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Its me mom

Lucky or Misfortune One - I tell you, Between Lies there is some truth Around 5%


A note from Its me mom

Hello it's me your mom

Welcome to my world

First ... Try to read with some intelligence.

Second ... Wear a glass eye before reading

Three ... Tell your doctor to stand by

Four ... God bless you ... DEPART !!!

At some empty space

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..." maniac laughter type can be heard.

" Finally ... This damn human hahaha. "
A man without face jumping, rolling and do apple dance at the front of a huge monitor.

" I have a key ~
I have a meteor ~
BOMM !! ~
You Fucking Dead ~ "

" Brother What happen? " a loli came out behind the man. Like the man, she does not have a face.
" Hahaha SISTAR !!! " The man signalled to do a high five
" I get a vacation. "
" Really? " High Five
" The bug is given up? " The loli ask.
" YUP... Ninety-nine days... It's fucking ninety-nine DAYS !!! "
" Congrats Brother. "
" Thank's sis. Because I'm on the mood lets go to paradise. "

" Really? You pay right? But How the bugs give up? "
" I'm waiting for him to come out and staking the meteor power. That damn shit just pooped and I not gonna lose the changes and then poops... " the hand opens widely
" Yey ... " The loli said in jumping and she said again.
" And .... gonna report this? "
The man took a silent stance...
" Oh My God ... For Ramen, I forgot. " The men run and some magical portal comes out.
" See you at Junkie Drunk. "

Meanwhile, a man with an ageing face sits while looking at some document on his table. A mountain of papers.

" Hah ... " the man take a long sigh " gonna quit this job seriously. " Suddenly magical portals show up.

" Greeting sir. "
" You are...? "
" Section Andromeda, Planet Earth Officer code sign 29081985. "
" Oh right .. Soooo? "
" Reporting the last human earth already depart. "
" Hmmm okay for many days? "
" Ninety-nine days sir " the man said with high spirit.
" Hmm " the ageing man looks confused.
" How many? " the ageing man asks again.
" Ninty nine days sir. "

BANG !!!

The mountain of papers scatter into space but it does not fall just flying on the space.

" How can ... No .. Nine ... Wait ... But ... " the ageing stands up and walking around. He then takes the scatters document and look at them one by one.

" The longest day is Forty-Nine but ... Ninety-nine? "
" Sir? " the officer said in awkward.
" Just go and guide him. "
" Yes, Sir !!! " The officer back to the magical portal while the ageing man sits again.
" Ninety-nine... "


" Hmm... It's dark... The left side to its dark ... Is that the left side? Hmmm... I want to smoke... My chocolate? There is no... Where is this? Afterlife? But where is the doors or stairs?... They lie ... there is no heaven doors or hells gate. Even the dog Cerberus can't be seen. The stairs too. Gun End Ros is a lie. Knock knock heaven doors ... There are no doors ... where is the knock knock sound coming from... "
" Hello Human "
" Hmmm ... There is sound? Where is it? ~ Where are you ~ "
" Front of you human. "
" Don't joke around Alex... It's dark. " suddenly a faceless man shows up and a sudden light revealing Lucky and the faceless man.
" You..... Where is your face man... Accident? "
" Ah no no no its no accident. "
" Woah ... Really? ... " The faceless man took some document from the space.
" Name, Lucky Misfortune. "
" Yup It's me. "
" Male and divorced "
" Yup "
" Born August 29 2xxx. "
" Ehhhh... Yup? "
" Survive for ninety-nine days "
" Stalker? "
" I'm not ... And you are the last human. "
" Am I? "
" I will introduce my self, code sign 29081985, Officer Earth, Andromeda Section. "
" Ehh... Am I at some short dating interview? "
" Ah no... at some leaders interview. "
" Leader? "
" Yes, Leaders for the last place for life. The place of all race to survive and continue their race. We call the place Mother Land. "
" Mother Land? All race? "
" Yes. The place where heaven and hell in one place "
" As I thought they lie "
" Lie? "
" Yes, stairways to heaven, knock knock heaven doors, and Cerberus "
" if you say Cerberus ... A dog with three heads? "
" Yes... Wait... Is there ... "
" Yes there is Cerberus. "
" The hell gate dog? "
" Hell gate? No no, they are a dog race but Cerberus lineage. "
" dog race? "
" Yes. When I say all race it's mean all of them. "
" Haaaa? " 
" In human earth therms ... Aliens. Another lifeform of a human with different properties. "
" The F ... Really? "
" Elf, dwarf, undead, demon, devil, angels and others. "
" OH God... Am I Dreaming? Maybe the meteor hit me too hard in the head ... Hmm yes that is yes. "
" This is a reality. You are not dead, you just arrive at some station before depart again to the motherland and you must apply some document. "
" Document?"
" Yes here " the faceless man throw something.

