Arslan placed the rock under a specialized magnifying glass, and it analyzed magic currents and circuits. Under the lens, the stone had a lot of dead-end channels that led each to a single point, the center within the ring of symbols.

“Interesting,” Arslan murmured.

Estelletoria leaned over Arslan’s shoulder and had to ask, “What is?”

Arslan stepped aside for her to go forward and have a peak. She looked through the glass to see the same stuff that he found out. He took a scalpel and used the tip as a pointer and explained, “Around here, magic seems to be gathering to a central point, but it keeps leaking and won’t activate.”

“Hm,” She hummed, her eyes began to glow a soft blue.

“I’m suspecting that the symbols are actually a form of engine for the stone to give it certain properties.”

Estelletoria pushed the magnifying glass out of the way and picked up a scalpel. She lifted her shirt and exposed her large breasts.

Puzzled Arslan asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m helping you.” She squeezed her breast until a dollop of honey leaked out, she gathered it on the tip of the surgical knife and started to etch in the incomplete sections of the symbols, some that weren’t even on the stone at all. Arslan watched as the honey dried on contact and completed the circuits.

When she finished the restorations of the missing symbols, the stone slowly regained its gem-like properties. Arslan brought the magnifier to the rock. The amount of magic flowing through was unreal, even the most advanced circuits weren’t this optimized to allow such a fluid amount of magic to run through.

“How did you do this?” Arslan questioned Estelletoria as she stood to the side of him with her breasts still exposed to the open environments.

Estelletoria’s smug smile said just about everything, but, she still felt the need to explain, “Darling, I’m a bee. Doing this was a simple task for someone like me.”

Arslan brought his hand to the front of his face after he felt the wave of stupidity overcome him. “So, you can read magic flows?”

“Of course,” She said, twirling her finger within her drills.

“Either way this is amazing, what you’ve done! You’ve pushed my research ahead by...” Arslan stopped talking after he noticed that the bee-girl still hadn’t lowered her top. Slowly, he could see the raw magical honey leak from her erect nipples. “Uhm, could you cover up a bit?”

Estelletoria smugly smiled and got close to him. Her bare breasts pressed against his body. She spoke softly, “No. I didn’t do this out of charity.”

Arslan clenched his face and pushed her off of him. A trail of thick golden liquid arched from his cloak to her skin until the weight and gravity brought itself to break the connection. “Could you not do this at this moment? We’ve just made a massive scientific breakthrough.”

She pushed against him again and spoke with a little more authority. “No, I think this is a perfect time.”

“The progress of the research canno-…” He started to say before she silenced him with a hand.

“Look, one way or another I’m getting my way,” Estelletoria commanded. The honey on her breasts was smeared all over from the contact she had with his clothing. They shone like two sunsets. “Besides, my raw honey already had its effect on you.”

“What?” Arslan questioned until he felt a hand on his cock. Seemingly a virgin empress had a mild aphrodisiac effect paired with her honey, allowing her to choose a potential mate easier. At least, that’s what Arslan concluded after his penis was harder than a rock and throbbed painfully at her touch. “You know, that’s really sly.”

She winked and stuck her tongue out, playfully, “I had the game rigged from the start.” She dropped his pants and exposed his bottom half. She stroked up and down the shaft, Arslan was trying his hardest to fight against her charm. She gripped it and admitted out loud, “To be completely honest, this is my first time with a human, I thought you’d be a bit smaller.”

Estelletoria dropped her shorts and bent over the table and moved her abdomen out of the way presenting herself to him. A glint of slick honey dribbled out from her slit. Arslan’s eye twitched as he tried to resist, but the scent of her kept clouding his judgment and changing everything to nothing but lust.

Arslan gripped onto her hips roughly, causing her to get a little vocal. “Hey! Easy back there! I want you to breed me; not break me!” Arslan, nothing more than a bumbling mess at this point, shoved into her until he couldn’t anymore. She gasped as she was pushed forward. Before she even had a chance to say something, Arslan was already picking up the pace.

In between moans, she managed to shout, “Yes! That’s the spirit! Such vigor!” Each time he made contact inside her, she upped the volume. At some point, she managed to flip herself to face with him. Her massive breasts bounced up and down, leaking raw honey from her nipples. Arslan bent over to get a mouthful of her au naturel product. He took both of her perky nipples in his mouth, sucking down the fluids that came from them, in return, making him almost impossibly harder and hornier. She moaned from the added pleasure of him suckling. For the first time, she used her wings and lifted herself from the counter, going horizontal. She wrapped her legs around him and gripped his shoulders and yelled, “My daughters are going to be so lucky to have you as their genes!”

Arslan grunted in response after consuming more of the honey. He was nothing more than a zombie that succumbed to the pleasure and lust of the empress. She could feel that he was getting pretty close to finishing; she began gripping even harder and increased the pace. She shouted, “I don’t want you to waste a single drop! I want it all inside me.”

Not long after that, Arslan was pushing his load deep into her womb, and every little spurt felt like she was consuming it. She bit her bottom lip for each pump, which seemed to have an increased capacity, probably due to the magical properties of her honey. It was almost too much that he had produced, it started to come back out from inside of her, he pulled out and immediately kept spilling his seed on her. It didn’t take long for her lower half to get coated.

Once he finished, he let her down and sunk to the floor. A rush of intelligence came back to him, he clenched the bridge of his nose and sighed, “I’m just gonna treat this as an ends to a means.”

Estelletoria scooped up a glob with her fingers and smiled smugly, “I told you, I already had a plan to rebuild my hive."

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