Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

When a Lucky But At the same time have bad luck getting into some pyramid scheme...



Wrong words... Not a pyramid scheme but scheme to make a pyramid. Pyramid of Power.

What happens will?

What will happen?

Will happen what?

Happens will what?


PS / Q&A 

Q: Grammar Mistake?Spelling? 

A: I tell you ... it's on purpose

Q: Can't Read it ?

A: Try to increase your brain wave ... A bit more Higher like me.

Q: Meh ... Better not read it?

A: Don't judge Cup Ramen by its ads you never know the taste inside. 

Q: I Can Read It !!!

A: Welcome To My World My Fellow Comrade.

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Its me mom

Its me mom

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Okay, first off; implying that people who can't understand your story need to get smarter is a great way to make sure that no one wants to read your work.  You can *say* the typos are on purpose, but that doesn't make them correct grammar, or make it easier to read.

The story is illegible.  It needs serious work, both in terms of grammtical correction, punctuation, word choice, and flow.  Like, a total rewrite would be in order, if you had a story to rewrite.  As it stands, the story looks like you have a guy who's the last human to die who takes a giant shit on both the street, and the concept of good taste, and then gets hit by a meteor, and then reincarnates.  Maybe you plan on going somwhere with this eventually, but the reader can't see your eventually.  If you have a twist or a hook, you need to deploy it early.  Also, when you format, make sure to include line breaks so that your readers can more easily parse paragraphs.  It's just a good quality of life thing.

Don't be discouraged by this; I don't want you to stop writing.  But when you do, try to keep in mind that if you're writing for an audience, then it's a good idea not to open by insulting that same audience.