Suddenly a figure hologram of lucky come out... Naked type. Beside the figure is some data.

" The figure is yours... "
" Yes, I know... And fiuuuuu... King size. "
" Yes, King siz ... Ahemm... Your left side is the document you must apply. " Lucky loot at the data.

Name: Lucky Misfortune ( Rename )
Race: Human ( Rechose )
Title: The Last Survivor
Strenght: 1
Dexternity: 0.9
Luck: 2
Condition: Empty

" You can change your name and race. The title is given when they do the thing that makes everyone recognize it. Power is determined your physical power, intelligent is your brain power also magic power, agility is your reaction speed and anything related about speed, vitality is the body toughness, Will is your mind power or phycological power, Luck is the oddness changes to you. "
" Name change? Nope ... Even I don't like the name but my parent names it. Like some blessing was given by my parent... so nope. Race... I can change my race? "
" Yes, try to touch rechoose option. "

Race option:
High human
High elf
There is a ninety-nine option. lucky try to choose golem race and he steps backwards because his hologram figure change.

" Shit ... It's THANOS !!! "

After that, he tries one by one. Sinister laughter can be heard and some bad mantra like " I'm Arthas"," Ho Ho Valak ", " Patrick? Let's try Spongebob ".

The faceless man tries no not blows up because Lucky antics. From the first meet he already got a bad feeling. But because the vacation rewards he tries to endure the loose crazy man.

" Ho ... Ho ... The Angels Race seems to suit me because I'm handsome? The demon to suit me perfectly like the DON hahaha. "

" Mister Lucky Please choose your Race. " the faceless man said in an irritated tone.
" Wait for a while bro its fun. I miss this feeling. "
" Oh ...A-Alright. " 

Maybe around 2-4 Hours space-time.
" Okay Done Bro. "

" Yes Thank You " The faceless men look at Lucky figures.
" Dragnil... Alright... Wait ... Dragnil !!! "
" See that...You shocked right... Is manly right ... with the thick black beard covering the face except for the lips, eyes, nose, And then the bald head. " Lucky though his chin "  Like a drummer of the hardcore band. "
The faceless man takes out some item.
" Hello ... Yes, This is Officer... Yes, it's about dragnil... Yes yes... Oh right... Yes, it's ninety-nine days... Yes... Very serious... Yes ... Yes ... Thank you. "
" Your Supervisor? " Lucky Ask
" Yes. You already choose so I will explain. " The faceless man snaps his fingers and then a high tech chalkboard shows up. Lucky who see this immediately sit down.

" The world calls Mother Lands. In that place, you must build a civilization or help the leader to build it. Because of the last survivor, you already became a leader and don't have to build a reputation from zero. You can gain skill with hard work and understanding. You can gain some skill point with finishing some quest. The quest reward is variation. When you became a lord you will open the lord skill. the lord skill will help your territory in military, technologies, economy, and the living standard of your people. Blah blah ... "

Few hours spacetimes

" Any question? "

" There is Magic? "

" Yes. Every living can practice magic "

" Andddd... leaders or landlord or ... King? "

" You will guide your people so basically you are the king, leader, boss "

" Am I? Can I reject the whole thing about this? "

" Nope. Every race will give a chance to live and do what they can do "

" Okay but ... You know ... I gain nothing if you think again right? I'm already bored about life, ninety-nine days alone in a small place and some meteor greets me every day. Even my ass got some resistant ability to asphalt and walls "

" Nope, you gain a change. A change to live, a change to do betters, a chance to gain your family again, a change ... " " Do I Have a family? " Lucky cut the faceless man words.

" Yes, your wife, your children, your parent. "

" My parent? They are already dead bro. "

" Every living being that died before the meteor stuck is reincarnated here but ... they will lose their memories "




A note from Its me mom

Wash your feet and teeth before sleep.

Don't sleep too late, bad for your body

Remember your mom is always with you 

*Night kiss in your forehead

Good night 

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Bio: Household mom. Trying to get better at English. So when my child asks me " how are you " I can confidently answer " I'm fine. How about you "

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