Arslan looked up to the girl. His eyes went wide as he recognized her aside from the black dress and high heels he could remember every little detail from her long black hair covering one of her green eyes, her apple red lips, and lithe body. "Jessibelle?" He asked, picking himself up from the pile of broken glass and other debris. He shook his head and said, "No, that can't be her. She died a long time ago."

"You're right," She agreed. She offered a hand out to continued to speak, "I took a piece of your memory, at random." She smiled after saying the last part.

Arslan took her hand and was brought to his feet with her help, perplexed he had to ask, "Why?"

She continued to smile but cocked her head slightly. "Because I wanted you to feel welcome in my home."

"I really don't believe you," Arslan surmised.

She put one of her hands on the side of her cheek, losing the smile she held. "Ugh," She groaned. "Fine, I give you a legitimate reason, but please." She extended her hand with the palm facing toward Arslan, and reluctantly he took hold once more. The scenery shifted. The living room with a wrecked window was no more. The stood in a small, partially empty room, only bookshelves, and two fluffy looking recliners inhabiting this area. She sat down, crossing her legs. She motioned for him to sit, in which he did. "You've been to the surface of this land, and you know how strange the logic is."

Arslan readjusted in his seat, for some reason he just couldn't get comfortable sitting. "Yeah, I'm well aware and might I add how much I hate it?"

"Noted," she replied. "But, just like this land, my true form doesn't have much logic tied to it either. One look and…" She brought her fists to the sides of her head and opened them while making an explosion noise.

"Oh," Arslan said in somewhat monotoned surprise. "Then do keep using the body of one of my dead former party mates."

"If it bothers you so much I can change my form to someone else, you can choose the memory this time," She joked.

Arslan shook his head and replied quickly, his voice cracking. "No! I mean, no. You can keep her form, anyway what should I even call you?"

The girl shrugged. "I have many names, some that can't even be pronounced by normal means, but, I like the name of your friend," Jessibelle said then smiled and spoke with a certain up-beatness in her tone. "Would you care for some tea?"

Arslan nodded when suddenly, his throat had felt parched. "Yes, I would love something to drink."

She reached over the side of the chair out of Arslan's sight, and somehow she produced a small cup filled with a dark brown liquid. She let go of the cup; however, it did not fall or even move; it stayed in the same place midair while she chuckled at Arslan's confused reaction. Whether it was magic or something to do with this world 'special' laws were not known, and she was more than willing to not tell Arslan about it. She gave the cup a light tap with the tip of her finger. She was sending it frictionlessly towards Arslan. The unnerving part of the whole event was the fact that it slid like it was merely on a table. It did not duck in height or speed.

Arslan raised his hand to grab the cup, but Jessibelle appeared behind him the moment he lost his focus on her. She wrapped her arms around the chair and Arslan she opened her mouth with and let out a slight, "Ah." She took the cup and held it out in front of him. Arslan looked up at her, and she let out a chuckle.

Arslan grabbed the cup from her grasps. "Thanks," he said with a slight tinge of irritation. Sipping the cup Arslan's face lit up with a sudden surprise, the tea had no flavor. Arslan nearly spat out the liquid as it didn't even taste like water. It felt like it was somewhere in between drinking thick air.

"Not very good, is it!?" Jessibelle laughed. Then her face turned inward and suddenly got "Now, let's get down to business."

Arslan forced himself to swallow the tasteless liquid, "…and, what's that?"

Jessibelle snaked her way to the front of the chair, her dress and hair dancing as if the gravity wasn't even factored in. "Getting us out of here," she smirked.

Arslan blinked a few times then put the cup down softly on the arm of the chair he then repeated, "Us?"

She nodded, "Yes, us. This place is a prison forbidding those who enter from leaving, but..." She began to trail the end of her sentence.

Arslan was almost too lazy even to say anything, but he did. "Of course there is a 'but.'"

"Only a mortal body can be returned to their original world by melding with an eternal soul," She explained. "And, I just happen to be an eternal soul looking for transportation."

