"Ew," Mandilyn cringed as she sliced through an oncoming bee. Its two halves separated, the abdomen and the thorax flew with continuous momentum past her. She turned towards Arslan, who was behind her, and said, "I'm starting to get worried, I haven't seen fire-breath in a while."

Arslan smirked, "Oh, I thought you two didn't get along. So, you two became friends?"

"As if!" she spluttered, her face somewhat turning red. "I'd just hate having to give up someone I can fight if she's gone!"

Arslan chuckled, "I'm just teasing you, Mandi. She's still a drake, statistically speaking it'd take at least half a colony to penetrate her natural armor.

"I hope you're right," Mandilyn muttered.

Arslan stopped walking. He looked at the ground, the honey vein that traveled alongside them started to turn at a ninety-degree angle into a wall. "Hang on. I think I just found something."

Mandilyn stopped and approached. "What?" she asked.

Arslan put his ear to the wax made wall and tapped. The sound echoed. He pointed at the wall. "Can you cut through this?" he questioned.

"I can try," she answered. She placed the tip of the glaive on the wall. She pressed it in, immediately the wall conformed around the inserted blade and swallowed it up to the shaft. "Eugh," she cringed again letting go of the weapon, the glaive stayed in the same spot without any support. She tried to move it around only to find that it was thoroughly stuck. Arslan squinted in disgust.

"Could you try to pull it back out?"

She yanked on the shaft, but to no avail. "I don't think I can, Ars-" she started saying but was interrupted by a strong force pulling her into the wall. Within seconds there was no trace of the girl.

Arslan ran to the wall taking caution not to touch it, lest he also wanted to get swallowed whole. "Mandilyn!" He called out but received no answer. He reached for his waistline and pulled a knife from its holster. He carved a sigil into the wax — two inverting triangles with a circle in the middle where they intersected, eruptio. A spell used to cause a small scale explosion.

He palmed the design and fed his magic through. Just like the honey veins, his magic channeled into the divides, filling it like a reservoir. Once it filled it imploded, sending thick chunks of wax all over the place. He shielded his face from any fragments that may have become too dangerous from momentum. Once it was over, he peeked into a room.

It was large, extremely large and flowed with endless amounts of honey into large columns of tubes running throughout the room carrying the liquid gold. The magical light properties of the viscous liquid turned the whole room gold.

He looked around the room and saw Mandilyn's glaive but no rabbit-girl in sight. He retrieved the weapon and continued to look around, nothing but columns of honey and an actual river of honey.

"Mandilyn!" He shouted and waited for a return call, and still didn't hear one. He sighed and started to search for any clues to her disappearance. Around the room were several depressions in the waxy ground, possibly due to some kind of slashing based attacks. On the ground, Arslan could see some vaguely human footprints. They were shallow meaning at least someone was here, even if briefly. He began to follow them down an underground passageway.

The further he went, the more he could see more signs of combat. Whole chunks of a hallway were missing, and footprints were more frequent. He quickened his pace, running towards the fresher tracks.

He approached the end of the passage, coming out to another large room much like the first, the only difference being Mandilyn was also there with a giant monstrosity of a bee. Its body was much more akin to being a queen and yet somehow wasn't. It was indeed a massive being, any drone that even tried to match up would be outclassed by a size easily three-times that of the average.

She was slowly being pushed closer towards an actual rapid of honey.

"Mandilyn!" Arslan cried out once more.

"I'm busy!" She yelled back, dodging a swipe from the bee-strosity. Its wings vibrated angrily as it missed.

"Catch!" Arslan shouted, tossing the glaive like a javelin. Of course, Arslan’s speaking gained the attention of the honey guardian. The throw was then intercepted by one of the many legs of the creature. The glaive spun uselessly to another end of the room.

Mandilyn pursed her lips, cocked her head and squinted at Arslan who in return smiled cheesily and shrugged. She would have glared more if she didn't have to keep herself alive by dodging the bee's attacks.

The bee guardian turned itself around and towards Arslan. Mandilyn quickly noticed the disinterest in a target it couldn't hit.

"Oh no." She whispered to herself. She jumped over to the side and began yelling, "Hey! Bug butt!" She waved her arms trying to regain its attention, "I'm over here!"

Naturally, once it realized she wasn't worth its time trying it sprang for Arslan with all its might. She groaned then got down low and jumped. She was able to jump on top of the monster's head to kick off for an extra boost into Arslan. She tackled him. Unfortunately, they went into the rapids of honey.

The rapids were as disgusting and as delicious as they sounded. The thick liquid when swallowed was unbelievably sweet, yet sticky. The viscosity made their clothing very nearly weight twice their own weight.

The currents swept them further and further down the hive bypassing places they already visited. "Arslan!" Mandilyn called out, the honey had kept her eyes sealed due to just how sticky and irritating it was.

Arslan let out his hand, spitting out the honey that came into his mouth. "Grab onto my hand!"

"I can't see anything!" she responded.

"Follow the sound of my voice!" He shouted.

Mandilyn waded through the honey, following the sound of Arslan's voice. Eventually, she was able to find her way to him and grab onto him. The two embraced each other and allowed the current to take them.


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