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"You shall be known as 072. Code 072.
I am your Father.
And you are to obey my every order."

That was the first thing the boy heard when he opened his eyes.

Created and raised in a lab with 99 other codes, they underwent torturous experiments, coupled with bloody battles, all for one purpose, the creation of the ultimate weapon to stop all wars.

However, the lab they were raised in was destroyed in one of the nuclear strikes. Some died while the remaining few, by a certain twist of events, were transported into an entirely different world.
"Ah, welcome to the Cycle of Reincarnation, children," the entity spoke.

The codes opened their eyes as they observed the strange being before them

Soon, an interface appeared.

Listed beside the being was:
Name: Leon(God of Reincarnation)
Race: Half-Angel
Class: God lvl ???
Sub-class 1: Thief lvl ???
Sub-class 2: Sorcerer lvl ???

Xeno: ???
Xeno regen: 100,000/sec

Remarks: A God of humble origins!

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Pen of damnation

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