Arslan got up from the chair and crossed his arms. "So, this is what you meant by me being worthy? You'd hold me captive here unless I agreed to be your vessel."

"That's not entirely the truth," Jessibelle quipped. She reached over her shoulder and undoing a strap on the side of her dress. The fabric fell to the floor. "Yes, I do want to leave this nightmare world. But, your worth came from your intellect, whether or not you would survive the process of our minds coming together, whether you could understand even a fraction of the logic." She cupped her breasts, sliding her hands from the bottom to over her erect nipples and stopping at the top. "It's also been a millennium since I've last succumbed to my lust for choosing a partner."

Arslan stared at her with conflicting desires. "Confirmation, the only way out of this is if we both join together?"

"Why else do you think we're trapped in a stone that you've used to join together two souls? It's poetic justice," Jessibelle answered with an evil grin. "So, what'll it be? Keeping me company here until you die or letting me out and living inside you until you di-," She started to bargain but was cut off by Arslan locking lips with her and fervently grabbing her breasts. When the two of them separated from the kiss, she spoke once more. "Such an impulsive decision."

"Shut up," Arslan commanded. "I've already spent too much time in here."

Jessibelle ran her fingers down to his pants and undoing his fastenings. His pants fell, and his cock raised. "Ahh," She moaned in excitement as he lifted her leg, inserting his penis inside of her. "Does it have to do with those girls that I kept seeing in your memories?" She moaned again as he began moving his hips.

"I'm not obligated to tell you anything about them," he responded, picking up his speed causing her to moan even more. In between her pussy and his dick, there were dribbles of her cum seeping out.

"Haah," she panted. Wrapping her arms around Arslan's neck and smiled lovingly. She began using her other leg to bounce in counter to his rhythmic fucking. "I suppose you spend many a millennium without the touch of anything else you get a little sensitive." She locked him in for another kiss, but somehow it was very much so different than when he was the initiator. When she pulled away from him, her form shifted. Black markings adorned her face, and her eyes were golden with cat-like pupils. Her hair was floating like she was underwater. "Mmm, I can feel the process taking hold…fuck me harder!"

Arslan nearly took back by her sudden change and pulled his cock out from her. He placed Jessibelle on the inside of the chair, knocking over the cup of 'not-tea' Arslan lifted both of Jessibelle's legs into the air and re-entered her pussy. Slamming Jessibelle harder now that her body was supported by something that wasn't air she was moaning even louder.

"Yes! Just like that!" She screamed. A light started shining at the base of his cock. It continued to grow brighter and brighter as he pistoned his hips. He could also feel his magical energy growing ever weaker the more he continued. For the first time, it was like the world was allowing him actually to feel a form of fatigue. "I can feel it coming! The convergence!" She shouted again. Suddenly her hair reacted, wrapping itself around Arslan's arms and legs preventing him from moving any of them. "This isn't enough!" she said, breathing heavy. "I need more!" Like a falling board, she rode him as he continued to fall to the ground. Only once he stopped falling did she remove his penis from inside her. Thin clear strands of their mixed cum were the only things keeping them together. Her hair then grabbed the base of his shaft, increasing the pressure he could feel even squeezing a fresh droplet of precum.

"What are you doing!?" Arslan yelled.

She laughed insanely already lost to her pleasure. "I need our bodies to reach max compatibility if we are to escape together," She explained with a lustful expression plastered on her pale face. She bit her thumb and began inscribing patterns along the shaft, once finished the runes began to glow a bright purple She sat back down on his cock, this time her hair was squeezing him and unrelentingly being fucked. The mark, however, seemed to have been accelerating the rate at which he was reaching his climax. However, he felt odd. Something was wrong, and he too was losing himself to pleasure as she rode him. The more elated she felt he could feel it. And very soon, he was already reaching the door to cumming.

"That's it!" She yelled, the markings on his cock, her face and the already bright light reaching its apex. The light overtook everything around him.

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