The Lair of Time

by Tycomaru

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon LitRPG Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Mysterious death. Second chance. Punishment. This is what one man woke to after somehow dying. With no full memory of how he died he was told his second chance was actually a punishment. Now Kronos must prove his existence is worth something or be erased from it completely.

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Chronomech Dragon

Top List #2000
Word Count (VIII)
1st Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Welcome to Solara ago
Chapter 2: Menus and Lairs ago
Chapter 3: Townsville ago
Chapter 4: Adventure Time ago
Chapter 5: Break an egg ago
Chapter 6 Lost in Translation ago
Chapter 7 Quest Master ago
Chapter 8 Leaving the nest ago
Chapter 9: A New home ago
Chapter 10: Gathering Power ago
Chapter 11: They Come ago
Chapter 12: The New Me ago
Chapter 13: New Neighbors ago
Chapter 14: Power Shift ago
Chapter 15: Loyalty Bound ago
Intermission Rhea ago
Chapter 16: Blast it all ago
Chapter 17: Here comes the Boom ago
Chapter 18: Intruders in the Lair ago
Chapter 19: Rose and Thorns ago
Chapter 20: Expansion ago
Chapter 21: Here there be Adventure ago
Chapter 22: The outside ago
Intermission Rhea 2 ago
Chapter 23: Memory ago
Chapter 24: Not Mine. ago
Chapter 25: Talking Prophecy ago
Chapter 26: Fleshing out Foundations ago
Chapter 27: Abyssal Court ago
Chapter 28: World Problems ago
Part 2- Chapter 1: Launch Day ago
Part 2- Chapter 2: Login
Part 2- Chapter 3: Character Creation ago
Part 2- Chapter 4: Party Up! ago
Part 2- Chapter 5: The Grind ago
Part 2- Chapter 6: Squeak Mavory ago
Part 2- Chapter 7: Books and Runes ago
Part 2- Chapter 8: The Abyssal Protocol ago
Part 2- Chapter 9: Deep in the Minds ago
Part 2- Chapter 10: Puzzle Pieces ago
Part 2- Chapter 11: Kronos Crusade ago
Part 2- Chapter 12: Orc of War ago
Part 2- Chapter 13: Awakening ago
Part 2- Chapter 14: The March of Hordes ago
Part 2- Chapter 15: This means WAR! ago
Sorry ago
Part 2- Chapter 16: Even Kings bow low ago
Part 2: Chapter 17- Branded Battle ago
Wanting opinions ago
Part 2: Chapter 18- Back to Basics ago
Part 2: Chapter 19- Rise of the Dragon God ago
Part 2: Chapter 20: Safe Haven ago

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Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score

Early review: I enjoyed this


This was enjoyable the style and story were great  

The only thing that pulled me out of the story were the typos and accidental "n"s instead of spaces 

Edit ch 22 increase in spelling errors 

Edit ch28 (epilogue) Overall pretty good story 

TLDR: worth a try enjoyable read

  • Overall Score

Honestly it's not very good. You'll have no real investment or emotions in the MC. It writes more like someone saying what their dnd character is doing and the system is "whatever works". 


So why did I rate it so highly even if it's not a good story? it's fun. It's fun a bit to see MC just screw around randomly.

  • Overall Score

The story is good, however the grammer is terrible.

  • Overall Score

A rebirth tale with intriguing twists.

Attention, a few spoilers: the first book is a story of an egg development of a kingdom with the help of classical RPG races treated differently, if the story ended there, no problem with the tale. But





The fantasy world is a a fantasy game with the recent death of one of his creators. The first chapters of the second book concentrate on the gamers at the detriment of the precedent protagonists.

I will follow with reserves, hoping a blending of the two parts for the best.

  • Overall Score

I have quite enjoyed this story so far. (Chapter 19 as of writing this) and it is fun to read about Kronos doing his thing. He is fun to watch and I am excited to see him finally in action. I am somewhat sad that he appears to not be the main character of the second part :c In all honesty, I have no interest in Eric though I suppose I cannot tell you how to write your story! I just hope to see more of Kronos in the future :3

  • Overall Score

It's a bit of a variant on dungeon core, but avoids the need for growth through killing by making it more about area management.  it almost feels like a fantasy version of Civilization written into an engaging story.  So far it is fun give it a try.

Remnant of Rot
  • Overall Score

*he said in a cultivator accent*

Ok but seriously I'm not even through the first chapter and I love the style of writing and the emotion

Plas keep it up author Chan(: