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New Fiction - Fantastic Journeys Through the Stars


Sorry for no updates for so long. As I was writing this story I realized I had no story board, no goals, no actual plot. So I scrapped it and took a few months to storyboard a new story. This one (link below), I have planned for at least the first 200 chapters and 3-4 arcs. So while updates will be moderately fast (1-3 per week). It wont go hiatus (Unless IRL happens, I die, world war 3, coronavirus etcetc).

I encourage everyone to give it a try :D

Link :

Synopsis : Arthur Tullett had always been leading an average life. All he ever wanted was to get a stable job, marry a caring wife, be a fun father, and lead a life he could look back towards without any regrets.

All that came crashing down when his magic wielding, tentacle swinging, Cthulhu horror of a baby sitter paid him a visit. Before he knew it, things escalated out of control and common sense became a thing of the past.

Now he has to venture across the universe, solving mysteries left unexplained for eons. He has to discover bizarre civilizations full of weird alien wonders, and save them from cosmic terrors out there to gobble them up.

Join him on this fantastic journey full of laughter and passion through the stars.


Releases: 2-3 per week for now (Will increase later)

Disclaimer: This story contains no harem.


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About the author


Bio: I am a noob at writing. Just started, so I beg your mercy.
It would be great if you guys could give me pointers to improve.
And hope you like my fictions!

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