Celestial of the Void


Warning This fiction contains:
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A young man stood at a height of 1.8 meters with an exceptional and noticeable toned physique under his beasts fur clothing. 

His light-brown skin illuminating under the rays of the sun with an above average face, chiseled jaws, straight nose and slightly thick sword-shaped eyebrows. 

His brown eyes, deep like pools of honey with a shade of violet hiding within the irises, hinting a mysterious impression. 

Throughout the span of 3 years, his raven black hair grew past his back, tied up into a simple ponytail.

Realizing fate has given him another chance reincarnating into a new body and coincidentally under the same name, Silver. 

Coupled with his million years of experience and knowledge allowing him to break through the realms with ease. 

He begins his journey through Desolate Tundra, challenging the emperors of this new world while obtaining a power that none can even grasp.

Will he rise to the top and change the era to a brighter path or become another common straggler on the path to cultivation in a once beautiful continent, now riddle with demons and beasts lurking in every corner?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 : Falling Snow ago
Chapter 2 : Three Years Later ago
Chapter 3 : White Lotus City ago
Chapter 4 : Manager Poe ago
Chapter 5 : Qi Gathering Array ago
Chapter 6 : Floating Cloud Sect ago
Chapter 7 : Entrance Exams ago
Chapter 8 : 99 Years Later ago
Chapter 9 : The First Step ago
Chapter 10 : Who is Silver? ago
Chapter 11 : Old Yam's Fate ago
Chapter 12 : Glacial Blaze Manual ago
Chapter 13 : Isle of Wisdom ago
Chapter 14 : Appearance of the Black Dragon ago
Chapter 15 : Birth of the Kings ago
Chapter 16 : The World Trembles From the Mark of the Void ago
Chapter 17 : Visiting 'Manager' Poe Again ago
Chapter 18 : The 7 Faction Leaders ago
Chapter 19 : Meeting ago
Chapter 20 : Guidance and Realization ago
Chapter 21 : A Roar and Screech ago
Chapter 22 : Three- Eyed Crow ago
Chapter 23 : Memories ago
Chapter 24 : Setting Off ago
Chapter 25 : Wok City ago
Chapter 26 : Crane Clan ago
Chapter 27 : The Annual Tournament Begins ago
Chapter 28 : Red Valley Desert ago
Chapter 29 : Asura Feng Versus Tortoise Wonton ago
Chapter 30 : Do Not Anger The Fatty ago
Chapter 31 : Training Tang Bai ago
Chapter 32 : Visitors ago
Chapter 33 : Kowtow ago
Chapter 34 : Yo, Long Zhen ago
Chapter 35 : Breakthrough ago
Chapter 36 : Surreal Dream ago
Chapter 37 : History ago
Chapter 38 : Find A Worthy Wife ago
Chapter 39 : Caw! Make Your Choice! ago
Chapter 40 : Return ago
Chapter 41 : Frog in the Well ago
Chapter 42 : Seclusion of the Floating Cloud Sect ago
Chapter 43 : Blue Dream City ago
Chapter 44 - Alchemy Division Exam ago
Chapter 45 : Revised Formulas ago
Chapter 46 : Tiers and Grades ago
Chapter 47 : Kiu Thao ago
Chapter 48 : Esteem Guest ago
Chapter 49 : Delicious Food and Troublesome Wine ago
Chapter 50 : No Wine For 20 Years ago
Chapter 51 : Lesser Yin Yang Constitution ago
Chapter 52 : Official Alchemist ago
Chapter 53 : Auction ago
Chapter 54 : Ghost Asura ago
Chapter 55 : Beast Tide ago
Chapter 56 : Demon's Pawn ago
Chapter 57 : Plan ago
Chapter 58 : Highly Dramatic ago
Chapter 59 : Birth of Xings ago
Chapter 60 : Eclipse Dimension ago
Chapter 61 : Avatar ago

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A very nice story for a saturated genre

Reviewed at: Chapter 60 : Eclipse Dimension

This is a very good story which is rare in the over saturated genre of wish fulfillment. It is surprising to me that this is one of its only reviews since the length and obvious dedication of the author are plain to see. This is not a story for those interested in a deep plot with numerous and meticulously planned out scenes. This is power fantasy at its finest. For me it is a story to kick back to on a lazy night to read before bed. The grammar is good and the characters feel just the right amount of flushed out for a story like this. If you have the time and inclination give the story a try.


Good Story For Readers of a Certain Type

    First off, it's kind of surprising to see that despite the good length of this story, it has attracted so little attention and this is its first review.

  It should be said that if you're looking for depth in a story, sorry, but this is not that kind of story. 

  No, this story is instead made for readers who purely read for wish fulfillment and the satisfaction of an OP character - I'm not judging or trying to say those readers are less advanced. 

  For that purpose, this story is perfect. The protagonist, as all protagonists should, is able of skipping levels in battle. He's also cultivating a relatively slow-going but immensely potent skill, which is quite a common thing to see in stories like this. 

  The grammar is also very good for sites like this(I'm old school with comma usage, so the more sparsely-punctuated style like this throws me off a bit. Regardless, there are no real issues to be addressed) and outside of a few typos, which basically every story has, there was nothing I noticed.

  The story's length bears a more in-depth addressing. Over 300 pages! That means that unlike some other stories on this site, readers won't be left hanging for a rather long time, a positive quality in a story.

  All in all, if you enjoy reading about overpowered main characters with a lot of otherworldly experience, this story is perfect.

  P.S. There are a lot of time skips here, and the author focuses more on the actual power gained more than the method the MC used to gain it. This becomes apparent early on, and somewhat annoyed me.