Kobold Whisperer

Kobold Whisperer

by Bigmouth

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Kobolds are looked down on even by the lowest of society. Laws don't forbid their capture and enslavement, few groups believe them to be worth freeing. One knight doesn't believe in slavery of any sort and when his mission leads him to some kobold slavers he knows exactly how to deal with them. In the process, he gets an unexpected friend and it only snowballs from there. Before long, other adventurers of the land begin to call him by a new name, the kobold whisperer. Tales spread quite far about the man that knows more kobolds than humans, and eventually, he begins questioning the nation at large. His fateful encounters with the kobolds leads him to a bold stance. Merdon, seasoned adventurer, will do anything to free the oppressed lizard race. Even overthrow the king.

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Top List #1500
Word Count (12)
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Sedra ago
Through the Woods ago
Bereth ago
Guilds and Glory ago
Cavernous Complications ago
A Night to Remember ago
Risky Business ago
Call for Help ago
Reprieve ago
R&R ago
Warnings ago
Humble Beginnings ago
Theris ago
Besting Bandits ago
Pareng ago
Towards the Capital ago
Ardmach: Sarel ago
Ardmach: Skyeyes ago
Ardmach: Red ago
Ardmach: Merdon ago
Side Story: EoE ago
Aftermath ago
Side Story: The Eyes See All ago
Bandit Caravan ago
Arrival ago
Tower of Tricks ago
A Maze ago
One Step Forward ago
Faith and Knowledge ago
Into the Fire ago
Top of the Tower ago
End of Book One: Epilogue ago
Book Two: Chapter One, Seeds of Rebellion ago
Book Two: Chapter Two, A Group Divided ago
Book Two: Chapter Three, Dance of Death ago
Book Two: Chapter Four, Midnight Madness ago
Book Two: Chapter Five, Serendipity ago
Book Two: Chapter Six, Growing Storm ago
Book Two: Chapter Seven, Too Many Chiefs ago
Book Two: Chapter Eight, Punishment ago
Book Two: Chapter Nine, Meanwhile ago
Book Two: Chapter Ten, Recovery ago
Book Two: Chapter Eleven, Talk it Out ago
Book Two, Chapter Twelve: Grot's Gambit ago
Book Two, Chapter Thirteen: A Night on the Town ago
Book Two, Chapter Fourteen: Meeting of Minds ago
Book Two, Chapter Fifteen: Mountainside Musings ago
Book Two, Chapter Sixteen; Ancient Ruins ago
Book Two, Chapter Seventeen; Catacombs ago
Book Two, Chapter Eighteen: Catacombs pt2 ago
Book Two, Chapter Nineteen: Casualties of War ago
Book Two, Chapter Twenty ago
Book Two, Chapter Twenty One: Witch's Desire ago
Book Two, Chapter Twenty Two: Coalition ago
Book Two, Chapter Twenty Three: Training ago
Book Two, Chapter Twenty Four: Intensity ago
Book Two, Chapter Twenty Five: Snooping ago
Book Two, Chapter Twenty Six: Plucking the Eyes ago
Book Two, Chapter Twenty Seven: Epilogue ago
Book Three, Chapter One: Death March ago
Book Three, Chapter Two: More Questions than Answers ago
Book Three, Chapter Three: Information Gathering ago
Book Three, Chapter Four: Meeting of the Minds ago
Book Three, Chapter Five: Forced March ago
Book Three, Chapter Six: Ambush ago

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While the ending of book 1 was a bit predictible, it was an enjoying tale.  Anybody interested in a nice inter-species story should give this a chance.

Roguish wizard

Good pacing, good foundation for developing three dimensional characters, good setting. All around a great start keep it up!

Bruce X. Writes

Like the description of the city.  Wondering where the relationship with the knight and the Kobol will develop into.


Interested to see where this goes. Glad that the grammar does not induce headaches. Hoping to see some world building and character development in the coming chapters


So far it's been real good. One of the better novels on the site for sure. Wish there was more stories like this with actual content instead of endless blue screens that serve as a meaningless filler. 


I dont review often...and I should. This story is the start of something simply awesome. If you like Kobolds or the lesser races this is a story that does them justice. I wish I could read it all over again for the first time. I wish there were 1000 chapters. This story is amazing and I desperately want more!


Fun story, cool characters

I really enjoyed it so far, the characters are interesting and the story stays interesting even in the calm parts

Toby Ziegler

From Merdon's beginnings as a reluctant hero to their entire group's rise in both power and responsibility, this is an engaging story full of real characters. Merdon and Sarel begin a trend by managing to see each other as real people, rather than as separate races. It is a heartwarming facet of an adventurous, often gripping story.

While the style is sometimes slow, and sometimes wordy, these are only minor drawbacks in the shifting perspectives for the story's telling and easily overlooked. The story itself is a thoughtful progression of plot and story arcs and set within a complex, very real feeling universe. Well done, author!

From the rules of magic to the politics of the land to the creatures inhabiting it, the universe of the Kobold Whisperer deserves special mention. Everything fits together in realistic ways with reasonable explanations, where they can be known, at least. Even the kobolds’ non-traditional appearance has a purpose and is not just a random author’s decision. The sub-cultures are rich and enhance the plot and story well.

The weakest point is the story's grammar, but even there it shines well above the average offering on Royal Road. With the well-developed and engaging characters found here, anyone fond of fantasy should be well rewarded by reading this story.