prefference and his first soulbound is at least exactly your brutish berserker which i really favor :)