Mandilyn grabbed Avelyn by the arm. “Back up, fire breath.”

Avelyn turned around slightly, peeking over her shoulder. “Feeling threatened, Bucktooth?” she provoked the rabbit-girl, turning back to the cornered Arslan. “So, about this hunt.”

Mandilyn’s eye and ears twitched in anger. “No!” She shouted, “You’re obviously making him feel threatened!”

“Actually, I’m very apathetic about this whole situation. I do have to study your behaviors, after all.” Arslan chimed in.

“I do not threaten,” Avelyn said turning her full attention towards the rabbit girl, “Threatening is for weaker creatures.” Avelyn poked Mandilyn in the chest with a clawed finger. “Like you.” She snorted, “I am a predator, I simply kill.”

Mandilyn was absolutely fuming. “Weak creatures, like me?” Mandilyn repeated, “I’ll give you one chance to take that back.”

“Okay, I guess you’ll both just ignore what I’m saying.” Arslan put in.

“Never,” Avelyn responded.

Mandilyn reared up a roundhouse kick aiming for Avelyn, but the same trick never works twice. Avelyn grabbed her ankle, raising her foot high preventing her from keeping any semblance of balance. Mandilyn tried to escape, but the reptilian woman’s grip and strength were no joke, she wasn’t going to break free unless Avelyn let her.

Avelyn pulled her leg slightly higher, Mandilyn was just barely touching the floor with the tip of her boots. “L-let go,” she commanded.

“Pathetic,” Avelyn condemned. “This only proves me right.”

“It proves nothing!” Mandilyn shouted, “Now let me go!”

“Fine.” Avelyn complied, but not before grabbing the top of Arslan’s pants; she pulled them down then let go of Mandilyn’s leg, throwing her off balance. To add icing on the cake, Avelyn kicked her foot from underneath her, causing her to fall face forward into Arslan’s crotch. He groaned in pain as the two fell to the floor.

Mandilyn lifted herself slightly up and turned around towards Avelyn and shouted, “You’re dead!”

“Uh. Mandilyn,” Arslan muttered. “Can you please, ease up?”

Mandilyn looked down to see that her hand was fully gripping the shaft of his cock. She reflexively let go quietly saying, “Sorry.” However, this was her first time seeing this part of a man, and it was interesting enough for her to keep staring at it. Arslan let out a breath of held breath when the pressure was released.

Avelyn approached, putting her hand on the back of her head. “This is why you’re a weak creature,” she stated, “You do not give in to your instincts.”

“What instincts?” Mandilyn mumbled.

“The instincts that you deny,” Avelyn asserted and pushed her closer towards Arslan’s cock. “When we were together I could feel your feelings when you were around Arslan.”

Mandilyn grumbled, “I bet this is still making him feel uncomfortable.”

Arslan responded, “On a science level, not really, no. on a personal level, yeah it’s very weird.”

“Oh,” Mandilyn mouthed.

“But, I’m not going to stop anyone. This is a learning experience for everyone,” he continued.

“So, go bucktooth, become a predator,” Avelyn said letting go of her head then grabbing Mandilyn’s shorts nearly tearing them in half trying to remove them in one pull. Despite Mandilyn saying she could do it.

For a rabbit-human hybrid, Mandilyn was very hairless on the majority of her body, must’ve been the strain of hare that was used to perform her birth.

Mandilyn straddled the lower half of Arslan. In front of her, his erect cock rested on the middle of her stomach. “On second thought,” she started saying moving it in her hands, “Maybe we shouldn’t… do this.”

“I’m not gonna force you to do anything,” said Arslan as he attempted to get up.

“You’re a rabbit, not a sheep.” Avelyn provoked the rabbit-girl, stepping on Arslan’s chest with one foot, keeping him down. She bent over in front of him, essentially giving him a direct view of her backside and tail. She picked her up by the back of her shirt lifting her just a few inches up. “I’ve had bigger mates than this.”

“I’m not sure, but that sounded kind of insulting,” he interjected.

She hovered her over the tip of Arslan’s penis and let go; She easily slid all the way down to his base. Mandilyn let out a tiny gasp as he pushed her insides.

Avelyn smiled wickedly. “Good, now move,” she commanded the rabbit-girl.

Mandilyn managed to move up and down only once, letting out more heavy breathing. “I-I can’t.” she stammered.

“Interesting,” said Arslan, who somehow acquired a notebook, he started to log the information on the sexual nature of the girls. “It seems despite having human genetics now, the stamina seems to have stayed the same.”

Avelyn heavily sighed, “Pathetic.” She pushed Mandilyn off, she barely flailed as she fell back, but her voice still worked just fell upon deaf ears.

Avelyn took her place and pushed herself down on Arslan, letting out a little gasp.

Arslan began sweating just from the intimate contact. Her internal temperature was above the standard for a human. She tilted her head to the side, her hair covered over one of her eyes. “You better be prepared for a real predator.” She began grinding her hips over his cock.

Arslan groaned and dropped his notebook. Her insides were hot and increasingly unpleasant the more she moved. He moved to pull her off instinctively, but she put an end to that instantly. She grabbed the arms that moved towards her pinning them to his body.

Arslan was sweating bullets at this point. She began to laugh at his discomfort. “You’re not winning this time.” She lifted up and only a quarter of his cock remained, she continued to gyrate her hips.

Despite it feeling like he was having sex with a furnace, he still couldn’t help his biology, he was about to cum, and she knew it. She could see it in his face. She pulled out and released the rest with the help of her hand. She stood up and sat on the counter while looking smug.

Arslan sat up and stared at her. His clothing was wet from the sweat he had produced. Mandilyn just barely regained the strength in her legs.

“So, this hunt,” Avelyn said still bursting with energy.

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