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Lucky or Misfortune Two - Take It Before They Change Their Mind Or The Chicken Will Eat It.


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Long silent





" Yeah right ... Changes ... To do betters ... The past me ... Present and future " Lucky looks at his hand.

The faceless man gives Lucky a NOD three times.

" Too relent ... I want to do better ... Speak my opinion don't hold it ... Elisa ... I want to see her again " Lucky cry.

" I don't want to be alone ... It hurts " Loki stand up. 

" Send me there ... But are you sure she there ... My wife? "

" Yes but, remember the place you go is much larger than earth ... ten times or more. Almost zero % you meet her and you are a lord, a king you can't go too far from your territory "

" It's okay I will build a sanctuary for her and win her love again " He said with confident

" I like your spirit ... OKAY " the faceless man throws some object.


A data hologram in table show ups. A big title can be read above the table.


" Here is the listed ability but before that.. ." the data hologram rotate and change to Lucky hologram

" Your dragnil race is a race with high status. They have much higher growth potential in power, intelligence, agility, vitality, will, dexterity. but they can only learn one elemental attribute. different from other race that can learn all of them, dragnil cannot. They born with their elemental affinity even until their death ... " the faceless man walk and tap the dragnil option.







" but they have a greater understanding of their affinity " the faceless man take a step to the left side " And they will never lose when a battle between the same affinity with others race ... In growth too "

Lucky tap the fire option

Fire Dragnil: The Most powerful and destructive Dragnil. When they broke the limit state they can transform to Red Dragon

" Transform...? " Lucky ask

" Yes, like beastman can transform into their beast state, dragnil can change to dragon state. You see your Hologram right? "


" That's your motherland figures. Even it looks like a human but when a specific condition meet you will grow tail, horn or claw but ... " Lucky ready to say " what "

" You can hide it " it stopped before he can talk. And then he continues

" Of course beastman can't hide it. exclusive only to dragnil because their status "

Lucky just nod and read the other option.

Water Dragnil: the most versatile dragnil. They can heal, fight, and defence. All-rounder type. When they broke the limit state they can transform into Blue Dragon.

Wind Dragnil: the freest dragnill. They live like wind and follow the wind. It's rare for them to step their foot on the land. When they broke the limit state they can transform into White Dragon.

Earth Dragnil: the hardest and the longest life spawn in dragnill and dragon family. When they broke the limit state they can transform into Brown Dragon.

Holy Dragnil: the selfless Dragnill. They wander the world to help the one who needs it. They have the highest will. most of their power is used to help people. Even though they can become fierce when they need it. When they broke the limit state they can transform into Gold Dragon.

Darkness Dragnil: The most mysterious dragnil. Life in the dark or underground. Not much know about this dragnil but when they come, remember to respect them. When they broke the limit state they can transform into Black Dragon.

Lucky put a confused face. His gazes direction changes to the faceless man.

" I want to ask. " 

" Go ahead. "

" Is there no ice or poison dragnil? "

" There is but... You must complete some requirement. "

" What is the requirement? "

" Heart. "

" Heart? " Lucky face become more confused.

" You must take another dragon heart or dragnil with a different affinity that already broke the limit and eat it "

" Eat it? " Shocked by the answer, Lucky got some goosebumps.

" Yes. The more dragnil or dragon want another affinity, the heart dragnil or dragon must eat too increased. From one to two, four, eight, and the last are sixteen. "

" isn't that too cruel? I mean they must kill each other "

" I say this first but dragnil is an almost extinct race. Their number is no more than 1000. Their breeding time is longer than any races. Dragnil or dragon heart is a luxury item that can help to boost someone affinity "

" Meanwhile I choose this kind of race. Really disaster in disguise. " Lucky looks at the option for a longer time.

" The different between Dragnil and Dragon? " Lucky ask again. The faceless man raises his two fingers.

" Blood and traits. Blood means... Dragnil is mix blood between dragon and human, only human. The purer dragnil dragon blood, the closest their growth and potential to the pure dragon. While traits, dragnil can hide their dragon traits like horn, tails, scale when in human form but dragon can't. Dragon can use their dragon form forever but dragnil can't. In simple ways, dragon born with shell, dragnill with the cry " Lucky listen to the answers seriously. 

" Lucky Misfortune... Pick your choice " the faceless man said while Lucky in the state of deep thinking.

" I pick Holy Dragnil " Suddenly on Lucky figures hologram a horn, tails and scale born. A single gold horn on the figure bald head, few gold scales below his eyes. His hand and legs were completely covered by the gold scale. The scale on his body is scarce. The 1 meters gold tails on the back. 

 The faceless man switches the hologram. 

" Here is your ability. Because you survive for ninety-nine days you gain ninety-nine point skills. "



" Here you as you can see, you can put these skill point into individual and lord option " the hologram then opening new list below the individual option

" Here the list "


Holy Strike ( 1pt )

Holy First ( 1pt )

Holy Aura ( 1pt )

Cure ( 2pt )

Heal ( 2pt )

Blessing Of Light ( 1pt )



Total Abilities: 135

" Remember, You can learn these abilities if you put your will. All of them is a basic skill " the man said then moves his hand to swap the list


Land Of Blessing ( 10pt )

Land of Fertility ( 10pt )

Land of Courageous ( 10pt )

Land Of Mana ( 10pt )

Land Of Scholar ( 10pt )




Total: 777

"As I said Earlier, The lord skill is for your land and your people. The skill also affect your abilities "

" Do you have any recommendation? " He doesn't know anything about land governing. For a former slave company like him, this new to him. Where he just need to do one thing as the superior orders, now he must do one thing as a whole as the superiors.

" You must set a plan for your territory, your vision, where you want to bring " 

Lucky then took a deep thinking

" Sanctuary... Where the land has a lot of happiness especially for family...but, even in earth you never know what will happen to the territory... Military Style like North Korean?... An industrial country like China where money circulated like a River?... Or Supremacy Like US? " Lucky said.


A note from Its me mom


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