Slaying Monsters for Dummies

Slaying Monsters for Dummies

by Mecanimus

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore


East coast, late 2018. A handful of people with nothing in common find themselves targeted by kidnappers. It sounds like a job for the FBI, except that the criminals are not quite human anymore, and the victims find themselves wielding strange abilities.

How exactly are you supposed to explain that to the cops?

You don't. You survive, fight and strive, and most importantly you prepare, for magic is coming back and there is a world to save. And a market to corner.




Image by Bella Bergolts.


The story is told from the perspective of the two protagonists. 


I have finished writing two arcs and will upload them quickly, the upload rate will slow down after that. I welcome corrections and constructive criticism, in particular when it comes to inconsistencies. 

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3rd Anniversary
30 Reviews
400 Review Upvotes
Word Count (17)
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Table of Contents
55 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1.1 Friday Night – Seren - Ten Kilometers North of Atlantic City ago
Arc 1 Dragged in. ago
1.2 Friday Afternoon – Nathan – Hallows Residential District ago
1.3 Friday Night – Nathan – Hallows precinct ago
1.4 Saturday - Nathan - Home ago
1.5 Just a bit later. ago
1.6 Saturday noon - Nathan - Home ago
1.7 Saturday noon - Seren - Location unknown ago
1.8 Sunday, early morning - Nathan - Hallows Appliances ago
1.9 Sunday Morning – Seren – Location unknown ago
1.10 Sunday noon - Nathan - Sarah's home ago
1.11 Twenty minutes later - Nathan ago
Interlude - Phone call ago
1.12 Sunday afternoon - Nathan - Hallows Industrial District ago
1.13 Sunday afternoon - Seren - The Lair ago
Arc 2: The crucible. 2.1 There is a time for fighting and a time for healing ago
2.2 Never look down on a boon. ago
Interlude - Phone call 2 ago
2.3 Manage expectations ago
2.4 Give every negotiation your best shot ago
2.5 Leave a lasting impression. ago
2.6 You will fall a thousand times. ago
Interlude - Phone call 3 ago
2.7 Go out there and make new friends. ago
2.8 Strange bedfellows ago
Interlude - Phone call 4 ago
2.9 Thicker than water. ago
2.10 Customer Disservice ago
2.11 Ethics ago
2.12 Blintzkrieg ago
2.13 Peer pressure ago
2.14 The red Makka ago
2.15 Dawn of War ago
2.16 The calm before the storm ago
2.17 The Crucible ago
2.18 Swatted like a fly ago
2.19 The low point. ago
2.20 The lowest point ago
Arc 3: Incorporation 3.1 A life of crime ago
3.2 Double double ago
3.3 An audience with the Queen ago
3.4 New blood ago
3.5 Gone to Ground ago
3.6 Valley Forge ago
3.7 From Russia with love ago
3.8 Valley Forge still ago
3.9 Odd Job ago
3.10 The warrens ago
3.11 Tunnel filler ago
3.12 Payday ago
3.13 Blood pit stop ago
3.14 The Old Guard ago
3.15 Truce ago
3.16 Like herding cats ago
3.17 Maneuvers ago

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Nice original Urban fantasy

Well written Urban Fantasy story. Magic starts coming back to the world, giving some people powers and awakening magical creatures both good and bad. All this is hidden from the general populace. The story follows two people who have developed sensitivity to "the weave" and how they handle life in this new reality. Definitely got some nice Dresden vibes, though this is definitely a standalone story and world and not a fan-fic.

Gritty world with consequences. People can die or have bad things happen. But not so grimdark and tragic that there's no happiness or joy or point in even trying.

Some grammar and punctuation issues. Not enough to be immersion breaking, but enough to notice and knock off a half star.

Very enjoyable read, definitely recommend.


This will be trending soon

This will be on the top trending soon. I just hope you add a few more chapters about maybe the magic training or some more of prison torture to fill out the story more.

Maybe add a little to more to the chapter where nathan meets gwahin. It was a little rushed but the story is great so far.