Trapped in a Parallel Dimension with a Different Body!

by Kakun

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

When Japanese student Hiroshi Kimoto somehow dies, he's offered a chance to be reincarnated and become a real isekai protagonist. But when things go awry, he's reincarnated into the body of a cute girl (much cuter than the cover art)! He has no magical abilities, no useful knowledge, no physical prowess and isn't a very likeable person. If you met him in real life I'm sure you wouldn't like him. Sorry Hiroshi but that's the kind of guy you are. At least he's a cute girl now.

So join Hiroshi as the whim of the author and conceit of the plot-I've-vaguely-mapped-out carries this unremarkable, passive protagonist through a bland half-assed fantasy world. What heights will he/she reach? All these questions and more will be answered after the initially steady stream of chapter updates dries up, picks up again and then either races or plods towards the conclusion with regardlessly poor pacing.

Oh also just in case I'll say everybody in this story is over eighteen years old–over nineteen, actually. Even if there's a newborn, the baby is automatically nineteen.

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Surprising light hearted discovery

Reviewed at: A Tiring Day

I came for how fun the description of the story was, not expecting much and ended up captivated due to the well written and simple and nice story that's turning out to be (currently only 3 chapters).

It's a fun and cute read with its many small fourth wall jokes. Not to be taken seriously but as light hearted just as the author wrote in the description. It seems to be going the romance route quite quickly. If that's not your thing, it might not be what you're looking for.

Expectant on how the plot-author-san's-vaguely-mapped-out turns out to be in future releases.