December, 1 2xxx

The day of the first meteor shower. Like rain, the meteor hit every land and sea for three hours. Almost half of the population gone in single rain. The Next Day, A new round pouring down and half of the last survivor gone. The next day happened again and half of the survivor gone. The disaster keeps coming every day for three hours until the last survivor of mankind. 

Ninety-nine days. 

Lucky Misfortune. A terrible name, Contradictive name, like a parent give the name while drunk on mineral water. 

Lucky Misfortune. A fine man, A good man, a devoted husband but got cheated, and a simple slave company or salaryman. 

Lucky Misfortune. Thirty years old. David Beckham hairstyle with black colour. Eyes like Mission I**posible actor. Face like Brad Pit. Body like Arnold ...

Let say he has a normal face, normal body packs, normal height but Beckham hairstyle with black colour. Can't too perfect sorry.

He tripped into a manhole while the first meteor comes. The next day he comes out but got hit in the head by some brick and back to the manhole fainted. The next day he comes out again with slowly takes his head out but this time he got kicked by some runner and back to the manhole with a shoe mark on his face. The next day he finally comes out and searches for food. Not even 10 minutes he saw a meteor coming. He runs and jumps without hesitation to the manhole.

Five days without food and water he braces himself and goes out. He found a broken market and rob it... Plunder it. He throws all of the plunder rewards to the manhole. One, two, three and more times he robs the broken market. Every time the meteor did their business, he will search for food and water until the manhole full of food and water. Why he stays at this manhole? Because he doesn't have a family. His parent already passed. He is a single child. A divorced man with his wife cheated on him. He will just stay here until some reinforcement.

Day after day the earth tremble. But he just sits, eats, drinks, and search a nice spot for poop. Even his money became a tissue paper. Well, you can't expect to clean your ass to some ruined wall or road... Too sharp and dangerous.

Until he reaches some mental line and can't hold it anymore. He comes out naked. Long hair with a thick beard. Homeless style figure plus some loose gear. In his hand is a tobacco and fire flicker.

" Air Force One Stand By " He walks and bows.


[Note: A Big Fart followed by little fart many times before some object comes out ]



His Ass touch the ruined asphalt road.



" Haa ... Nice Feeling " He Stand and make a saluting pose to the poop.

" Have a Nice flight Air Force One "


He looks to the sky...

" Ah "

A big meteor comes. 

" Got bored " he sits beside the poop.

" Hey Air Force One, You are the only friend I have in this beautiful world " He lit up his tobacco. He took a deep inhale and lose it.

" I Love you Air Force One " He put a warm smile 




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